Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

Many people believe that yellow nail polish is only suitable for a beach or summer vacation. However, this is not the case. With the right combination of nail length and the selected color yellow lacquer in combination with other colors perfect for any image completely. There are a variety of options to create a unique and original design of nails, so you can pick up the stylish manicure for the party, work, Goodbye.

What kind of nail suitable for yellow

Design yellow manicure looks just fine, as the color of the sun is considered to be very rich, saturated, full with no extra decoration. However, you can supplement it with other additional decorations. It is very important to choose the right shade to create a beautiful and colorful manicure. When you select color combinations must take into account the length of the nail.

Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

Short nails are associated with maximum naturalness, which is in great demand for a long time. Stylists recommend using yellow nail polish on short nails it. In this case it looks great:

  • lemon black mix;
  • jacket or moon manicure;
  • bright or discreet shades.

You can use the extra decor, as which can act voluminous drawings, acrylic powder lace. Look at the photo of yellow nail polish on long nails, you can make sure that it looks very elegant and unique. Elongated nails is recommended to supplement ornaments to manicure look more elegant and impressive. For long nails are perfect:

  • combination of black and yellow;
  • strip or peas;
  • a combination of yellow and aquamarine or cherry flavor.

If you choose bright and saturated color combinations you should not excessively overload manicure additional decor. For long nails are perfect cool shades. In addition, more expressive look on the long nail stickers and rhinestones.

The basic rules of implementation yellow manicure

Manicure made in solar shades, is very striking, but to look stylish and elegant, must take into account the basic rules of its creation. By itself, the color is very bright and saturated, which is why you should not overload it with additional details and decorations.

Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

The yellow color is combined with a completely any colors and shades, most importantly, that all match colors were either warm or cold. This will achieve harmony and make the nails are very stylish and colorful.

How to choose a manicure shade of yellow

To sunny nail design it looked just fine, initially to do a manicure, carefully align the nail length, to give them the desired shape, remove the cuticle. For winter and autumn is appropriate yellow manicure, designed in the cold tones. And for summer and spring warm tone perfect fit.

Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

For girls with dark hair are ideal for solar shades combined with green. Blondes fit Solid gold, bright yellow and sunny colors. Girl with red hair is perfect straw color with a brownish tint, brown-haired and the need to give preference to a golden-brown varnish.

The older a woman is, the more gentle is to be a shade of yellow color on her nails. You do not need to create a manicure to apply a lot of color combinations, as it yellow shade should stand out from the other colors. The lighter your skin, the more warm should be a shade of yellow.

The right combination of colors and shades

Manicure with yellow paint looks very stylish, elegant, original. The most important thing when creating a manicure - to learn to combine between a variety of colors and shades. Originally looks black and yellow manicure, as it is considered a classic. This is a natural color combination that advantageously may be used in nail design. To create such a basis for manicure perfect yellow paint, on top of which can be applied in different patterns with black lacquer.

Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

Another good color combination is considered to be yellow with blue. It also Natures tandem. nail design, made in a combination of colors, will look quite stylish and attractive. Furthermore, when the nail in such color combination can additionally use various decorations.

In the summer time it would be appropriate to deep yellow color with green hues. On a yellow background can draw green flowers, leaves, stripes. This combination is selected confident girls, as manicure immediately evident. The combination of yellow and pink color give the image a certain romance and sensuality. It is worth noting that pink can also be selected in a variety of color combinations.

For business women will be the perfect combination of yellow and white, gray and ivory. However, it is necessary to carefully select the picture on the nails and other decorations as manicure should be as strict.

Creative manicure for children

Very nice and stylish looks yellow nail polish for children. For a child, you can choose to commit any shades of yellow and unusual color combinations and decorations. Little girls will be overjoyed if their nails will show off a variety of bows, flowers and even minions. However, it is worth remembering that it is best to do a bright and colorful manicure at the weekend or during the holidays, as it will detract from the learning process. To cheer myself up, you can also perform a manicure with yellow flowers that will look very stylish, bright and colorful.

The main advantages of manicure in yellow

Manicure configured in a yellow color, has various advantages, in particular, such as:

  • do not have to paint the nails often;
  • This color can be used for self-application, since there will be noticeable defects;
  • manicure combined with any clothes;
  • yellow color looks perfect on the nails of any length.
Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

Photo manicure with yellow varnish shows that this shade looks not only very stylish and flirtatious, but also quite elegant, restrained. The most important thing - the right to choose the desired shade of yellow.

Stylish ideas for yellow manicure

For fashionistas who have decided to perform a manicure in sunny colors, the idea of ​​applying the yellow color may be embodied in various ways. There remains the jacket, which may be made in bright colors or muted. Not less popular considered moon manicure, which implies the application of different color palette and decorative elements. The classic one is considered a transparent hole, that may be isolated crystals.

Very beautiful manicure can be created using matte shades of yellow. It will underline the nail plate, but it should be borne in mind that any deficiencies are quite noticeable immediately. This manicure is perfect for everyday onions.

Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

To create an evening manicure indispensable attribute will rhinestones. With their help, you can create a delicate and bright nail polish, as these ornaments bring the image of a special piquancy. With pastes can select only one nail, perform a certain pattern or select only the wells.

You can also use a special vtirku, which will help to create a mirror image of the nails, which will be clearly visible metallic luster, color and pearl game play. Fascinating play that can be created using the yellow Ombre.

Effectively looks manicure, designed in yellow color with a pattern. However, when choosing a picture you need to remember that it should not be too bright and catchy. Beautifully will look like on your nails lace, butterflies, flowers.


Fashion trends is considered to be catchy and bright manicure, designed in shades of yellow. Stylish and blend looks beautiful violet, cyan or violet to yellow. Manicure can be done in black and white design, the most important thing - to choose the right tone.

Yellow Manicure: Photo Design

the trend is considered to be an abstraction, which can be either a simple curls and elaborate, complex images.