Belt presses for men: reviews

What did not come up with the people to make their lives easier, and ways to achieve the desired goals. Home appliances helps perform most of the work on the house, and all sorts of devices are replaced in the home gym. Belt press - one of these devices.

Belt presses for men: reviews

It can be used by both women and men. Especially since the last more often there are problems with deposits of fat on the abdomen, as well as the opposite sex. In the article, whether such effect is the belt, as stated, whether the help pump up the press and possible contraindications.

What are the devices and why you need to

Not only girls but also boys dream of a beautiful slender body, but not all have the ability or desire to go to gyms. To help this thirsty sports industry offers a choice of several different species of the principle of operation of devices.

Belt presses for men: reviews

Devices of this type are divided into:

  • vibration - belts affect the inner layers by vibration and are also called massage;
  • electrostimulating (miostimulyatory) - impact device currents of low intensity and are called zones simulators;
  • warming - devices are often called, sauna belts because of their specific effects.

The developers claim that the press belt (reviews confirm it) is able to get rid of most of the problems that are associated with muscle weakness, lack of exercise, obesity and excessive fat deposits in various parts of the body. In addition, these devices are compact, weigh little and are suitable for use at any time, in parallel with the household chores.


Belt presses for men: reviews

In spite of the many positive effects, belts share a number of contraindications:

  • blood disease;
  • state after surgical interventions in the area of ​​overlay parting;
  • the presence of skin diseases and injuries;
  • heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • tumor formation;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • sensitive, prone to dermatitis skin.

Additional contraindications for the use of certain types of belts are:

1. The vibrating belt for the press can not be used:

  • if installed cardiac pacemakers, which can disrupt the operation magnetic waves;
  • if diagnosed vascular fragility.

2. Not recommended belt sauna if there are neurological diagnoses.

3. The belt for the press-myostimulator has such additional limitations on the application:

  • stroke;
  • ischemic attacks;
  • myocarditis;
  • tumor;
  • tendency to bleed.

Do not use a belt-press, if it took less than half an hour after eating. You can not use it longer than the stated time in order to prevent an aggravation of chronic diseases. It is also contraindicated for use of non-certified devices.

How the vibratory device

The principle of action of the belt type is the impact on the fat layers by vibration, which is generated by magnetic or electronic pulses. Due to such intensive exposure occurs lipolysis. Fat under the influence of pulses changes its form and becomes a slurry, so much easier then naturally excreted.

Belt presses for men: reviews

In addition, a useful effect is manifested in the fact that the vibrations intensify and improve blood circulation, which leads to faster metabolism and again did help burn fat in the abdominal area. In the last few decades, this issue is relevant for men.

Belt-simulator for the press performs a stimulating massage, which also has a positive effect on the skin, giving it elasticity and tone.

The principle of operation of the warming zone

The principle of operation of this type of belts is that under the action of electric currents heating elements mounted in the upper part of the belt, gradually increasing the temperature of the body portion, where the instrument is superimposed. Under his influence the skin with subcutaneous fat is heated. As a result, this creates a so-called sauna effect. This leads to an intensive open the pores in the skin through which, together with the sweat from the body toxins out, decay products and toxins.

Belt presses for men: reviews

In addition, under the action of high temperature processes are accelerated significantly by splitting lipids that promote excretion of excess body fat.

After the procedure is required for showering flush with the skin of substances derived from the organism. For toning the skin and strengthen the blood vessels of the circulatory system will be useful douches.

Action simulator belt

Belt for abdominal press produces special low-power electrical impulses that cause the muscle fibers to contract. Cutting, they come in tone and strengthened. Such electronic simulators are called "Muscle Stimulation".

Belt presses for men: reviews

They are safe for health, subject to the rules and how to use medical devices have long proven effective aid in the treatment of many diseases. Such belts are similar to medical devices on the human body Velcro electrodes attached to the skin and through them transmitted electrical impulses to muscles.

According to the manufacturer, the result is noticeable within seven to ten days. Belt presses for men, real doctors confirm it, may be used at any age, in the absence of contraindications. To produce the product should be used once or twice a day for ten to thirty minutes, start with a small time. Muscle fibers under the influence of the belt cut ten minutes to six times.

An alternative view of the simulator for the press belts

Strengthen small muscles involved in everyday life it is necessary in any case, since it is they accumulate fat mass and the main view is lost. Not having enough working muscles, achieve good form would be impossible.

Belt presses for men: reviews

The advantages possessed by belt press for Men (customer reviews agree with this) as follows:

  • increases and significantly improves abdominal skin elasticity;
  • perfectly replaces usual exercises to stimulate the press;
  • eliminates the visit to the gym;
  • allows you to save time and money;
  • burn fat.

But there is an alternative view that the belt presses for men will help pump up those muscles, which to some extent refutes the above. And it consists in the following:

  • belt - small devices with two or four channels, so calculated to work through small abdominal region, and moving the electrodes are displaced with relevant muscles;
  • does not develop the current strength, which would be sufficient to eliminate fat deposits in these devices;
  • low power devices only helps to maintain already-trained muscle and tone, helping them not to atrophy, therefore, seriously pump up the press with their help will not succeed.

In view of the above effect can be expected only from salon treatments to more powerful devices. So that each person decide for himself what he will use.


Despite all the positive aspects of the application, do not yet fully trust in the belt press, the device is unlikely to be able to work effectively enough, if only use it. The use of these devices, most likely to be seen as a complement to the basic requirements: regular exercise, proper nutrition and a balanced healthy diet.