Rafael Nadal: love life, career, photos

Rafael Nadal - Spanish tennis player, winner of a fourteen tournaments Grand Slam, winner of the career Golden Slam in singles, the former first racket of the world in the ATP rankings. Now it is in the top 5 players in the world ranking. Hispanic - quite versatile tennis player, but ideal conditions the soil is considered for it. In sports circles Nadal even have a nickname - "King of the soil." Experts of the game, as well as Raphael Partners tennis reasonably consider it one of the best players of our time.

Rafael Nadal: love life, career, photos

Rafael Nadal: the personal life and the facts from the biography of

Rafael was born in 1986 in the Balearic Islands (about. Mallorca). The boy's father was a businessman, his mother - a housewife. Love for tennis instilled in him an uncle named Tony (current coach). We can say that in the three-year-old began his sports biography. Rafael Nadal as a child and was a frequent guest at the football stadiums in Spain, where professionally performed another uncle of the boy - Miguel Angel Nadal.

With his current girlfriend, Maria Pascual, Rafael sign still at school. Couple together since 2005.

Besides tennis, Rafael likes to play golf, he is an avid fan of Madrid "Real", and the Spanish national team football.

Nadal serves gear brand Nike. In the early years of career I prefer to play t-shirt, now trains and plays in a normal shirt. It is noteworthy that in one season Spanish tennis player changes a few pairs of shoes, but on the right are always flaunts nominal inscription - Rafa.

Rafael Nadal: love life, career, photos

Spanish tennis player is very proud native of Manacor, where he lived with his parents and sister. In 14 years, the Spanish Tennis Federation offers the young athlete to move to Barcelona and to pay for his training, but Rafael consultation with your uncle and coach, decided to stay in his hometown.

Professional career

Play tennis at the professional level, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal began at age 15 and 16 - has already played in the Junior Wimbledon. At the same youth team level, he helped his country win the Davis Cup.

Since then, Nadal spent more than a thousand official games, eight hundred of them won. To date, the Spaniard's 70 titles, received at international tournaments.

The best achievement of a tennis player in the ATP rankings is the first position, which the Spaniard held from 2008 to 2009. Also on the bill of Rafael Nadal over two hundred matches in doubles, but in this kind of competition Rafa fame is not earned.

Rafael Nadal: love life, career, photos


A good friend outside the tennis court and the chief opponent of Nadal - Roger Federer. Spaniard confrontation with the Swiss sports experts call one of the greatest in the history of the game. Alternately tennis players from 2005 to 2010 held the first position in the world ranking, and from 2006 to 2008 athletes necessarily met each other in the finals of Wimbledon and the French Open.

As of today, Nadal and Federer held between a 37 formal meetings in which the Spaniard won 23 victories. In addition to the fights with Roger Federer, a special interest of the audience cause confrontation Rafael Nadal with Englishman Andy Murray and Serb Novak Djokovic.


Rafael Nadal continues performing at a professional level, but it is already behind him a track record that are the envy of almost any tennis player. The Grand Slam Spaniard has won the following tournaments: the Australian Open twice - Wimbledon and the US Open, and as many as nine times experienced triumph in France. In addition, Nadal won 27 tournaments and four Masters Series victories in the popular tournament of national teams - the Davis Cup, where Rafael defended the colors of the Spanish national team.

Rafael Nadal: love life, career, photos

Interestingly, the Spaniard holds the record for number of consecutive matches won on one surface. This is a unique phenomenon for a game of tennis. Rafael Nadal won 81 victory on his favorite ground. It is also noteworthy that interrupted the series of age-old foe Rafa - Swiss tennis player Roger Federer.

Style Games

Rafael Nadal is rightly considered one of the most enduring and physically strong players. His aggressive style and strong supply with top spin. Spaniard's weak spot before the game was called under the net, but in recent years Nadal has greatly improved this component of the game, the variety of their statements, and making them more spectacular.