Ingrown nail on the big toe: Causes and Treatment

About ingrown nail on the big toe can say when the plate grows into the surrounding her cuticles. This violation is very common and it has several stages. In addition, there are several varieties of the disease, when the nail plate is curved at birth when increased internal roller, or when there is growing into a healthy plate. The third option is the most common.

disease stage

As already stated, the ingrown nail on the big toe as a disease

Ingrown nail on the big toe: Causes and Treatment

has three stages. At first there is pain, swelling, redness of nail ridges. In the second stage, the infection inflamed areas. Since those parts of the nail, which have grown are alien body, their presence leads to inflammation and aggravate purulent process. At the third stage, the occurrence of "wild meat". Here we can see an increase in the amount of granulation tissue. In this case, the inflammatory process spills over into chronic. Most often, the development of this stage requires a large amount of time.


If the ingrown nail on the big toe - a frequent phenomenon, the "wild meat" of

Ingrown nail on the big toe: Causes and Treatment

to its consistency becomes dense, and the base plate undergoes structural changes shape. At this stage, the disease is almost impossible to stop, because it starts to affect and bone. If to this ailment do not show proper attention, not only can separate plate, but the inflammation can spread to the entire foot. Especially dangerous ingrown nail on the big toe for those people who have diabetes, because even the first stage can lead to such consequences as gangrene.


In that case, if the process is not running, you can deal with the problem on their own. To this end, the pan being made. After the procedure is complete decoupling legs, between the corner plate and the soft tissues enter wadded flagella. Also effective is the removal of ingrown corners. In that case, if the inflammation has emerged stronger and pus, for his drawing should make compresses on the night's sleep with ichthyol ointment. After

Ingrown nail on the big toe: Causes and Treatment

awakening is necessary to try to cut the ingrown end. If pets methods do not help, you should refer to specialists, who with the help of modern methods of cure ingrown nail. laser treatment

This method involves the use of carbon dioxide laser. Since it can be safely remove the excess plate, and excess soft tissue, the healthy portions remain intact. The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes, and recovery is rapid. Because the laser changes the shape of a plate, in the future people are not faced with such a problem, as the ingrown nail.


In the most severe cases have to resort to surgery. It is performed under local anesthesia. First, the surgical site is treated with an antiseptic. Then, depending on the disease, specific technique is chosen. It should be noted that there are a number of different ways. Later, however, it is likely that sooner or later the nail vrastet again.