Tips for nail care at home

Modern girls are pretty large amount of time and financial resources given to the care of nails in a beauty salon. There offers a variety of treatments, the coating gel varnish build-up for an attractive appearance. But there are many ways to maintain the beauty and health in the hands of the home that do not require large investments.

The basic rules of

Professional Manicurist give a set of recommendations on how to keep your nails in top condition on their own. Gel polish or acrylic is aimed only at creating beauty, but it is important to monitor the health of the plate and skin. While respecting the basic rules of home care for the hands and nails, you can easily and quickly reduce the need to visit a beauty salon.

Tips for nail care at home
  1. Health - is the first and most important point that is often neglected. After visiting public places, domestic work and before eating you must wash your hands with soap and water. But in this item also includes the removal of dirt from under his fingernails. Failure to follow this rule, you can face the problem of fungus that is difficult to cure.
  2. Protection. Skin, nails and cuticles should be protected from exposure to various chemicals. Therefore, when cleaning the house is very important to use rubber gloves.
  3. An intensive moisturizing. Daily use of hand cream helps prevent dry and rough patches on the skin. Cosmetic product should be applied morning and night, and if necessary - several times a day.
  4. Power. Nail plate needs useful components that enter the body through food, to accelerate growth and densification.
  5. procedures. Nail care in the home involves the use of various trays, cosmetic and therapeutic substances to prevent delamination intensive moisturizing, strengthening and protection.
  6. The base coat. Using pre-coating protects nails from staining, enhances and prolongs the resistance manicure. Special databases are available in all of cosmetic stores for a budget price.
  7. from the sun and cold protection. Your skin is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays in the summer, which leads to premature aging. To protect the need to use creams, which is composed of a sun-protection factor. In winter, be sure to wear gloves and do not expose the skin temperature changes.

In compliance with the basic rules of nail care at home, they will always be healthy, strong and beautiful.

How to restore your nails after gel lacquer

This method provides a polish coating them attractive appearance for a few weeks, but after the removal of the plate becomes soft, breaks off and exfoliates. For a full recovery, you need to have patience and use several proven tools.

Nail care gel after removal of the lacquer includes several steps to obtain the maximum result. On the shelves of cosmetics stores are a wide number of means to strengthen and restore the plates, which are in great demand among buyers. The most effective and budget are:

  • "Smart Enamel" ( "Set 7").
  • "Iron force" (El Corazon).
  • "Intensive restoration" ( "Phytocosmetics").

Nail care after gel lacquer can be supplemented with natural oils, which have been intensively saturate and strengthen the plate. Olive, almond, coconut and castor oils help to eliminate brittleness and a section for daily use. Before going to bed a few drops should be applied to the nails massaged and rubbed for 5 minutes. Professional manicure is recommended to carry out the sealing process for quick and effective recovery after removing the gel polish. And also use the popular recipes for home care of nails.


Before carrying out independent of the procedure necessary to buy quality tools. Scissors and tweezers should be sharpened, and nail file - universal for filing and polishing. Professional Advice shows that tools for manicure is better to choose professional shops.

Tips for nail care at home

The first step is to clean: it is necessary to remove the old decorative cover, make bath to soften skin and plates, as well as to disinfect instruments. After that, you can begin to nail care:

  • sharp tweezers to remove the cuticles or using an orange stick to push it gently;
  • to cut the length of your nails and make the desired shape, if necessary;
  • to file a special edge and side polish the surface;
  • cause any mask, oil or base coating;
  • after drying, you can start using the decorative lacquer;
  • to fix it with a stamp and apply an emollient or a few drops of oil on the cuticles.

Nail Care of hands at home takes a little time and do not require large financial investments. All tools can be prepared independently of improvised ingredients, but it is important to buy quality manicure tools.


This method of nail care is very popular both at home and in professional beauty salons. Bath helps to soften the skin around the plate for a quick and safe removal. When you add some components you can restore and strengthen the nails and prevent brittleness and foliation. There are plenty of recipes for curative and preventive baths. Professional Master in Care Tips Nail advised not to neglect this method and use it at home.

Tips for nail care at home

as added components may be iodine, essential oils, sea salt, or dried herbs and for softening the skin a few drops of liquid soap. The easiest and most popular recipe curative and preventive trays: a small container of warm water, add 2 tablespoons of sea salt, 5 drops of iodine and essential oils of ylang-ylang, mix thoroughly and place in her hands for 10 minutes. After the bath be sure to rub the plate massaging the remaining water. This step in nail care is required and provides the fastest recovery.


