Alexandre Pato: successful years of Brazilian football career

Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva - a Brazilian professional footballer, commonly known performances of the Italian "Milan" of Serie A between 2007 and 2013. He currently plays for Chinese club "Tianjin Tsyuantszyan" in quality striker.

Alexandre Pato: successful years of Brazilian football career

A Brief History of the Brazilian's career

In professional football began to play in the Brazilian "Internacional", in which the composition has quickly become a key forward. In August 2007, a seventeen year old Alexandre Pato has signed a contract with "Milan". Brazilian striker gave hope for the best players in the world, it was called the "golden boy" and the most talented young player in South America. In 2008/09 the Brazilian striker scored 18 goals in 42 matches in all competitions, which was awarded the Golden Boy award and was named the best young player of the year. In the 2010/11 season Pato helped his team to get the championship in Serie A, where he was top scorer, with 14 goals in the account. In subsequent years, football began to lose ground, rarely appearing in the starting lineup, "Milan". As a result, the player fell down a storm of criticism.

In January 2013, Alexandre returned to Brazil, where he signed a contract with "Corinthians" for 15 million euros. In the first season he became the champion of the state of Sao Paulo and the winner of Recopa Sudamericana. The following season, the Brazilian footballer joined in "São Paulo" on the lease. In January 2016 he played on loan at London "Chelsea", and in the 2016/17 season, he played in "La Liga" for "Villarreal".

Alexandre Pato: successful years of Brazilian football career

In the national team of Brazil Aleshanre Pato performed in the period from 2008 to 2013. In 2009, he won the Confederations Cup. In 2007 he was South American champion among young people up to 21 years.

The owner of "Golden urn - 2012"

In the period from 2011 to 2013, the player often injured, and to restore the show is not the best football. Due to its career decline, he won a prize called "Golden Urn" in 2012 as the worst football player of the year in the Italian championship. The award is determined by voting online public and football experts. "Golden Urn" is played among players of Serie A, which have been and are the best, just do not meet the expectations of fans throughout the year. For example, the Brazilian Adriano received this award for three times. A Diego Milito won the "golden urn" in 2011, when together with the "Inter" made it to the Europa League and finished second in the list of scorers in Serie A.


Alexandre Pato was born September 2, 1989 in the city of Pato Branco, Paraná, Brazil. At the age of three, the first time he touched the ball and has exactly one year later started a mini-football. In 1998, Alexandre was admitted to the football academy "Internacional", which included playing at youth level before 2004.

In June 2006, at the age of sixteen, Alexandre Pato has signed a professional contract with the "Internationale", to be able to play in the championship to 20 years. Despite the fact that he was competing against players four years older, Pato was the top scorer of the competition. Alexandre for first team debut in the same year, in a match against "Palmeiras" in the championship of Sao Paulo state.

The young striker has also been included in the squad for the FIFA Club World Cup 2006, which will "Internacional" won. Here Alexandre Pato broke the record for the "King of Football" - Pele - the youngest footballer Club World Cup, which managed to score a goal (at the age of 17 years and 102 days). In total, over two seasons in the "Colorados" Pato has played 27 matches and scored 12 goals in all competitions. All of this he was able to make up his majority.

A career in "Milan": breakthrough seasons 2007-2010

In August 2007, the current champions Italy signed the young Brazilian striker for 24 million euros. According to FIFA rules, minor players who are not members of the European Union, could not participate in official matches. Therefore, the "Milan" waited until January 3, 2008, to state of the Alexandre Pato. However, in a friendly match played minor Brazilian - his debut for the "Rossoneri" was held on September 3, 2007 in a match against Kiev "Dynamo", where Pato was able to issue a goal. The first goal in Serie A match held in January 13, 2008 with "Napoli". 2007/08 Brazilian forward finished with 9 goals (20 matches). The following Alexandre Pato was the top scorer of the season, "Rossoneri", and issued his first goal in the UEFA Cup against the German "Bremen". In the same season the footballer received the award Golden Boy in 2009 and was named the best young player of the year in Italy.

Alexandre Pato: successful years of Brazilian football career

A triumphant season, "Rossoneri"

In the 2010/11 season, "Milan" became the champion of Serie A and the Italian Super Cup. Brazilian statistics were as follows: 16 goals in 33 matches in all competitions.

Alexandre Pato: successful years of Brazilian football career

The decline in the athletic career Alexandre Pato due to the countless injuries

Already in 2008, the young Pato complained to doctors of "Milan" of persistent pain in the muscles. In that year, the player has received a number of serious injuries that he was persecuted all subsequent seasons of his career. Since January 2010, in the career of the Brazilian started a black bar. Over the 24 months Pato struggled with his injuries, recovering from time to time, and then got to the hospital again.

January 5, 2010 during training footballer Alexandre Pato received a sprained right thigh muscle, resulting in missed three games. on January 14 in a match with "Genoa" he injured his right thigh adductor muscles - played five matches. On February 28, a match with the "Atalanta" - stretching the biceps muscle of the thigh - three matches played.

Alexandre Pato: successful years of Brazilian football career

March 21 forward once again recovered and went out to play with the "Napoli" Serie A - damaged biceps femoris - he missed 7 games. And so it dragged on throughout his career in "Milan" - the player has received about 30 injuries in the period from 2010 to 2013. The reasons were related to the right thigh (then with the left), ankle and hamstring.