Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda

Keisuke Honda - is a Japanese footballer who currently plays for the Italian "Milan". Now 30 years old, and his career gradually begins to move towards its conclusion, though, most likely, he will play for another three or four years. Keisuke Honda plays the position of attacking midfielder, but if necessary can also take a position on any winger scorer.

Early career

Keisuke Honda was born June 13, 1986 in Japan, where at the age of eight years, joined the football academy of local club "Sezze." There he stayed for four years, and then went to view one of the biggest clubs in the country, "Gamba Osaka". Here the player was delayed for two years, but it did not see any prospects, so he did not call it in the youth team. During the year, Keisuke Honda has only played for the team of his school, and when she won a major tournament, it drew the attention of the club "Nagoya Grampus". In 2004, the midfielder was offered a professional contract, which he gladly signed. In his first season he went on the field only once, but in 2005 became the player base - for three years at the club he played 104 matches, scoring 13 goals. Young Japanese performances attracted the attention of European clubs, in January 2008, the dream became a reality - Honda did not renew the contract with his club and moved to the Dutch "VVV-Venlo."

Moving to Europe

Keisuke Honda - a player who immediately tried to impress on the members of his new club. For the first six months he spent there, the player left the field 17 times, scoring two goals. The following season he played 37 matches, 16 goals chop than attracted the attention of larger clubs. The first half of the following season he spent back in the "Venlo" adding to your account 20 matches and eight goals, but the winter of 2010 went on increasing, since has received an invitation from the Russian CSKA. "CSKA" paid for the Japanese talents six million euros, and he began his appearances for the club.


Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda

It is in the CSKA football completely opened up and became one of the team leaders. In the four years he spent at the club, Honda has played 126 matches, scoring 28 goals. Last season the team showed it is not at its best, as he has already agreed a transfer to the "Milan" in the winter of 2014, he began to play a "slipshod", for which he received in his address many critics. But, anyway, biography Keisuke Honda has both good points and bad, and the transition into one of the strongest clubs in Italy was definitely a good moment.

"Milan" period

Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda

The "Milan" Honda immediately got into the first team and in the remaining half of the season played 16 matches, marked by two goals. In the following two seasons, he was an important member of the team, chalked up 66 matches and eight goals. This season, Honda has moved to the role of reservist as half a year played only five games, each of them a substitute - in the amount in his account there are only 95 minutes of playing time, so football player thinks of changing the club's residence.

for the national team appearances

Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda

made its debut in June 2008. The Japanese team Honda, and since then has spent 86 games, scoring 36 goals and gave 22 assists. He participated in the 2010 World Cup and 2014, as well as in the Asia Cup in 2011 year, which was a triumph for the Japanese.