Spirits "Jimmy Choo": a description of the flavor manufacturer, reviews

Perfume - an integral part of the style and image. Through its special flavor you communicate to others information about yourself. The smell can determine the nature of man, his preferences and tastes. Perfume manufacturers are creating new flavors, which specifically shows your style. Spirits "Jimmy Choo" from 2011 are popular. Almost every year under this name out into the world of new flavors for each type of character.

Spirits "Jimmy Choo": the manufacturer and the history of the brand

Jimmy Choo - it's House of Fashion UK. Around the world, the brand created more than one hundred brand stores.

The company was founded in 1996. Name - is the name of the designer, which produces fashionable shoes "Jimmy Choo". Initially, production was only shoes, boots, boots and other footwear. She has always been marked by elegance, quality and variety of styles. On the red carpet more than once paraded world stars in the shoes of this manufacturer. This is Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Kate Winslet, Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.

In the future, production began to expand its range of accessories - scarves, bags, belts, gloves.

In 2011, Jimmy Choo opened the world its first fragrance - perfume "Jimmy Choo". It advertised the fragrance itself is Tamara Mellon - partner, designer, one of the founders of the company.

In 2013, the Russian model Natasha Poly has become the face of the second flavor - Jimmy Coo Flash. To date, a number of flavors, both female and male. Let's talk about them in more detail, consider the price and reviews.

The first fragrance


Spirits "Jimmy Choo" - a defiant, but at the same time flirty fragrance. This perfume will reveal charismatic woman. Designed for wet weather, when all around are filled with silence, serenity and peace and charm. These spirits will be a perfect complement to the style of bold woman, who knows how to express themselves. Aroma "Jimmy Choo" was created to tempt men, he exudes sexual energy awakens passion. He is able to make a confident woman who feel themselves strong and independent with "Jimmy Choo". Fragrance hundred percent, do not contain coarse male shades.

Perfume belongs to the family fruit and chypre. Perfect for winter, fall and spring.

The aroma starts with the smell of tangerines and pears, fresh green grass. Later colors plexus felt: this orchid, which gives a unique soft, not cloying sweetness. Train will follow you the aroma of patchouli and iris.

This first perfume "Jimmy Choo". The price is quite democratic - about two thousand per bottle of 60 ml, not more than two and a half thousand one hundred milliliters.

Perfume bottle is transparent, has a nice pale purple color.

Jimmy Choo Flash


Manufactured in 2013. This is truly a passionate, sensual and positive flavor. At the same time it is a magic, gives a sense of harmony. Spirits "Jimmy Choo Flash" made for a charming and seductive girl who aspires to constant change, ready to go ahead and to discover new knowledge.

Aroma initially reveals notes of tangerine, sweet pink pepper and ripe strawberries. In the future, we can clearly feel the fragrance of roses, jasmine and tuberose. After your presence will be long trail of heliotrope and fresh wood.

This composition will be in harmony to be felt in the cold seasons - winter, early spring and late fall. In these times of the year you'll be using the aroma Flash radiate energy and heat of the sun. It belongs to the family of flower. Ideal for a romantic rendezvous, fun in the club will approach these spirits "Jimmy Choo". The price of this fragrance - two and a half thousand per 100 milliliters, less a hundred rubles for a bottle of 60 ml and a half thousand 40 milliliters.

Jimmy Choo Stars


This is a rich, intriguing and alluring scent. "Jimmy Choo Stars" set to add mystery to the image of women. If you choose this perfume a woman can feel like an unattainable star, which can only dream of. This star would all enjoy, flavor looker and causes interest.

Suitable for quiet, sweet and harmonious creature, not capable of daring deeds.

The first notes sound composition of juicy citrus, they blend harmoniously with orchid flowers and sweets toffee. Rounding out the multi-faceted fragrance and sweetness of sandalwood patchouli.

It's clean chypre fragrance, suitable for use in winter and spring cold days.

Price - three thousand rubles for a 100 ml bottle.

Jimmy Choo Blossom


Spirits "Jimmy Choo Blossom" - a seductive flirtatious scent conveys the character and the desire to go forward. If you choose the fragrance "Blossom", we can say with confidence that you are bright, cheerful and brave woman! Such spirits choose not only the young discoverer, but also business women, women working in the office. Aroma versatile, but decisive and bold.

