How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

Nail care for centuries was the main concern of all women. And if in ancient times the proper tools to do almost was not, but now the shelves of thousands of stores around the world are teeming with materials for manicure. Millions of artists are trained or self perceive science Neil art.

Gel Polish

In the modern world on MARIGOLD can translate almost any design, and all the conditions have been created for this purpose. One of the latest fashion trends can be regarded as covering the nail gel polishes. Unlike conventional coatings, the material keeps the nails 2-3 times as long as the colors are brighter and the glossy shine disappears after a few days. Especially for this kind of manicure and decoration have created a lot of devices and materials. Today we will talk about one of them, namely the acrylic powder. We'll tell you how to use acrylic powder for nails and when it is used.

How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

Strengthen nails with the help of powder

In most cases, acrylic powder is used to design nearly finished manicure. But recently it began to be used to strengthen the nail plate. To do this you will need prozrazchnaya powder. Such acrylic sand is only referred to as transparent, in fact grains have a white hue. It is often used in the event that for any reason, gel nail bad rests on the nail plate, chipped or cracked. Then acrylic powder provides good adhesion between multiple coating and makes the nail stronger. Thus, a transparent acrylic powder nail: how to use the material?

Give the nail roughness of

The first step is to do a manicure or push the cuticle. This stage we do not paint the detail. Then you need to prepare the nail itself, to give it the desired shape and sawdust. Use fine-grained buff and cut away only the top shiny coating. Try to shoot quite a bit, because you set a goal to give only to the roughness of the plate, not to cut it at the root.

After this process the nail cleaner. Many beginners skip this step, considering it is not so important. However, even the slightest residue of fat particles can negate the result of many hours of work. Not necessarily to use expensive tools. It fits the most common degreaser, which is sold in specialty stores of nail design. If you make yourself a manicure, you can even use undiluted (this is important) alcohol. Suitable boric acid and pharmacy. But note that it is not for the gentle qualities of the nail as a professional cleaner.

How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

Why do you need primer?

Then comes the turn of the primer. In secret I want to say that its use in some cases, not necessary - without it you can do at first. However, when it comes to professional activity - this thing is indispensable. The primer dries the nails and further makes the surface more rough plate. There is another important function of the primer - it kills microorganisms living on the nail. Under the dense coating in microbes have a tremendous opportunity to multiply, which can even lead to the emergence of diseases. Use this tool, so you do not have a long and tedious to treat nails. On problem nails primer is applied in full, and healthy enough to carry out processing on the edges and along the lateral ridges.

How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

Basic layer

Next, a thin layer is applied the basecoat. Here, many novice manicurist allow one common error - applied gel varnishes, base coat and a top layer of a thick, mistakenly assuming that will be stronger because the nail. Most often this trick newcomers get accustomed to the usual lacquer coating where the layer thickness depended little, and in some cases it was even good. After application of the base in the process can finally start Acrylic Powder for strengthening nails. How to use the tool and how to put it?

The application of acrylic powder

The base coat is not necessary to dry. Immediately after application generously colorless powdered sprinkle each nail with a brush or blade for manicure. Make sure that the particles stuck to the entire surface of the nail. Fully lower the nail in the jar with the powder is not recommended. So you mess up a large part of the material (grains stick together just in a big lump), and she lay down on the nail powder evenly.

A good master is always economize on materials. Therefore, when sprinkling powdered keep the nail on a piece of paper, then carefully to collect the remains and pour back into the jar. Even if you do not regret the powder, it is more convenient to be swept away so as not to dirty all around.

How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

After coating with powdered

Shake off excess powder with the fingers and to submit a hand on polymerization lamp. The drying time should be the same as in the polymerization of simple base layer. After drying treat nail manicure brush and remove any excess acrylic powder. How to use acrylic powder for nail, we understand, but what do you do then? If you are not going to cover the nail color gel polish, you can simply apply another layer of the base and the top. Get a beautiful natural manicure. If you still want to cover the color of your nails, apply one coat of base and proceed to cover gel polish. That's all you need to know about a colorless powder. But how to use color acrylic powder for nails? After using it, you can create a unique design manicure.

How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

acrylic powder for nail design: how to use?

For this type of Neil art need colored acrylic powder. On the shelves of modern shops, you can find any of its variants, you can choose both color and texture. It considered a separate species powder with glitter, which expands the design possibilities. C using colored icing, you can create the most unbelievable pictures or completely cover the nail, creating a velvet manicure effect. These two kinds of design we will discuss in more detail. So, how to use acrylic powder nail in stages to create a velvet effect of the nail:

  • Carry manipulations described above: spilite brilliant layer nails primer coat if necessary - reinforce colorless powdered or immediately apply base.
  • Select a color gel polish in tone color powder. You can use close lacquer shade. For example, a blue powder can pick up blue nail to pink -Red and so on. D. But in this case the final color will be richer. Interesting combinations are obtained if the cover nail varnish gel with Shimer, for example silver or gold. Combine as you like, it just depends on your imagination. Cover the nail with a thin layer of gel polish selected and send it to drying. If necessary apply another layer 1-2.
  • Cover the nail top and generously sprinkle with colored acrylic powder, then leave to dry.
How to use acrylic powder for nails: step by step guide

Now highlight fashion ring finger. So, Colored acrylic powder can be applied only to him. Interesting design can be obtained after dot coating topom attach to the nail plate sequins, and then sprinkle with sugar. How to use acrylic powder to the nails to create surround the figure? It is also very simple. To apply this pattern gel varnish or nail topom coated on, and then sprinkle powder. Powder will remain only on the adhesive surface. After that submit the nail in the lamp. We told you how to use acrylic powder to the nails. You beautiful nails and a successful manicure!