Headscarf: a tribute to tradition and stylish accessory

Since ancient times, women wore a headscarf. Such a rule exist in many religions of the world, it is a sign of humility and obedience. The history of this headdress began long ago and joined the countries and continents. It is interesting that every custom of having to wear a headscarf, different ways of tying.

Headscarf: a tribute to tradition and stylish accessory

scarf on her head as a tribute to traditions

In Christianity the woman's head uncovered was considered shameful and immoral act, even going out to the store for bread, every self-respecting woman should cover her head. Today, the majority of orthodox departed from the divine laws and loosen up, cover his head just in time to attend the temple and saying prayers. In Islam, so far all the women tie a scarf on his head.

Headscarf: a tribute to tradition and stylish accessory

This is due, primarily, with strict observance of Muslim traditions and in our days. Women of African tribes - are no exception, they always wear headscarves and that protect the head from the sun. The features exist in the choice of color shawl - it all depends on the cause of the house exit. In Orthodoxy, each holiday has its own color handkerchief black - funeral and Lent, red - Easter, Green - Trinity, blue - Virgin Holidays, White - Christening. In Islam, for a woman There are no restrictions in the choice of color shawl rather plays the role of the degree of closeness of the women - should be visible only to the eye. There are exceptions, for example, the Afghan women is strictly forbidden to display and eyes. Headscarf as an accessory

Women of the XXI century are actively using the opportunity to cover their heads. There is even a kind of fashion headscarf, it is very popular among modern women. There are many times when a woman simply need to cover his head, for example, in the bath or on the beach, and sometimes a scarf creates a new hairstyle. The notion that headscarves are exclusively grandmother has long outlived itself. Today, it all depends on which wearing such headgear.

Headscarf: a tribute to tradition and stylish accessory

Shawl in a narrow band

The easiest way to design a handkerchief head bandage. The fabric should be folded in several layers, or drag the wiring width of not more than 5 centimeters. A narrow strip of better wrap around the head and tie at the back.

Klondike Solitaire in a new way

Modern women are very succinctly changed the traditional method of tying a handkerchief on his head. The main difference - a different location for the site, he was hiding behind a hair. Especially cute look node ends, falling down on women's shoulders.

Turban - a tribute to the beauty of the east

Headscarf strips are pulled together into a bundle, and the layers are laid on the nape of the neck to the top of the crown, the tips can be issued under the bow or hide layers. Scarf, like snake woman's head and creates an interesting composition. Tie a scarf on your head as a turban is not difficult. Bandana vice versa

The most common method of laying a handkerchief on his head for a bath or saunas. Under this option creates more playful way, tails headscarf can be hidden, and the composition will be infinite.

Variety headscarves

Today buy headscarf can be in almost any store accessories. In this fantasy woman should not be limited by any boundaries. All kinds of colors and shades, different textures and patterns, intricate patterns and case labels. Traditionally it is assumed that the scarves for the head must be made of silk, cotton or wool, is now on store shelves adorn handkerchiefs of beads, feathers and knitted fabrics.