Do I need to shave your bikini area? How to shave your groin? We answer the questions

Many people have doubts about what should shave your groin or not. Of course, it is purely personal. Also do not forget about the fact that people have different attitudes to those who prefer to shave the groin. How to shave your groin? What do supporters and opponents of this method? On these and other questions we try to answer in this article.

If a man shaves the groin

As a rule, most men try not to do it due to some of their concerns about the traditional or non-traditional sexual orientation. So, many of them are willing to shave the groin because it is like their beloved, but consider humiliating, if you suddenly become aware of it when bathing in the pool or in the steam room gatherings, for example, their colleagues or friends. Most women, on the other hand, prefer to shave your bikini area for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. And here is how to shave the groin woman correctly, will be discussed below, as for the men, this process is more natural, and in women it may cause difficulties.

Do I need to shave your bikini area? How to shave your groin? We answer the questions

"for" the benefit of the procedure

Still, if you need to shave your groin? Proponents of the method of shaving the groin cite the following arguments in its favor:

- Smooth skin of intimate parts of the body is the most attractive, than the stiff bristles. This is especially true of the female sex. Well-groomed skin bikini looks more attractive. Many men prefer to see and touch silky and smooth the delicate skin of women on any part of the body. - Shaving is not a way to get rid of hair permanently. It is possible that you get tired of constantly shaving the hair in the groin, and it is possible that it will bother your partner. Therefore, we can grow hair if desired, for example, just gently cut.

- The lack of hair on this part of the body contributes to a lighter holding hygiene procedures. Also, the absence of hair in the intimate area, you can be sure that the bad smell will not be your constant companion.

"Against" shave groin

Do I need to shave your bikini area? How to shave your groin? We answer the questions

Information about how to properly shave your groin, many may be helpful. But opponents of this method gave the following arguments in favor of not shave their intimate zone:

- Hair Shaving contributes to the emergence of a truly stiff bristles, and you'll have some time to go with it, which can cause the most discomfort.

- Hair Shaving contributes to such widespread as ingrown hair in the skin. The more you shave various skin fate, the stronger the manifestation of this process. Ingrown hairs easily cause redness and skin inflammation.

- Frequent shaving hair can lead to permanent skin irritation. Especially, it has a negative impact on the sensitive skin of intimate places. Dermatologists advise people with this type of skin in general to abandon this method and to shave the delicate skin of the groin only in exceptional cases.

Do I need to shave your bikini area? How to shave your groin? We answer the questions

How to prepare your skin for shaving Let's talk about how to properly shave your groin. So, before beginning the process should be reserved for special cosmetics shaving, it is advisable for sensitive skin. As is known, the skin bikini area is very sensitive and prone to irritation. We can take a shaving gel and foam, and a shower gel. Using soap for this purpose is undesirable, as it dries the skin, and the effect of such a procedure will disappoint you. Well in advance is necessary to get a good razor, preferably with a double or triple blade.

Useful tips on procedure

When all of the attributes for a process to be acquired, you are ready to shave the groin. To do this, first you need to moisten the skin, then apply it means shaving and wait for 5-10 minutes until the hair become soft. So they will be much easier to shave and skin after this process will be smoother. Should shave in the direction of their growth to avoid irritation to the skin. Once everything is finished, you need to wipe dry skin and rub it with any nourishing cream or a special cream after shaving.


In this article we have tried to answer the questions: "Shaving the bikini zone or not?", "How to shave your groin?" But most importantly - we should never forget the elementary rules of hygiene.