"Jimmy Choo" - fragrance, touching, but at the same time all the flavors are full of self-confidence, they are very versatile. "Blossom" - is no exception.

Initially in the fragrance opens us ripe raspberries, mixed with citrus, most likely - tangerines. At the heart of the fragrance - rose and sweet pea. Train subside the smell of sandalwood and musk. This fragrance reveals all the hidden facets of the soul, will give to a woman a passion, care and love. This floral-fruity scent, day, romantic. Suitable for offices.

The price of the fragrance - two and a half thousand rubles per 100 milliliters.

Jimmy Choo Flash London Club


Spirits "Jimmy Choo Flash London Club" - an inspiring, sensual and very mysterious aroma. The energy that it is created for conquering the dance floor at parties and in clubs. It is ideal for energetic, stylish, rhythmic of the fair sex. It sends around mischief and charm looker, draws attention to its possessor.

It's a cool fragrance, especially for stuffy rooms of clubs. At its base lies bergamot and lychee. The heart of the composition is the tuberose and delicate white flowers. Zephyr will grant all the present and a touch of musk woody fragrance.

Seasons - autumn and summer, the family - Flower. Perfect for the evening and night.

The price of the fragrance - two thousand per 100 milliliters.

Jimmy Choo Illicit


Spirits "Jimmy Choo Illisa" - a bright and sophisticated fragrance. A woman who chooses this fragrance - a self-sufficient and individual. This is exactly the lady for which stereotypes - an empty word. He is committed to a new, for her personal opinion more opinions of others. Will, strength, power - these are the main features of this fragrance.

He tells everyone that its owner - a modern woman, not afraid to express his own opinion. This is a beautiful and graceful, spontaneous woman.

Orange and ginger - the top notes of the composition. Then you smell the royal roses, jasmine and honey. Honey also remain in the loop, but paired with sandals. This tart flavor that can "wear" not every woman. The cost of this perfume - three thousand rubles per one hundred milliliters.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense


Not only for women's fragrance specialized brand "Jimmy Choo". Perfume for men of this company - "Jimmy Choo Men Intense". It was published in 2016. Now men can try on the unsurpassed flavor.

At the first notes played mandarin, melon and lavender. Behind them comes a rich aroma of wormwood, black pepper and geranium bitterness. The loop woven tonka bean, patchouli and lavender.

Give your man this exquisite perfume. He will emphasize masculinity, strong-willed character, charisma and charm.

Bottle of spirits strict form of straight lines, the design is dominated by black. In this bottle, as well as in the aroma, there is nothing superfluous.

It is a pleasure for about two and a half thousand rubles per 100 milliliters.

Male "Jimmy Choo" (spirits): a description of the flavor


There are men, another version of the Jimmy Choo Men. This is the more sexy fragrance, less strict. Here is dominated by notes of soft, but at the same time, the perfume will choose for themselves a successful and strong-willed man, energetic, are constantly on the move to self-improvement. This is a solid and elegant man, charmer, the conqueror of female hearts.

Perform feats, looking straight ahead, not to stop there and not to be discouraged when setbacks inspire spirits "Jimmy Choo". Reviews women about men's fragrances very enthusiastic.

He will be an excellent complement to the formal suit, stylish look. Is suitable for any time of day and year. He is in every situation will complement the appearance, whether it is a business meeting or a party with friends at the club. Initially, obviously guess the smell of pineapple and pink pepper. Melon and lavender little dope base composition, interwoven with grassy patchouli. Additional picture of a rich trail of notes of soft velvet and suede.

75 milliliters of spirits will have to pay not more than a thousand rubles, and a hundred milliliters - about two thousand rubles.

Reviews Consumer

Today, we have reviewed almost all the spirits "Jimmy Choo". Feedback from those who are already using these flavors, only positive.

Firstly, all at an affordable price point for branded perfume.

Following wrote that the spirits stay long on clothes and body odor persists even after taking a shower!

Many noted that flavors - versatile. That is suitable for any time of year and time of day, regardless of the description. It is said that in each case they do not make no sense, do not spoil any image, whether it's a sports suit or evening dress!