Alexander Zotov: football career

Alexander Zotov - the Moscow football club "Dynamo". Alexander was born in 1990 in Khakassia. Football career began in the Moscow "Spartak" which played at the youth level and as part of the core team.

"Spartak" (Moscow)

Until 2008, Aleksandr Zotov was a youth team player "Spartacus." Midfielder made his debut for the first team in the middle of November 2008, when Muscovites were playing against "Luch-Energia" on the road. At the end of the season footballer he participated in the three matches of the UEFA Cup. Aleksandr Zotov was lucky enough to play against Zagreb "Dinamo", the Dutch "HEK" and London "Tottenham".

Alexander Zotov: football career

The second match in the "Spartacus" in the Russian Premier League Zotov held at the end of July 2010. During 2009, the midfielder has never appeared on the field.

In 2010, Alexander Zotov took part in four matches for his team in the domestic championship. Another football match held in European competition. In five meetings Zotov could not fail to note the impact of activities on the field.

Eight more matches Alexander played for "Spartacus" in the season 2011/2012. This season, he began to wander the rent. Also in 2013, Zotov was sent to the second team of "Spartacus" for which "opornik" spent two games in the PFL.

Alexander Zotov: football career

In the season 2015/2016 Alexander Zotov was able to gain a foothold in a part of Muscovites. Playing in the First Division, he managed to improve his skills, and in the season 2014/2015 he was loaned to Premier League club. That statement of Tula "Arsenal" has forced coach of "Spartacus" to pay attention to football and give him a chance in the first team. As part of the club from Tula Zotov has played in 23 matches and scored 2 goals. In the season 2015/2016 for "Spartacus" Alexander spent 21 meeting and noted a pocketed ball. After that, the player noticed many clubs, including from the top division. But Alexander again went to the FNL. From Moscow "Dynamo" Alexander Zotov signed a contract for three years.

Lease FNL

Season 2012/12 Alexander spent on loan at the club "Pearl-Sochi". The FNL midfielder took part in 16 matches and scored 1 goal. Another two matches Zotov played in the Cup of Russia.

In the following season, Alexander was again loaned out. This time the destination for the midfielder became "Tom". Alexander played for the club 15 matches. All of them took place in the framework of the championship FNL. In the match for the Cup of the country Zotov did not participate.

In 2013, after unsuccessful performance for the second team of "Spartacus" Zotov was the third time loaned to the club from the FNL. This time, Alexander had the opportunity to defend the colors of Yaroslavl "Shinnik". The FNL "opornik" appeared on the field 26 times and managed to score two goals. It was the last club to rent FNL.

Alexander Zotov: football career

But the performance in the second division for Zotov did not end at that. In 2016, Alexander decided to sign an agreement with the Moscow "Dynamo". This transition player can take credit for. Despite the fact that for a new team, he played only six matches, which once was able to distinguish himself scored a goal, his club managed to win the First Division, and the next season will start Zotov in the Russian Premier League. The first match in the new season, "Dinamo" will play July 18, 2017. Muscovites will start their way into the Russian Cup with 1/16.

A career in the national team

Russian youth team debut for Zotov took place in 2010. In 2013, the youth coaches the Russian national team announced the list of players who are in the extended application to prepare for the European Youth Championship in 2013 in this list was the name of Alexander Zotov. Footballer successfully fees cannonade and hit the bid for the tournament.

Alexander Zotov: football career

Total youth level reference midfielder played eight matches. In them, he failed to score a single goal. For the national team Russian football did not speak and did not get even in the extended list of players.


During his career, Alexander Zotov has played 158 matches in the domestic league Russia and scored 6 goals. In the Cup draws footballer took part in 10 matches and scored two goals. Another four Alexander match played in European competition.

In the year 202 at the end of the season Zotov in the Moscow "Spartak" won the silver medal of the Russian Premier League. A year later, a football player, playing for "Tom", won silver FNL. Already this season, "Dinamo" with Alexander Zotov won the First Division championship and qualified in the top football division.