Dress by Oscar de la Renta

Creativity Oscar de la Renta is not just entered the history of fashion, and created its own, separate age. Politicians, stars, businessmen considered it an honor to appear in his gowns.

Dress by Oscar de la Renta

The first successes

Family Oscar de la Renta was quite well known in the Dominican Republic, where he was born. Father - a prominent businessman, his great-grandfather - the mayor of the town, an uncle - diplomatic staff and the famous writer.

He was to take one example, for someone to navigate. He was someone to help, but if he stayed in his homeland. But at 19 years Oscar leaves his hometown and moved to Spain. Study at the Academy of Arts brought the young artist a lot of useful contacts. Like many of his "classmates", he worked part time clothing sketches for fashion magazines and local designers.

Dress by Oscar de la Renta

The first order for a separate dress and brought early success. Oscar made dresses design for prom daughter of the US Ambassador. Photos of this first breakout hit on the cover of "Life".

After such a brilliant debut desirable employee for all the Spanish fashion houses began to Oscar de la Renta. Dress, photo, celebrity. Despite the flow of events, known to his friends, the young designer has managed to keep a cool head and steadily moved forward and only forward.

Dress by Oscar de la Renta

Moving to Paris only strengthened the position of the youth. Tough French fashion school has taught artist and tempered. From Paris to the United States he came no longer a young man, and knows exactly what he wants, the young designer. It is here, in New York, organized by Oscar show his first collection.


The world of fashion is strict and demanding. Get the recognition of colleagues is sometimes more complex than even the most demanding audience. However, the challenge Oscar coped brilliantly. Twice he led the American Fashion Council, the first American fashion designer, who became the head of the Parisian house "high couture".

Dress by Oscar de la Renta

In 2006, a new direction has mastered the Oscar de la Renta. Wedding dresses his works quickly conquered the elite. The most important event of his life was decorated with "Oscar" celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Amal Alamuddin.

His own "Oscar"

Contribution Oscar de la Renta in the high fashion world is so great that it is not for nothing called a real art. For many women dress its design is not just a dream realized. This award - appear in public in its creation, many tantamount to getting "Oscar" statuettes of her own. His writings on the importance placed on a par with the theater, painting and literature.

Socialites, easily parted with expensive designer things, keep the dress by Oscar de la Renta, with a smile, noting that give them inherited daughters.

A Smithsonian Museum of American History holds in its collections some dresses Maitre.

Dress by Oscar de la Renta

First Ladies

De La Renta - is not just a big name in the fashion world. This is truly a synonym of wealth and a perfect sense of style. Permanent fashion White House. Oscar de la Renta, who dresses all adorned the First Lady, to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

His works were shown J. Kennedy and N. Reagan paraded Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Obama. To each of them he found his approach and picked the fabric and color, emphasizing it was her personal dignity. The most demanding of the United States of America recognized the woman in the Oscars are not just fashion. An artist working with them as a master with his models. Hillary Clinton - one of his most loyal fans. She wore a dress, which had a hand in the master, not only on receptions and balls. The wife of the controversial president of the United States of America showed Oscar dress and the ceremony of the inauguration of her husband.

What is true, Michelle Obama, called the most elegant First Lady of modernity, it did not immediately appreciated designer outfits. However, she could not resist, and later admitted that he was the only designer whose opinion really matters to her.

Best of

Few can boast that in order to get noticed, you do not need crazy ideas and extravagant experiments. Half a century, throughout his career, Oscar de la Renta did a beautiful women.

Top ratings dresses Maitre compiled repeatedly. The top-ten, a hundred. But is it possible to highlight the best work, when each of them is unique and beautiful as the women themselves in these costumes.

A separate line going all the seasons of presenting major Academy Award. On the red carpet leading country dress from Oscar chose stars such as Amy Adams, Cameron Diaz.

Costume Institute Ball also can not do without the autograph maestro. Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Penelope Cruz, Oprah Winfrey.

Separately, it is worth highlight Amal Alamuddin dress, in which she said its say "Yes" to George Clooney at the marriage ceremony. That it was the last of his career and put a beautiful point.