If you have dry skin of hands, cuticles and brittle nails need to use masks. They can be prepared independently, and can be purchased in a beauty shop. Masks when caring for the nails at home to help moisturize, nourish and soften the skin as well as stimulate growth and tackle the problem of the foliation. From ready means of the most efficient and inexpensive are: "Etude Organic" to strengthen the thin plate and damaged with Vitamin E "bodycare" to recover iodine. Most popular recipes for cooking at home:

  • to moisten skin and nails: 2 tablespoons natural petroleum jelly, olive oil and vitamin E mixed liquid and put on hands. you can wear cotton gloves and leave to act for 15-20 minutes for maximum effect.
  • against the bundle: 1 tablespoon of castor oil, tincture of cayenne pepper and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and apply on the nail surface. Wear gloves and leave overnight.

Girls in a review of the nail care argue that the constant use of masks can be quickly restored after extended wear plate shellac.


A huge range of products from different brands helps to care for nails and hands without too much difficulty. Experts recommend daily use moisturizing, nourishing and soothing creams wide spectrum of action. Modern cosmetics are rich in vitamins, minerals, oils and panthenol for intensive care of the nails, cuticles and hands skin.

Tips for nail care at home

When choosing the appropriate device should pay attention to its versatility. For example, for the hands "Faberlic" cream provides intensive nourishment, hydration and protection of the skin and nails. It is enriched with useful components that prevent the loss of moisture and the formation of burrs. On the cosmetic market presents a huge number of such facilities and the best brands of hand creams, for customer opinion are:

  1. "Velvet Hands".
  2. "Nitrodzhina".
  3. "Faberlic".
  4. "Loksitan".
  5. "Nivea".

A nail coating should be selected from the "Smart Enamel," "El Corazon" and "bodycare" which help eliminate dryness, brittleness, give it a healthy shine and effectively strengthens after long wearing gel varnish.


When you visit a beauty salon to create a beautiful manicure you will notice that quite often the master cut the skin around the nail plate. This can lead to the fact that it will become more coarse and more will begin to grow faster. But this process is necessary in the event that the root of the nail grows into the skin, and it must be removed. But there is an alternative - a hardware manicure, which safely removes it without unpleasant consequences. Professionals recommend not to use the manicure in the nail care at home, as in the absence of skill it can lead to cuts and remove the cuticle with the help of special tools and orange sticks.

Tips for nail care at home

In addition to the removal, it is necessary to humidify and saturate in order to prevent the appearance of burrs, stimulate growth and attractive appearance of the hand. You can use various natural oils (olive, coconut, almond) or purchased cosmetics. To care for the cuticle is necessary, as it can spoil the look of even the most beautiful and bright manicure. The easiest way: each time applying hand cream to rub it into the skin around the plate.

Care in winter

At this time, the skin and nails are exposed to dry indoor air, temperature changes and lack of vitamins.

Tips for nail care at home

In the winter home care should be as intensive and include a few rules:

  • the use of gloves for protection even at zero temperature;
  • is not recommended to dip the hands in hot water - this can lead to overdrying and damage to the plate;
  • twice or more times a day should be applied intensely nourishing cream that contains a large amount of useful components;
  • before bed to use the natural oil in the care of nails and cuticles;
  • to follow the diet, to include in it foods that contain protein and various vitamins.

recommends using different masks oil to moisturize and nourish the skin in winter. To stimulate nail growth and restoration of the damaged plates can hold sealing procedure using wax in the home.


This procedure is very popular among the female due to its effectiveness and versatility. It is aimed at restoring, nutrition, protection, leveling surface and prevent breakage of tarnish. Nail Care with the help of sealing wax has one significant drawback for many girls - they are not allowed to cover the gel varnish.

Tips for nail care at home

The procedure helps maintain the beauty and health of the plate after extension, coating or other damage. For the sealing performance in the home requires a certain set of tools: polishing nail file, ready to wax or self-mix and bath for nails. Feedback from customers can be identified by means of "bodycare", which is designed specifically for this procedure. Sealing nail takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparation of the mixture. 1 teaspoon of beeswax melted in a water bath, add to 2 drops of almond, jojoba and essential oils of ylang-ylang.
  2. Preparation of the nail. Removal of the decoration layer by using acetone without use of baby baths with iodine and sea salt. The nails were placed in water for 5-7 minutes, then wiped dry.
  3. Application. A small amount of the mixture applied to the nail, massage movements and leave for a couple of minutes. Then use the nail file to polish the surface spread over the plate, pay special attention to the edge. Distributing the wax necessary to complete absorption.

This procedure for nail care should be done before bedtime for best results. Professional masters recommend to seal the nails once a month for the prevention of, and to repair a damaged plate - once in 2-3 days.


Nail care at home does not take much time, but it is highly efficient and simplicity. With continued use of cosmetic products, follow the recommendations and basic rules of the plate will not be damaged, and your skin will always be nourished and soft.