And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

Removal of unwanted hair on the body - this is a very demanded procedures in women. A way to deal with a lot of vegetation. Now, we will discuss devices such as epilator and depilatory, which are very popular and widely used.

What are the differences among and depilatory epilator? How to use them and they buy more often?

And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

Depilatories - this ...

Before considering the differences and depilatory epilator, should explain what each instrument. Let's start with depilatory.

Generally, waxing process involves surface hair removal, in which the hair follicles are not affected.

For devices for hair removal are familiar to many women razors. Their use is very simple, so their popularity is enormous. In addition, it is one of the most budget options to remove hair. On sale now, you can see all kinds of razors and at any price.

  1. Disposable with two blades - the cheapest options.
  2. Machines with interchangeable shaving heads. By this embodiment a pair of replaceable heads attached with 3 or 5 blades. As necessary, they can be purchased separately, without changing the machine itself. This variant razor has a pleasant aroma, as its head equipped with a special "rolling" means to facilitate sliding blades.
  3. Electric razors.
And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

Another kind of means for hair removal are trimmers, stylers. Frequently they are the men to remove the vegetation in the nose and ears. Women also use these devices, but mostly for intimate waxing. Trimmers and stylers are powered by electricity or batteries. Their compact size allows the device to take along on the trip. Over the past 20 years great demand has become another means for depilation. It is a cream for hair removal. Apply it simple: a thick layer of cream spread over the area of ​​skin from which hair is to be deleted, wait 5-10 minutes and then with the help of a special plate (sold together with a cream) get rid of the vegetation by simply removing cream against hair growth. A feature of the cream is that its special formula slows down the growth of new hair.

And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

The difference depilatory epilator and in that the first will not bring effect for a long time.

What is the appliance?

Epilators designed for the homonymous procedures - hair removal. This removal is not only the surface of the hair, but also to the hair roots.

These electrical devices. Their cost is higher than that of the same razors or creams, but the effect is longer and lasts 3-4 weeks.

And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

So what is the difference and depilatory epilator?

Obviously, the devices differ from each other. And it depends on many factors. What are the differences among and depilatory epilator:

  1. When using depilatory hairs are removed only from the skin and extract more epilators and hair roots.
  2. As a result, smooth skin after depilation persists for long, just a few days. But after epilation of the device can be re-taken only after 3-4 weeks.
  3. Cream for hair removal is the safest means as other depilatories and epilators can injure and cause irritation or ingrown hairs.
  4. Another difference is the cost of the devices. Razors, creams for hair removal - is the budget options for dealing with vegetation. The price is more than acceptable - no more than 500 rubles. But good quality epilator has a starting price of 3,000 rubles.

Are depilatories and epilators differences in hair removal methods. Therefore, "to choose" and "what is better" - a very topical issue for many women.

What to choose?

If you're still undecided, then before you spend your money on Adaptation of hair removal, read about the differences, advantages and reviews of depilatories & Hair Removal.

And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

When you select a device for the elimination of undesired plants should pay attention to the following factors:

  • skin type. Owners of delicate and sensitive skin is better to opt for a depilatory cream. From razors and epilators best avoided because they can provoke ingrown hairs and rashes.
  • The amount of hair covering. Owners of light and thin hair, in fact, to carry out hair removal is not necessary. But, if you want to feel smooth and delicate skin, it is best to use the cream for depilation. But if a lot of hair on the body, in this case it is necessary to give preference to costly epilators. The thing is that the impact of the epilator hair structure becomes thinner and softer.
  • sensitivity to pain. Epilators - it's a device for strong women who are not afraid or are able to tolerate the pain, because the procedure is accompanied by extremely unpleasant, painful feelings. But waxing runs quite comfortably.
  • The financial opportunity. If you do not have any contraindications to the use of depilatory epilator and with differences by type of procedure, it focuses primarily on their physical capabilities. If finances permit, it is better to buy the appliance, which will reduce the number of procedures.

Reviews depilatories

Description depilatories and epilators we presented. But the important factor is the actual customer reviews.

And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

Women who use only depilatory, argue that the whole procedure is to yield good results. Hair removed painlessly, quickly. The skin becomes smooth and razor blades carry out a scrubbing effect, clearing the skin from keratinized particles.

In addition, depilatories inexpensive and not hit on the wallet.

It is true all the same, there is one "but." Depilation often have to carry out, which is not very convenient, especially on vacation.

In general, complaints from shoppers depilatory not cause.

Reviews about Braun

Reviews about Braun longer positive. If you do not take into account the high price and painful sensations, epilators are more effective than depilatories.

Women using such devices davolno prolonged sensation of smooth skin. Also confirmed by the fact that the hairs become thinner and less noticeable.

And depilatory epilator: differences, advantages, features and reviews

How do I still struggle with the hair on the body?

Remove body hair can be a method of hair removal and hair removal.

Depilation - shaving, speaking easier. A hair removal includes the following varieties:

  1. Remove the epilator (a method and apparatus is narrated in this article).
  2. Shugaring - depilation method, which is carried out using a sugar paste. The paste can be prepared at home or visit a qualified master Shugaring. removal method is simple: pasta slather on your skin and the sharp movement against the hair growth tear. The procedure may cause discomfort in the form of discomfort, especially for those who use the service for the first time.
  3. Waxing. Shugaring procedure similar to the method of application and removal. Only instead of sugar paste using hot wax. The regularity of the procedure is 1 time per month.
  4. Laser hair removal - it is getting rid of the hair with a laser. expensive procedure, but the effect is retained permanently. The method is as follows: a special instrument sent to the vegetation. The laser affects the hair follicles, expands them, and the hair falls out.
  5. Laser hair removal - a method, which uses a light device, directly acting on the hair follicles. The following procedure should be carried out in 4-6 weeks.
  6. Electrolysis, or electrolysis. This costly method will get rid of all unwanted vegetation. The method is practically painless. He held device that passes a small electrical impulses to the follicle. The resulting salts are formed, which lead to the death of the hair root.

To summarize,

So now, it has become clear what is different depilatory epilator. Device obvious differences from each other.

If you are a supporter of smooth skin, then stop your choice on what is available and that will cause the minimum of discomfort.