From what to wear leather pants

Leather trousers are extremely unusual and sexy feminine wardrobe. It can only afford a very courageous of the fair sex. Girl in leather pants are always in the spotlight. However, in order that others look at you with admiration, it is not enough just to wear thing. It is necessary to know some subtleties about how and what to wear leather pants.

From what to wear leather pants

If you think that leather pants are distinguished only by the color, then you are deeply mistaken. Why? Leather pants, male and female, have a variety of styles. In addition, there are several styles of this article of clothing, but this season the height of fashion are straight and narrower model. It must be remembered that these cut leather pants will look great on the lean and tall girl. What to do if your figure has no such options? The best way out would be leather pants for women, has a free cut. In such a model, you will look very elegant. Its advantage is that this style will never lose relevance.

Leather trousers: photo

Modern designers offer the fair sex more and more options of leather trousers. Today, you can find a style such thing as leather pants, female or male, absolutely for every taste, for example, tight, pants-pipes, bananas, and other free.

From what to wear leather pants

The abundance of colors can not but rejoice. There are leather pants of any color, from the classic black and ending with screaming acidic colors. What should consider wearing pants made of leather? Their color, cut, especially its shape and format of the event.

In what can be cut leather pants?

The following model variants such thing that a woman's wardrobe.

Classic trousers - is a universal model. Its color is usually black or brown. This model, with the right choice of clothes and accessories, suitable for any occasion. Classic pants look rich and stylish.

Skinny or tight. To date, the universal model of pants so popular that will compete for the title of modern classics without problems. Skinny pants can be worn to work, and on a date, and a walk, and in the Institute, and on the fashionable party. They are both elegant and sexy.

Fife. This model will emphasize the harmony of your thighs, and, if necessary, hide excessive thinness legs. In these pants your figure will look attractive and slim.

Cropped leather pants. If you pick up the right clothes for this model, it will look subtly and effectively.

From what to wear leather pants

Flared or wide. This model, on the one hand, perfectly conceal figure, but on the other hand, must be considered "brilliant" properties of the skin and its texture.

Quilted leather trousers are the original model, which is very popular among teenagers.

Riding breeches. This style is not as popular as others, but fashion designers often remember him as the fans of this model will always be. Pants, depending on the style may look feminine and seductive or hard, like a soldier.

Pants with leather inserts. This model is for those who have doubts about whether there is enough in them the courage to wear leather pants. Of the benefits of this model, it may be noted that, since they are made not only from the skin, the rush will be much better, for example, less deformed and stretched.

How to choose leather pants: male and female

Before you choose a style and model, it is important to objectively assess their figure. Of course, that girls with model parameters can wear any leather pants, but the rest should be paid to the choice of trousers much more attention.

If you are overweight, it is, unfortunately, is the case when such things are not for you. They, in contrast to the jeans, to emphasize all the flaws figures.

From what to wear leather pants

When choosing the right style trousers the disadvantage of short legs, you can hide. It is necessary to pay attention to models with a high seating standard length. It is better not to acquire the truncated model, or leather breeches.

Classic cut trousers or pipes will help to hide wide hips. Other models only accentuate the problem.

What to look for when buying leather pants?

When you choose a leather pants, it is necessary to measure not only the various models, but also the size of the same. They can sit in different ways, depending on the breed. Carefully check the quality of the skin - abrasions, scratches and seams for gaps and breaks. When selecting the size, keep in mind that the skin stretches perfectly. The new thing you should be comfortable to walk and sit.

Below, we present a few ideas on what to wear with leather pants.

The refined and spectacular negligence

A brief sweatshirts plus narrow, almost skinny figure, leather pants and shirt plus-alcoholic. This set will look unassuming, but with a peculiar charm. To outfit did not look too sporty, you need to choose shoes with heels and velvet sweatshirts may be her jewelery made from rhinestones or embroidery.

Feminine set

By combining incompatible, you can get an interesting ensemble. For example, combining a light blouse and leather pants. This dress will look sexy, bold and at the same time feminine. Classic court shoes will be a perfect complement attire.

From what to wear leather pants


This ensemble will attract only a brave girl. Some designers are actively advised to wear leather pants with the same leather top - jacket or trench coat. But it should be remembered that in such an ensemble you are sure to be the center of attention.

The evening version of

For cocktail parties or discos you'll get a wonderful ensemble, combining leather pants and a bright top trim. The image can be supplemented with accessories, manicures and makeup.


With a shortened jacket perfectly be combined black leather trousers, straight cut. Under the jacket should wear neutral-colored blouse. Conventional office shoes with a low heel perfectly complement the outfit he is quite able to pass for a set of business clothes.

From what to wear leather pants


This option can also take note, those who believe that the shy girl decorates only if other jewelry she does not. Paying close attention to your person will provide a combination of black leather pants and a trench with a leopard print. Adding jewelry ensemble should limit itself.

Street style

Denim and leather look together perfectly. If a bright T-shirt to wear tight leather pants and a denim jacket, in addition to put on comfortable shoes, such as moccasins, you can get a great ensemble, where you can go shopping or for a walk with friends.

Easy outfit

Leather things themselves look tough and are a challenge to society. However, if you combine the pants of this material ponchos, turtleneck, noodles, mohair jumper, it is possible to play on the contrast. Kit as a whole will look harmoniously due to the fact that the two materials cancel each other out. This ensemble is the perfect everyday option: it is possible to go for a walk, a visit or a meeting with friends.

Luxury Ensemble

Skin - an expensive and high-quality material. Set of fur and leather looks doubly expensive. The ensemble, consisting of a fur vest, suede ankle boots, a turtleneck and trousers Leather looks expensive, but not gaudy.