The most famous coaches of "Barcelona"

One of the most famous and beloved fans of teams in the world - is the Spanish "Barcelona". Coaches always define its modern football trends, learn from their experience on the planet how to play both effectively and efficiently.

FC "Barcelona"

The most famous coaches of

Coaches "Barcelona" - one of the most renowned in the world. It is necessary to say that in its history, the club has won dozens of awards at national and international level. The famous football club 24 times champion Spain won the title more often only Madrid "Real" - 32 times. Catalans and 24 times won the silver medal.

The list of achievements, "Barcelona," there are more serious victory. 39 times it has played in the final of the Spanish Cup, winning the trophy 28 times. 19 times "blue garnet" fought for the Spanish Super Cup, winning 12 victories.

The list of victories in the international arena is not less impressive. "Barcelona" has five times won the European Cup (or Champions League, the tournament is called today), won four times in the UEFA Cup, five times - in the UEFA Super Cup. In addition, the team is a three-time holder of the Intercontinental Cup. In 2009, the Spanish club has established an unprecedented record of having won all the official tournaments in which he participated. They were six. This success is largely provided the coaches, "Barcelona."

The most successful coach

The most famous coaches of

Today, many football analysts believe that the most successful coach in the club's history was Josep Guardiola. Under him the team won in all the official tournaments in 2009. In total, he led the Catalans from 2008 to 2012. In that year, in the championship of Spain "Barcelona" has bypassed its main rival - Madrid "Real" - 9 points, scoring 105 goals in a season. However, in the Cup of Spain "Barcelona" was defeated "athletic" team from Bilbao - 4: 1. In the match for the Super Bowl Catalans were to meet again with these rivals. And this time, in the two-legged match. Question about the winner was made in the first game. "Barcelona" in the party won 5: 1, and then another, and home won 3: 0.

In the Champions League, "Barça" won 2: 0 English "Manchester United", and in the UEFA Super Cup with a score of 1: 0 win in Donetsk "Shakhtar". Finally, the sixth title managed to win in the Intercontinental Cup. The Club World Championship deciding match Spaniards took over the Argentine team "Estudiantes" (2: 1). Of course, in addition to the stellar composition of which would be the envy of many coaches "Barcelona" Other years, the role played by Guardiola as a coach.

In just five years Guardiola won three championships in Spain, two cups, three Super Cup, two Champions Leagues, two UEFA Super Cup and two Club World Cup.

mentor Dutch

The most famous coaches of

Another legend led the Catalans - coach of FC "Barcelona" Johan Cruyff. He has worked with the team from 1988 to 1996. During this time, "Barça" won 11 trophies. "Barcelona" four times won the national championship three times - the Spanish Super Cup, on time - the European Cup (the analog of the modern Champions League), UEFA Super Cup, the Spanish Cup and the Cup Winners' Cup.

The team Cruyff advocated the famous Dutch total football, which consisted of constant pressure the opponent. This has brought tangible results. Coaches of "Barcelona" to Cruyff could not boast of so many titles and awards.

The current head coach of the

Currently, the "Barcelona" directs Luis Enrique. He led the team in 2014, taking it from the hands of Argentine Gerardo Martino. Martineau worked with the Catalan less than a year. During this time he managed to win only one trophy - the Spanish Super Cup.

"Barcelona" with the Argentines missed the victory in the national championship, which won over the past few years. So, in 2013 to first place in the championship of the Spaniard gave Tito Vilanova. Under him the team has earned 100 points in the championship, scoring 32 victories in 38 matches. It was phenomenal and effectiveness. The Catalans then scored 115 goals. Tito Vilanova has built a bright attacking team, which was able to get around Madrid "Real" for 15 points.

The most famous coaches of

When Luis Enrique "Barcelona" performs with varying degrees of success. At the same time a large number of trophies coach has already won. Twice he won the championship and the Cup of Spain at once the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup and Spanish Super Cup.

The game of "Barcelona" in the draw of the Champions League's 2016/17 will go down in history of world football. It was the first team to win back, losing in the first match 0: 4. In the 1/8 final with the score Spaniards lost in Paris FC "PSG". In the second match, few believed in their success. But the team of Luis Enrique won 6: 1, proving that nothing is impossible for them simply do not have.