Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

Today, avid fishermen are increasingly using various new techniques and tools for fishing. This allows you to increase productivity. One relatively new tools, which are used today in a reservoir, is sounder. This device has appeared on the market recently. In just 30 years, it modernized design, new models and versions have appeared.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in the winter and in the summer becomes a necessary tool. It allows the user to accurately assess the topography of the river bottom, to determine the presence of fish in place casting. How to choose a device supplied, will help to understand expert advice.

Features of the device

Choosing a sounder for fishing in the winter and in the summer is better, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the equipment. There are two large groups of devices. The first is designed for fishing from a boat. In this case, the sensor is fastened by means of a special bracket to the transom. It connects to the device by means of wires.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

If you plan to fish from the shore, it is possible to use a different kind of sonar. Such devices are distinguished by the wireless sensor. It is mounted on the gear, and then throw together with the bait into the water. There are many models in both groups of devices.

Echo sounders collect information about the topography, the presence of holes and depressions, where the fish can congregate in flocks. Information supplied to the device. You can also determine if there are fish in the place of casting what size individuals is now dominated in the water column. This is a very useful device. It is used in many of the fishermen today.

Wireless model

Portable Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter use, many professionals and amateurs. All devices designed for fishing from the shore, do not have the complete wire sensor. The signal is transmitted via a radio link.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

sensor is a part that floats on the surface of a pond. It is installed at the end of the fishing line fishing rod. Further it with crochet throw into the pond. This allows the angler to determine the depth and other important parameters of the representations. The information collected by the sensor is displayed on the screen. You can assess what is happening beneath the device in the water.

In order to transmit high-quality signal, the sensor must be powerful enough. Otherwise, there is noise. Understand what information transmits sonar becomes difficult. Therefore, choosing a device, be sure to pay attention to the range of the signal. It should be sufficient. Cheap, poor-quality models are better set aside.


Considering what sounders for fishing in the winter and in the summer should pay attention in the first place, it should be noted the following. To choose to choose a convenient mounting sonar. It can be put on the hand or on the rod. In the first case, the device will be easy to transport. However, the expansion of the screen is small.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

The models that can be mounted on the rod, characterized by a large screen enough. However, this feature is not always an advantage. Transporting a sounder problematic. It can also hamper the movement of fishing, which hinders the process of fishing.

If you plan to fish at night, you should pay attention to models with a backlit screen. Battery capacity should be sufficient so that the device worked for about 5-8 hours. The reservoir conditions to recharge the battery problematic. There are several key parameters that need to pay attention to when choosing.

What else to pay attention?

Choosing a quality and inexpensive sounder for fishing in summer and winter, a few tips of experts must be considered. It is important to estimate the angle of scanning device. It determines the capabilities of the sonar. The wider review, the more detail will be able to see the fisherman.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

It should also examine the display. It should not be too big or small. It is important that the picture quality was clear. It is necessary to judge the brightness of the image. All items must be clearly transmitted to the display. Some models are equipped with an audio warning system. This is a very handy feature. When defining the bottom of the motion sensor, the fisherman will hear a sound signal.

It should be noted that the sale represented models that belong to the category of universal sonar. They can be used not only for fishing from the shore, but on a boat. However, the cost of such equipment will be much higher. However, this solution would be, if a fisherman catches from time to time and from the shore and from a boat. One universal fishfinder buy cheaper than two separate device.

Number of beams

Presented sale sounders can vary the amount of light. The more, the better the viewing angle. This allows the fisherman to see all the details of topography, environment underwater. There are 4 groups of sonar.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

The most simple and inexpensive models have a single ray. Their viewing angle is characterized by all 20º. One of the most popular categories of equipment to the bottom of the study are two-beam echo sounders for fishing in summer and winter. They are characterized by an acceptable cost, and angle them higher than the previous species. He is 60º.

Also on sale are presented powerful modern models with three and four beams. They have a viewing angle of 90 to 150º. Experts say that the presence of multiple beams does not guarantee high quality of the review. In such models can be configured zones, which can not be seen. Therefore, many fishermen prefer to buy equipment with one or two beams. They have proved their effectiveness in the summer and ice fishing.

How to use sonar?

To choose the right wireless sounder for fishing in summer and winter, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of operation of this equipment. First you need to read the manufacturer's instructions. It clearly spelled out all the details of using the electronic device.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

First, you need to fix the sensor on the line. Further tackle device bombarded with the desired distance. The sensor does not sink. When bait is lowered into the water column, it will remain on the surface. He begins a crawl space underneath. The receiver, which is located on the beach, receives the sensor signal.

So that the image on the screen is not lubricated, the sensor need to tighten slowly. In this case, the beam will be uniformly slide on the bottom of the pond. Post sensor and sonar signal takes place by radio. The new models use communication using a Bluetooth device.

Note that the sonar device is quite brittle. Therefore, when transporting it is necessary to use a special tube or sheath.


Choosing manual sounders for fishing in summer and winter, many buyers are primarily interested in the cost of equipment. Price depends on the functionality of the equipment. When selecting important to assess the overall dimensions sonar, its signal strength, the method of scanning the bottom (the number of beams), the quality of the screen image and so on.

Wireless Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter

All presented in the sales model can be divided into 3 categories. The cheapest varieties can be purchased for 2-3 thousand. Rub. These sonars are used on a shallow ponds. The display of monochrome.

By the mid-price category includes devices that can be purchased for as low as 4 to 7 thousand. Rub. They have two scanning beam. Such devices not only detect fish, but also provide information about its size. Costly sounders are professional equipment category. They are used on fishing vessels. The cost of these devices is about 12-20 thousand. Rub. They are able to explore the bottom in deep water.

The choice of the manufacturer

Portable Fish Finder for fishing in summer and winter can be purchased at a specialty store. There are several popular models, which differ in cost and functionality.

Among the cheapest of devices should be noted JJ-Connect Fisherman. They can be purchased at a price of 4-5 thousand. Rub. It is compact, easy to use devices. They will determine the situation under the sensor accurately. The model presented is reliable.

In the mid-price category are in demand such devices as Humminbird Smartcast, Humminbird PiranhaMAX. their value is in the range of 6-10 thousand. rub. Products submitted to the brand known for its quality. Scan will provide a clear picture.

To see everything that happens in the water column in color, you can buy a model Humminbird Fishin'Buddy. The cost of this sonar will be about 18 thousand. Rub.

Features popular models

Choosing sounder for fishing in summer and winter, it is necessary to study the characteristics of popular models. It will pick the best option.

So, Humminbird Smartcast was formerly used for fishing from a boat. Manufacturer improved design. Now it has the wireless sensor. The angle of the sonar survey of 90º. Thus it is possible to carry out casting at a distance of 45 m. The device can measure the depth of 0, 5 to 35 m. This model has a beam. The scanning is performed in the same plane.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX belongs to the category of universal devices. It can be used for fishing from the shore and from a boat. Device able to determine the size of the fish, the bottom relief. In this case, the details you can consider using the zoom function on the screen. 8 AA batteries provided in the structure. This greatly extends the standalone appliance.

Professional advice to

Experienced fishermen give a few tips to consider when selecting a sounder for fishing in summer and winter. It is not necessary to save on device functionality. Even if finances do not allow to buy expensive equipment, it is best to pick up the device in the mid-price category.

On the most important parameters presented above, be sure to pay attention. It is not necessary to acquire the device, which signal power is 35 m or less. In this case, the information content of the device at a depth will not be acceptable.

Let us consider what the parameters should have sounder for fishing in summer and winter, it is possible to choose the optimum device species in accordance with their capabilities and preferences.