Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home

To date, peeling - this is one of the most popular procedures, which can be used to update and cleanse the skin. The most popular is salicylic peels. On the advantages of this procedure and technology of its talk in today's article. procedures photos will also be shown "salicylic peels" (before and after).

What is the method?

Salicylic enzymatic peeling is a variety of surface treatments of chemical exfoliation keratinized epidermal layer. During the procedure on the upper layers of the dermis acts acid, which penetrates the skin gently removes the upper cornified cells, resulting in the epidermis updated activated production of elastin and collagen, improves skin structure.

Salicylic acid has strong disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. And that is extremely important, absolutely does not irritate the skin, it does not penetrate into the deeper layers and has no kamedonogennogo action. Therefore, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home

Indications for procedure

Girls and women who carried out salicylic peels, leave reviews mostly positive and confirms the high efficiency of procedures for:

  • acne 1st and 2nd severity;
  • black spots (acne);
  • residual effects of acne (scars);
  • seborrhea;
  • First wrinkles;
  • microrelief skin disorders;
  • hyperpigmentation.

salicylic (chemical) peeling can be carried out not only on the face, but also in all parts of the body. Due to the fact that the peeling effectively softens rough skin, it is frequently used in the calloused areas of the body: knees, elbows and heels.

In some cases, this type of peeling is contraindicated?

Despite the many positive reviews about this procedure, in some cases, a salicylic peel is still contraindicated. Refuse to be on this procedure at:

  • you are hypersensitive to the drug used;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • damaged skin;
  • inflammation and rashes on the skin;
  • severe somatic diseases;
  • rosacea;
  • the treatment of hypoglycemic drugs and sulfanyl derivatives of urea;
  • the active phase herpes.

It is also not recommended to carry out the procedure in a period of high solar activity.

Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home

Prepare for peeling

salicylic peel procedure itself is not complicated in itself, but it requires some training. 2 weeks prior to cleansing procedures should abandon the solarium, steam baths, saunas, swimming pools, being under direct sunlight.

It is recommended to use special predpilingovye funds to be carefully cleaned, care for the skin and prepare it for the upcoming procedure.

Stages of salicylic peels

The procedure does not take much time, and salicylic peels performed in several stages:

  1. Makeup removal. This step is to purify the skin of makeup. After the dermis on a special tool is applied, softening the top layer of the epidermis. This will make the skin more sensitive and ingredients salicylic peels will work more efficiently.
  2. degreasing. Applied to the skin and special defatting disinfecting solution. This reduces the risk of undesirable side effects after the procedure.
  3. The impact of acid. In this step, the skin coated with a solution of salicylic acid or paste. This may be felt a slight burning or tingling. This is a natural reaction to the action of members of the peeling chemicals. After the exposure time is carried out the neutralization of the active substance special preparation.
  4. The end of the procedure. The final step is coating the surface of the skin special creams containing soothing, anti-inflammatory components (e.g., aloe vera, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the epidermis in the post-peeling period and dermis protects from adverse effects of the surrounding cell environment). Some beauty salons also offer masks that target skin reabiliitatsiyu. Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home

recovery period

Salicylic peel contains certain components, due to their exposure to the skin is actually a chemical burn. On its severity affects the concentration of active substances in the composition of the peeling, and the individual person's susceptibility to these components.

After the procedure, the treated areas of skin redness that may gradually increase. Then there is dryness and tightness of the skin. it is recommended to apply to the skin cosmetics with moisturizing effect to prevent the development of unpleasant events (creams, lotions, tonics, etc.).

On the third day after the procedure, the upper layers of the epidermis begin to peel (desquamation process goes). This moment is not the most pleasant, but, unfortunately, inevitable. During this period, the skin should be carefully protected from direct sunlight by applying sunscreen. If possible, by going outside in sunny weather should be avoided. It is extremely important not to take yourself formed crust. Should be patient and wait until the dead pieces of dermis will disappear on their own. Otherwise, the skin can be injured, and then for recovery will take much longer.

After the peeling is completed, the skin will be transformed significantly: increase its elasticity and smoothness, improve the relief and color, smoothed fine wrinkles and deeper will become less pronounced.

Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home

What are the benefits of salicylic peels?

Reviews of women who have used this type of cleansing, talk about the many virtues of salicylic peels:

  • procedure is quite easy to perform;
  • effectively struggles with rashes on the skin, premature aging and other defects;
  • lack of toxicity;
  • the possibility of procedure in the various areas of the body at any age;
  • in the process of cleansing the skin are not affected by the deep layers of the epidermis;
  • has a minimum peel irritancy.

The effect is noticeable after the first procedure:

  • skin hydrated, toned and elastic;
  • aligned complexion;
  • lightened age spots;
  • pores narrowed. Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home

Possible complications

In some cases, the person salicylic peels can trigger the development of certain complications, manifested:

  • excessive tightness of the skin, which stimulates cell dehydration after the procedure;
  • redness of the treated areas of the dermis;
  • peeling of the skin;
  • swelling and inflammation of the areas exposed to peeling;
  • strong sense of tingling and burning of the epidermis after the procedure;
  • of allergic reactions to constituents of peeling;
  • exacerbation of herpes.

A well-executed due procedure and post-peeling rehabilitation to minimize the risk of such complications. If unwanted effects yet arisen, should take immediate steps to address them, in severe cases - to apply to the medical institution.

Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home


The cost of one procedure salicylic peels, depending on the interior level, is in the range of 1300-5500 rubles, the use of professional products for the pre- and poslepilingovogo care cost 5000-12000 rubles.

salicylic peels at home

The modern cosmetic industry is constantly evolving, and today many salon treatment can be performed without leaving the house. Is no exception and salicylic peels. At home, you can effectively take care of their appearance. However, be aware that products intended for self-use, more forgiving and have a less pronounced effect compared with products designed for professional use.

The most popular today "Stopproblem" peeling (salicylic enzyme). This procedure is relatively gentle, it can be done even with dark skin. Salicylic peels "Stopproblem" contains no granules, so very gently cleanses the skin. This agent improves the epidermis provides the prevention of lesions, eliminates the black dots and clogged pores. As part of a cosmetic product contains components, soothing sensitive skin, protecting it from damage and reduce inflammation. Peeling has a pleasant fresh aroma, the consistency resembles a cream-gel white. Apply the product to be a thin layer on the cleansed skin. Keep not more than 15 minutes, remove with a soft sponge, wipe the skin tonic and apply a moisturizing cream. The result is visible already after the first treatment: The skin becomes cleaner, the pores are narrowed, the black dots are less pronounced, reduced redness and pigmentation. However, despite the numerous advantages, this means absolutely can not be used for sensitive, dry skin, as in this case, the state of the epidermis is much worse, until the development of dermatitis and eczema.

The price of this product is relatively acceptable and within the 150-200 rubles. per tube (100 ml).

Salicylic peels: reviews, prices. Salicylic peels at home


Salicylic peels - is a modern and effective procedure that helps to solve many problems with the skin. However, to achieve the desired result can only be in strict compliance with all rules and recommendations. Take care of yourself, be beautiful and healthy!