The right combination of colors in clothes

In order to always look stylish and fashionable, it is necessary not only to pick up trendy clothes and accessories, but also be able to properly prepare kits. There are certain rules to combine different styles, as well as the particular combination of colors in clothes.

The right combination of colors in clothes

General rules for combining colors in clothes

Now there are no strict rules in the selection of clothing, what they were before. Now sensible outrageous, extravagant - a sign of originality. Stylish set can be composed of completely incompatible things. However, to do this properly, you need a certain amount of experience in this work and relevant knowledge. For people who are not engaged in a professional fashion, there is a special table with a combination of colors in clothing, which shows how you can combine different colors.

There is an unwritten rule of fashion - do not wear things of the same color. This set would be pretty boring. One-color clothes should be diluted at least some details, such as the handkerchief, scarf, brooch, bag. Suppose, for completely black outfit ideal red shoes.

Also, it should not be combined in the same package more than three colors: there is a risk to create sets of clothes instead of parrot feathers.

The best option - two or three colors. Then the outfit will not be dull or, conversely, too colorful.

The clothes go well with all the pastel shades. This combination of colors in clothes always looks elegant and gentle. For a basis of one set should be chosen any color, it should be more than just a dress. Better to choose a basic color - dark brown, gray, black or white. More vibrant colors to choose dangerous: there are additional problems with the layout set. Also, as the primary can choose dark green, red, dark blue, purple. The main thing - to avoid the acid colors. The combination of colors in dress should be harmonious. That is why the easiest way to create a color scheme sets (for example, different shades of blue, pink, green). It is also easily combined with each other all the warm colors and all cold.

Some combinations of colors in clothing should be avoided unless you are a stylist and fashion expert. Let's say, is a very dangerous alliance between purple and yellow, red and blue, black and yellow, green and yellow, gray and brown, blue and purple.

combination of colors in clothing Table

The right combination of colors in clothes

There are various options like tables, but their essence is almost the same. The table shows that the green color is well combined with different shades of green, soft pink, lilac (light and dark), blue. Different shades are given in combination with other colors. Horizontally - colors that match each other. Vertical - pretty daring combinations, but also acceptable. Focusing on this table, it is easy to draw up a set of clothes.

The combinations of different colors

Thus, each color has a specific set of colors "friendly", ie those that blend well with them.


Brown has a lot of shades - from pale cream to dark, almost black saturated. All shades of brown symbolize all natural, as associated with the land and timber. Therefore, brown well with green. Brown and sky blue - also a good combination of colors in clothes. Brown (dark) can be combined with the lighter shades. However, such a kit it is better to add a bright spot (green, pink or blue).

The right combination of colors in clothes

Brown trousers or skirt looks perfect with a pink or pale blue blouse. And, for example, brown shoes can be worn with jeans trousers blue, with blue cape or dress. In general, the combination of brown and blue is very advantageous. The kit does not easily soiled, practical, everyday and at the same time bright. It is suitable both for riding and for the office.


The red color is very bright, it is the color of passion, aggressiveness. He is a very feminine, a woman in red is never left unattended. The red color can be combined with white, dark blue and black. Very bold combination of red and green, but it is appropriate. Red dress should not wear the same shoes with red (at least of the same color). It is better to choose either black or bodily shoes. Red pants stylish look with a blue or white blouse.


Green symbolizes youth, freshness and naturalness. This is not surprising, because such plants have color. Beneficial combination of green looks in clothes with blue, pale purple, pale pink (not acidic and soft), yellow, red.

The right combination of colors in clothes

For example, green pants would look perfect with a blouse color delicate rose or pale blue. A green dress can be supplemented with a gentle lilac accessory. Also, the combination looks good green with creamy, solid, light and dark brown colors.

The right combination of colors in clothes

Black, Gray and White

These are the three universal colors that can be combined with almost any other shades, as well as among themselves. Black kit can freshen up in red, blue, purple, green. It is not necessary to add to the black set of yellow, there is a danger of bee color. White and black - the classic combination of colors in clothes. Gray should be worn with some brighter things. For example, the gray looks very impressive, along with blue and pink. Gray trousers or skirt, complemented by a blouse - a gentle, elegant and quite strictly.

The right combination of colors in clothes

It is also perfectly matched gray with turquoise or bordeaux. All three of these colors is good to use as a basis set. However, too much gray - it is always boring.