Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

The presence of the belt is not always a prerequisite for the training and performance of athletes. It can hamper the dorsal muscle groups, which will not provide sufficient force, so far as possible away from it all the same refuse. However, in weightlifting this compromise - a forced necessity, due to security issues.

Studies show that heavy athletics belt increases abdominal pressure, which has a stabilizing effect on the lower back and spine. Ie reduces the risk of injury, and depending on the nature of the exercises can be expanded and power capacity. But to ensure that these conditions should be the right approach to the choice of products, as there are different types and model variations.

Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

Features belts for weightlifting

The main difference lies in the shape and ergonomics oriented optimal allocation of physical exertion during training. Models of this type usually have an extended part in the fit to the waist and narrowed - in the abdominal area. Despite the visual impressiveness, depending on the material it can be very flexible and comfortable to wear items of equipment.

As for the specific purpose, the two main types of athletic zones of this group can be distinguished - the traditional product and version, designed for powerlifting. The former have a wide range of applications and are considered universal for those who, in principle, is engaged in strength training, while the latter are designed specifically to weightlifters performing deadlifts, rises above his head, squatting and so on. D. Powerlifting models are fixed tight and a little lower to the pelvic bone. Usually it is massive and sturdy belt.

Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

Dimensional characteristics

The minimum width of 10 cm and a maximum - 15 cm. This is the most common range of standard models, but, of course, depending on the purpose of specificity can be used and wider modification. An important parameter is the thickness, varying from 10 to 15 mm. It is this characteristic determines how flexible is the belt.

Lifter model for all power loads must provide durability and suppleness - these qualities are also conditioned by the thickness. In selecting items for a particular user should focus on the waist. Thus, for a range of 60 - 80 cm corresponds labeling S, notation L suitable for athletes with a waist 80 - 100 cm, and for a 120-centimeter lifters calculated XXL size belt.

Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

Species belts

This is the basis of any product, regardless of the destination. In this case, it is the configuration strap forms considered, which can be different. Classical performance characterized aforementioned extension to the rear and front of the presence of a narrow area. This ratio allows you to conveniently perform tilting movements. There are special wide belt. They reach 15 cm, covering the functional lumbar part. But not for all classes in weightlifting this option is acceptable. Despite the tight fit to the waist, a belt leaves the spinal deflections open that in some sports is a critical safety violations.

Species materials belt

Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

Ease of use, durability and long life - these factors will depend on the material from which the particular model implemented. At the moment, the most common belt made of leather, imitation leather and synthetics. The most durable and strong products are obtained from a multi-layer skin. This is not a cheap solution, but in practice the use of it is justified. Particularly sought after modification with waterproof firmware on nylon thread. In powerlifting often used and synthetic belts, made of several layers. Such lifter belt is not so much different physical strength and endurance, as ergonomics, flexibility and plasticity. on the basis of imitation leather model can be seen as a budget solution. For support, they are not suitable in demanding exercise, but small loads quite overpower, providing the convenience of an athlete.

Types of belt buckles

Properly selected locking mechanism will ensure the reliability and functionality of the belt, not to mention the convenience of handling. The best is the buckle, karabinovye locks, ratchet devices and classic metal buckle. Less commonly used fastener. It reduces the cost of belt fabrication cost, but also brings a lot of trouble with the physical address. Least of all efforts to mount goes to work with belts on the rattles and carbines, and they allow you to perform the exercises with the utmost efficiency. Conventional metal fasteners in weightlifting are used as a basic solution. It is suitable for standard programs, for example, in the work of the post.

Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

How much is the belt?

All of the above characteristics in varying degrees, affect the price tag of the product, but much depends on the producer himself. For example, the initial bracket is in the range 500 - 700 rubles. Such models are based on a synthetic offered by the company Torneo. In this group you can find decent options on the Jet Sport and Grizzly cost up to 1000 rubles. The presence of high-quality zipper mechanism raises the price tag of a sports zone to an average of 2,000 rubles. The most expensive models are also available for 3000 -. 5000 thousand They formed ratchet buckles, straps made of genuine leather and more functional accessories. For example, the firm TSP produces similar products for professional sports cost about 3,000 rubles.

What else is taken into account in the outfit weightlifter?

Besides the belt, as selected special footwear (shtangetki), bandages, plasters and overalls. Protected and efforts must be knees, wrists, hands and other parts of the body, actively participating in the direct supply efforts. Particular attention is paid to the shoe, which insures the feet, making them also and stability while keeping the weight on the platform. Special reinforcement is provided by the rear region of the boot covering the heel. As heavy athletics belt, data items of equipment can be made of different materials. But in addition to the strength of quality and functionality should not forget about the sustainability of products. This is especially true of those accessories that are in direct contact with the body.


Belt heavy athletics: variety. weightlifter outfit. Weightlifting

In practice the use of belts, with proper choice of models to suit individual parameters taking into account the specifics of the exercises, they are not only able to prevent the risk of injury, but also improve efficiency. For example, weight lifters belt portions optimizes maximum power load, allowing the athlete to perform a high-impact program. But the correction of certain muscle groups at the expense of an additional retaining factors may adversely affect the working process. Not every belt is suitable for employment with the same pole. Therefore, the selection should be done with a clear understanding of the operating principle of a specific form of the belt, do not forget about the nuances of its additional devices, including dimensional characteristics, the characteristics of the fastening mechanism and so on. D.