Nikita Bazhenov - professional football player

Nikita Bazhenov - professional football player, who throughout his career had a lot of games in the Russian Premier League. This attacking player also has experience of playing for the national team of Russia. Nikita regularly reads books and is interested in art.

Early career

Nikita Bazhenov was born on February 1, 1985 at the Grand Bunkovo, Noginsk district. Football, he became involved in the local football school "Motorist". And then I moved to the children's football school "Torpedo" from Lyubertsy. In 2002, he was taken to double the "Saturn". In this team, Nikita played 2 seasons, and then made his debut for the main club, who at that time acted as the strongest football league Russia. His first match for "Saturn", he held April 10, 2004. 7 minutes before the end of the game this player out on the field against the club "Lokomotiv". During this time, Nikita Bazhenov scored a goal, but his team still lost to the meeting. In total, Ramenskoye club he played 12 matches and scored 5 goals. Bright performances attracted the attention of the young player of the Moscow "Spartak", and in July 2004 Bazhenov was the player of the team.

Nikita Bazhenov - professional football player

Interview for "Spartacus"

In "Spartacus" Nikita Bazhenov could not show the same effectiveness that was in "Saturn". Over half of the season, carried out in the Moscow club, he scored just 3 goals. In 2006 Bazhenov finally began to delight fans of "Spartacus." This player has scored 3 goals in a row. At the gates of "Zenith" Nikita scored hand. In the same year Nikita Bazhenov (footballer) played for the first time in the "Champions League". There he played against clubs like "Bavaria", "Slovan" and "Sheriff". In 2007, "Spartacus" was playing in the final of the Russian Cup against CSKA Moscow. Victory in that game Army team won with the score 4: 2. In that year, he played 16 games and scored 4 goals. Best year in his career was 2008 Bazhenov st. In the regular season this player 6 goals scored and 2 in European competition. In subsequent years, he has not proved such effectiveness. In 2010, he played in only 12 regular season games. Of achievements worth mentioning goal in London "Chelsea" in the "Champions League".

Nikita Bazhenov - professional football player

Go to "Tom"

In 2011 Bazhenov was the player of the football club, "Tom". March 14, 2011 the player first came out on the field in a game against the Nizhny Novgorod "Volga". Over 27 games conducted in the regular season, Nikita Bazhenov did not score a single goal. The following year he scored for the "Tom" 5 goals. He made a great contribution to the output of the club in the Premier League. In 2014, the contract with the club, "Tom" has been extended to 2 years. Following the extension of the contract he scored 9 goals and was the club's top scorer in the 2014/2015 season. The following year, the football player repeatedly included in the symbolic team of the round. His contract with the club, "Tom" was completed in 2016. He became a free agent and went to the football club "Dolgoprudny", which acts in the second league. Fans interested in where he plays Nikita Bazhenov. They could not believe that they will no longer be a favorite act in the Premier League. Nikita explained after his move. All the matter in the injury that prevented him from playing at full strength. But he wanted to continue to play in your favorite football, even in the second division. Bazhenova have had many offers from First Division clubs. But he did not want to go far from the family. In the club "Dolgoprudny" Nikita plays a lot of friends who strongly support it on the field.

Nikita Bazhenov - professional football player

International career

Nikita Bazhenov in adolescence was invited to the junior national team. He then successfully played for the youth team. For the first team that played football for the first time August 20, 2008 in a game against the Dutch national team. It was a friendly match, which ended with the score 3: 3. Bazhenov replaced the injured Roman Pavlyuchenko. More for the main team Bazhenov did not speak.

Nikita Bazhenov - professional football player

Personal life athlete

Nikita is married and has a daughter. He met his wife of 16 years. Then he was not a professional football player and did not get a lot of money. Their mutual friends introduced. They are frequently seen in general companies, and then fell in each other. Nikita Bazhenov, whose wife has always supported him in difficult moments, is an exemplary father. All his spare time he devotes family. Initially lovers consisted years in a civil marriage, and then got married. Nikita's parents live in Noginsk. Father played football in the army. He was invited in the Kuibyshev team, but was homesick and returned to Noginsk.

Nikita Bazhenov for many years playing at the highest level. Fans will always remember his performances in European competition. At the moment, this player continued his career at the club "Dolgoprudny" where possible, and end his career.