Cranberry color in the clothes: the combination, shades

Want to keep up with the times? Then you urgently need to buy a dress cranberry color. Trendy shade used by many designers in their collections this year. Cool color northern berries will help you to attract admiring glances from passers-by and to emphasize their individuality. What color combinations with cranberry color can be considered the most successful?

C Green

Cranberry color in the clothes: the combination, shades

North berry will sing in an environment of green foliage. Not surprisingly, the natural combination is considered the best for cranberry hue. If you want to attract the attention of others, feel free to compose a combination of dark shades of pink and rich emerald. It should be noted that such a combination would be appropriate in cold weather than in warm. Heavy shades make the image of the noble, but down to earth. At least, in combination 50/50. If you liked the option combination cranberry color to green, you can choose a dark shade of pink with purple midtone as a basis, and green used as a supplement. But do not overdo it. Select only one accessory green color, for example, a bag. In this case, shoes, hat and jewelry should be neutral, for example, black or cream.

On the blue

Cranberry color in the clothes: the combination, shades

Consider where you could see the color of cranberry in nature? Sometimes it can be seen at sunset. The excellent combination of saturated pink and purple shades against the darkening sky looked inimitably. A similar combination of colors you can choose for her dress. Today in vogue deep colors, so in shades of blue give preference to sapphire, and a material - velvet. Cranberry color, too, would look good in a noble material. Such a bad outfit suitable for every day, it would be appropriate to try on special occasions. If you want to make a daily image, pay attention to the combination of cranberry sweatshirt, T-shirt or sweater with blue jeans. This combination looks stylish and unobtrusive. You can use the pink-purple, not only as the primary, but also as an additional, for example, pick up a noble color accessories.

With a white

Cranberry color in the clothes: the combination, shades

Cranberry color looks good in combination with light shades. Look at the combination of cranberry and white shades. The combination looks bright and festive. This color scheme is often chosen for its athletes form or ceremonial costumes. But in ordinary life, a bright combination of looks harmonious. It may well be wearable every day. If a girl at work is no dress code, she can wear a white shirt and fashionable this season sundress A-line. Accessories for this outfit should be selected, or in light shade or in cranberry. It is not necessary in this combination to mix something extra.

Winter image can be composed of pants or jeans, a white shirt and cranberry turtleneck. Support vivid detail help boots in color. And also you can try cranberry decoration details. This can be necklaces, rings or bracelets.


Cranberry color in the clothes: the combination, shades

The combination of cranberry color looks good not only bright, but with muted base colors. For example, fashionista can turn its attention to gray. If you can not clearly dressed for work, no one bothers you transformed beyond. For example, you can wear to the office gray dress, but as a supplement to choose a bag cranberry color or the same long boots. Good looks cranberry color in clothing. For example, you can go on a date in a bright dress. Dark pink shade looks much nobler than red, and draws attention not worse. Looks nice cranberry dress of lace or guipure. Tenderness and nobility playing on the contrast of the image.

With Pink

You want to create a gentle and at the same time a passionate way? Then think about buying a coat cranberry color. This outerwear will help you diversify your wardrobe and look attractive in a cool time. Cranberry color blends well with most colors, so you do not have much to work to make successful combination with the upper clothing. And how does the color of dark pink looks best? If you do not want to write an image in contrast, make it to the nuances. Build your outfit several shades of pink. To set looked harmoniously, try to choose close to each other tones. In this case, your outfit will look like a beautiful color stretch. For example, you can make the gradient, which will go from pink to cranberry through intense pink-purple hue.

With pastel shades

Cranberry color in the clothes: the combination, shades

The girl who prefers to dress feminine, should not be afraid of bold colors. They can always be combined with something pastel. For example, cranberry-colored dress can be supplemented with milk shoes and clutch of the same hue. The combination of fairly trivial, but that it does not become a loser. To add to the image of some kind of flavor, try not to play with shades and textures with. Today, at the peak of popularity are unusual fabrics with a nap, smooth texture, as well as all kinds of fabrics, perforated. Burgundy color can complement any pastel shade. You can choose something white, pink or milky, something lemon or peach, blue or shades of lime. Guided in the selection of colors in the first place do not need to fashion and to your tsvetotip.

With contrasting shades

Cranberry hue is considered one of the most noble, but he deserved sympathy fashionistas for some other reason. Color can be combined with many bright colors. For example, you will easily make up a set of cranberry skirt and blue blouse of yellow trousers and cranberry sweaters, from purple tights and cranberry top. Color northern berries can be decomposed into a set of shades. There's a pink, blue, purple and even yellow. For this reason, it is easy to combine with something bright. But keep in mind that the image should not mix more than three colors, otherwise others may think that you have no taste. This rule applies not only to the basic clothing, but also accessories.