What is important to know about laser hair removal wax and

What is important to know about laser hair removal wax and

, approaching the issue of hair removal, many women are faced with well-founded doubts and fears. If you still decided to subject his body to this procedure, it is rational to just make sure whether it will harm your health, whether this procedure is right for you, and find out what else you can expect from the depilation.

The most common and effective method of hair removal can now be regarded as a laser, and waxing. If waxing most women anyway, familiar, laser hair removal is a number of questions that need to find a qualified answer. We covered a number of frequently asked questions about all the subtleties and laser hair removal wax.

Is it true that you can not do laser hair removal on dark skin?

Skin color does not affect the quality of hair removal, exactly the same as the hair removal process itself does not become harmful to the owners of dark skin. For dark skin tones do not need additional equipment or special equipment. But hair color affects the efficiency and results. As a rule, people with dark hair cover can make much more use of the laser hair removal process than the owners of light, red or gray hair.

Do I need to shave your legs before laser hair removal?

Pre-remove hair before waxing is not necessary, on the contrary, it is necessary to wait until the hair grows back at least 5 millimeters. Many women do not remove hair on their own, especially in remote places, as trust is concerned only to professionals. But there is another thing you need to know before you go to laser removal. During one session the desired result is unlikely to be achieved.

Laser removal works on the following principle: the laser destroys the structure of the hair follicles to prevent future growth. But this process takes time. The first result will appear in the first two weeks, as after the first treatment the hair grows slowly. Each treatment reduces hair growth by 10-15%.

Does hair removal by laser is painful?

Discomfort during the laser removal is possible, and it is quite a natural reaction that we all develop differently. Many customers are taking pain medication for half an hour before the procedure to reduce the risk of unpleasant sensations.

is not dangerous to the skin wax hair removal?

What is important to know about laser hair removal wax and

If the wax removal is performed correctly, the hair is removed along with the follicle, which is why after the wax skin is much softer and gentler than after shaving. Due to this, the removal using wax safer than using a razor. Thus, the risk of damage to the skin is much less, and indeed the wax contains organic matter and oils, moisturizing the skin while reducing irritation. In addition, after wax hair grow much more slowly and less frequently than after shave, and structure of the hair becomes softer and does not hurt the skin. But, unlike shaving, wax removal requires a certain length of the hair (5 mm to 1 cm) to depilation process itself was mild and more efficient.

Can I use a scrub after depilation?

Cleansing the skin with a scrub is necessary in any case. The main thing to remember - the first time the skin is irritated and it is necessary to humidify. On the third or fourth day, you can use the scrub on sugar-based, since it is more gentle than the scrub from apricot pits. Along with cleansing scrub, you need to take care of the pores using salicylic acid or tea oil, willow tree, to narrow pores and prevent the ingress of bacteria.

Can I take a shower immediately after depilation?

It is much more logical to take a shower or a relaxing bath before waxing to cleanse the skin and pores to expand, but after going to the shower is not recommended, as the skin is irritated and needs extra protection and moisture, is not in the soap or water.