Footballer Ari: biography and career hitter

Ariklenes da Silva Ferreira (abbreviated Ari) - football player from Brazil playing the striker position in the club "Krasnodar" of the Russian Football Premier League. In July 2017 he became a citizen of the Russian Federation. Previously, a player played for clubs such as "Avai" "Fortaleza" (both Brazil), "Squid" (Sweden), "AZ Alkmaar," (The Netherlands) and "Spartak Moscow". striker Height 180 cm, weight - 84 kg.

Biography footballer

Ari was born on eleventh December 1985 in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. Future football player living in one of the poorest areas of Fortaleza. In addition to the family he still had three daughters and one son. The family lived in abject poverty, wanting only one thing - to wake up the next day and find food. At the age of seven Ariklenes he worked in the local market, where selling fruit a wealthy man. At the time of the football guy I do not think. In fifteen years, Ari started playing beach soccer - took part in the competition between regions.

The young man possessed the ball well and scored beautiful goals. He could easily beat a few players in a narrow space, which, moreover, were much older and physically stronger. During his "beach career," he noticed the scouts of FC "Avai", where he was subsequently invited to play. Here he began his professional career in 2004. In the first season of the third league Brazil footballer Ari play and could not - the entire game practice received in the youth team. In the 2004/05 season he signed a contract with hometown club "Fortaleza", who recently flew to Serie B. Here Ari and made his debut on the professional level.

Footballer Ari: biography and career hitter

A career in the Swedish club "Kalmar"

In the winter transfer period in 2006. Brazilian clubs offer contracts the Swedish "Squid" and "Helsingborg", of which he chooses the second option. At the last moment the club cancels its decision to transfer and transition breaks. Wanting to pursue a career in Europe, the young footballer Ari signed a contract with "Squid". He paid for it almost 2 million euros. As part of the Swedish Club had a few Brazilians, so Ariklenes da Silva Ferreira quickly adapted to the team and became his.

In the first season of the Swedish Allsvenskan championship, he scored 15 goals in 23 matches and became the top scorer. "Kalmar", then finished fifth in the league and won the Cup in Sweden, and Ari was named the best player on the team. The Brazilian had a high speed and filigree technique is also noted for its martial character - in one of the matches for "Kalmar" got into a fight with a rival and broke his nose.

Career for "AZ Alkmaar,"

On the eve of the 2007/08 season football Ari signed a five-year contract with the Dutch club "AZ Alkmaar," 4, 5 million euros. Debuted "cheese farmers" victory in a friendly against Italian "Inter" (score 4: 2). Soon, the Brazilian made his debut in the Dutch championship in a match with "VVV-Venlo", where the double is different. In total, in the first season he spent 29 matches and different, becoming the author of 9 goals. Within the club, he became the best goalscorer.

In the same season he made his debut in the UEFA Cup, where he managed to score a goal to the future holder of the trophy - Petersburg "Zenith". After a successful season in the "AZ" striker attracted the attention of the German "Hamburg" and the Spanish "Racing", but the management "Alkmaar" refused to sell his best player.

Footballer Ari: biography and career hitter

Successful season

The following season career Ari in the "cheese farmer" has become even more successful - the club became Dutch champion and winner of the National Cup. In the same season footballer Ari suffered several injuries, as a result missed a lot of games. In the spring of 2009, he received an offer from Moscow "Spartak", but the transfer broke at the last minute for unknown reasons. Soon "AZ Alkmaar," suffers bankruptcy. Players began detaining the salary, and they began to leave. Among this list appeared and Ari. In January 2010, "Spartacus" again began to show interest in the Brazilian, and the transition took place as a result.

Carera in the Premier League where football plays Ari?

In February 2010, Ariklenes signed a four-year contract with "Spartacus" for 3 million euros. In March this year, the striker made his debut in a match against "Dynamo Moscow". In his third match for the "red-white" Ari has issued the first goal.

Footballer Ari: biography and career hitter

The next three seasons has been a key player in the attacking unit. In total, he played in 110 games in all competitions and has issued 29 goals. In the season 2011/12 Ari became vice-champion of the Premier League.

Footballer Ari: biography and career hitter

In the 2013/14 season, the Brazilian has moved into the "Krasnodar" which plays at the moment. In 2017/18 he played for Moscow "Locomotive" in the lease, which became the champion of Russia and the Russian Cup. For the "Krasnodar" before the start of the season 2018/19 the player scored 34 goals in 114 matches.