Feliciano Lopez's career, photos, achievements

The history of world tennis is replete with bright and unusual Spanish players who have held at different times of the highest positions in the ATP rankings. Undoubtedly, one of them - Feliciano Lopez. Tennis became his main hobby is still the age of five, and the next year the representative of the Pyrenees celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his athletic career.

The Early Years

Feliciano quite successfully performed at the junior level, and began playing at the ATP Tour event in 1998. The first pancake, as expected, came out lumpy, however, and he immediately went to rival formidable - at a tournament in Barcelona Lopez devastating lost to Jiri Novak. The beginning of the two thousandth's for the Spaniard was marked by a number of victories in the medium-sized challengers, and in 2001 the Spanish first came to court Grand Slam tournament. A significant event in the life of a young tennis players was held at the French Open.

Feliciano Lopez's career, photos, achievements

Success Development

By 2003, Feliciano Lopez was already the 63rd player in the world and continues to increase. The Spaniard continued to perform successfully in the small tournaments, and in 2004 will debut for the national team of his country by winning the Davis Cup over Czech Tomas Berdych. Spain eventually won the tournament.

Feliciano Lopez is not too lucky at the Grand Slam event, but local failure, he continues to compensate successful performances in other ATP events, so in 2008 meets on 35 World Ranking position. Over the next few years the situation has changed quite the opposite. Feliciano comes to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in the doubles, also relatively well Spanish tennis player serves for other competitions Grand Slam, but in small tournaments he rarely falls 2-3 to go round. In general, in the ATP rankings, he is still held in the top 50.

Feliciano Lopez's career, photos, achievements

Second Wind

As often happens, after thirty professional athletes can re-watch the takeoff of his career - the same thing happened with Feliciano Lopez. In 2013, he was able to beat a number of tennis players of the top 20 world ranking. Among others, were defeated Tommy Haas, Juan Monaco, Gilles Simon, Stanislas Wawrinka and others. Lopez managed to win a few tournaments, so over the next two years, the Spaniard took place from 14 th to 28 th.

2016 brought new successes Feliciano Lopez. To begin with tennis player won his second in career tournament (in Doha) in doubles. Then the competition in Dubai, in tandem with another Spaniard, Feliciano reached the final. The culmination of the season was phenomenal victory in the doubles at the French Open, making the Spaniard finished the season at a record high for himself the eleventh place in the ranking.