Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)

To date, one-color manicure is no surprise. This option though is beautiful, but a bit old-fashioned. Each year, nail art styles enriched with new trends. Currently very relevant tones are combination. As elsewhere, in this case has its own rules. There are shades that best complement each other. Typically, such a combination consists of colors that are in the same range. For example, in the layout of shades from blue to gray tones there weight.

A beautiful combination of colors: photo and description of the

Today is urgent manicure, consisting of two or more colors. For example, the nail of a finger (usually unnamed) is applied to a lighter shade, glitter, Shimmer or pattern, and the remaining four are covered by the dark tone addition. Another type of such a nail is represented in the variant with service jacket.

Thus, the four nails applied the classic combination of two colors. For example, the solid and the white, black and gold or silver, and so on. G. Then on the remaining ring interesting pattern is executed or applied to one of the tone used.

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)


How can I get the beautiful combination of two colors? To different tones and harmoniously looked stylish on the nails, the following principles must be observed combinations.

A monochromatic blend of

Such manicure is performed in one color, but it is permitted to use several colors. The tinting must use one of a number as a reference. Beautiful prepared by combining the colors, which are adjacent or close by the layout are to each other.

In this case, it is very important to comply with uniform intensity or saturation of colors. If a bright color is used, and all the rest should be appropriate. In the event of pastel shades are combined only with their own kind. Very interesting is the option coloring nails one color, only five different shades. For example, the nail of the thumb can be applied to the darkest purple tone, then use one tone lighter and so on until the end, finishing with a slight violet tinge on his little finger. Also, according to this principle can be done manicure Ombre. In one fingernail is applied at the base saturated hue of a specific color, and is closer to the edge - the lighter, is then a smooth transition therebetween.


In this embodiment, a color (e.g., black, white or gray) is used as substrate. It is versatile, so the pattern can be made in almost any color. What are the interesting combination of colors? For example:

  • graphite gray, classic black and silver;
  • ivory, gold and dark brown;
  • traditional burgundy, caramel and white.

Also achromatic manicure looks great in a neutral beige, milk or any other pastel colors.


This combination is the key point - contrast. However, in this case should adhere to certain rules. The contrast must be moderate, otherwise the colors may drown out each other. What there is a beautiful combination of 2 colors? For instance:

  • red and green or blue classic;
  • orange and aquamarine;
  • coffee and creamy blue;
  • the wine and smoke gray.

diversified one

In this case, one can perform a variety of shade prints via glitters, rhinestones, or glitter bulonok. But do not neglect the principles of the right combination. For example, warm color look harmonious with tones corresponding scale. On the basis of monochromatic pink color can be applied to print from textured silver sequins, glitter or bulonok. One nail is permissible to combine the five tones, two of which may be contrasting, two - on close range. The remaining five (usually black) is performed in a thin boundary strips. It looks fine scarlet embodiment, two shades of blue and white. In this case, it is important that all the tones belonged to the cold scale. You can easily create a unique and original manicure, if you stick to these principles. Applying your favorite colors on your nails, you can complement your image, make it special. Little things create a style!

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)


To create a stylish manicure, you should know the most beautiful combination of colors on the nails. Variations begin with the white, which is perfectly converges almost all shades. However, the most advantageous - the combination of colors with a classic red, blue and black. Saturation tones may vary depending on preference. For example, an alternative to the red can be red, purple, burgundy, ruby ​​and others. In the same way, you can replace the blue aquamarine, aquamarine, azure, and so on. D. Black has a little unique, dark brown, graphite gray color among them caramel.

Combinations with gray

What still has a very beautiful color combination? For example, the gray tone is a smart base. On this basis, you can create a beautiful manicure. And with that tone in tune with those shades that are considered to be very finicky. For example, variations of pink, blue, purple and crimson. Gray very nicely combined in different texture. Matte and glossy variants may be applied to geometric print, and elements to perform one of the above tones. Pastel colors in this palette perfectly look on your nails short and medium length. This variant is optimally suited for manicure every day.

Combinations with black

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)

Black - the color of refined, combined with all existing shades. However, certain combinations seem most advantageous and stylish. For example, a combination of black and white, pink, orange, green, classic red, yellow, purple, bright blue. It is desirable that the contrast of the hue was duet maximum, then manicure will be very effective.

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)

What other famous and beautiful combination of colors? Stylish combination can be created based on beige. He looks fine in a duet with a hint of bitter chocolate, azure, malachite, black, caramel, classic red, white, milk. Does it matter what kind of beige tone used in manicure, because it depends on it, and preferably saturated complementary colors.

combined with yellow

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)

fashionable shades in the modern nail-art is yellow. Who is the color most often used, called egg. It is formed by diluting the standard yellow and white. This is called lightening. Shades of yellow are perfectly combined with clear-blue, blue, ultraviolet and aquamarine, purple, violet, light gray, coffee with milk and black. These color variations are ideal for everyday manicure, also does not require a special selection of things.

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)

A beautiful combination of colors are obtained, if we combine in manicure lemon and cherry, burgundy, classic blue, gray and brown. This option is ideal for summer pores. Manicure original accentuate bright things similar shades. It will look great both on the short and on the nails of medium length.

The red and its shades: beautiful color combinations

Red can be easily transformed into a tomato, it looks harmoniously combined with unusual colors. Among them the mint, brown, Marsala, emerald green, light yellow. The usual colors are also suitable to red - a white, black, brown, blue. Tomato especially effectively combined with smoky gray, sky blue, cream and grassy. Such combinations may be excellent embodiments for an evening manicure.

Beautiful color combinations. Beautiful combination of colors on the nails (photo)

Rich cherry hue perfectly linked with such shades as sand, azure, white, creamy orange, beige, smoky gray, and matte black. This option looks very elegant with an evening dress.

Other combinations

Are there many beautiful color mix? For example, fuchsia looks good with a touch of mint. Also make beautiful combination of light gray, brown, green, and malachite.


Now that you know what has beautiful color combinations. Unusual nail coating easily create via matte brown combined with a glossy peach, light blue, white, and green mint tint. This manicure will be a very stylish addition to the image.