8 smart urban games for adults

Quests, and games for adults, there were a few years ago based on the subjects of computer games. For example, "room quests" transferred into the reality genre is popular computer escape the room (Escape from a room). The main task in this game - to solve a series of puzzles and escape from the room in which participants are locked by the script will. In Moscow the first performance came quest "Claustrophobia." Behind him appeared several "quests room", the most recent of them - "Sherlock", launched in November 2014.

The most interesting city quests for adults and children - on.

The real quest in a secret bunker Laboratory 33

8 smart urban games for adults

The creators of the Laboratory 33Cvetlana Buslaeva, Kadochkin Anton and Evgeny Zykov came up with his game at the same time the authors of "Claustrophobia" - the fall of 2012. However, the preparation it took them a little longer and the launch took place two months after the opening of the first rooms "Claustrophobia" - in February 2013. 33 Laboratory - a five buildings with a total area of ​​over 100 square meters with a common plot. Participants enter the atmosphere, to recreate the atmosphere of a secret bunker and the laboratory of the Soviet research institutes, where they are using the power of thought, wit and tips, must "pass on the story" before the final. And endings, depending on player decisions, maybe four. In order to accomplish all the tasks you need to learn how to open the tightly closed doors, working with a secret device and analyze the mass of documents "left" in the rooms. All documents and tips Laboratory 33 made in Russian and English languages. The game Only persons over 16 years.

Price: 1300 rubles per person 1100 rubles per person in a team of 4 people. Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Moscow, Ryazan prospectus, 33

Topical Quests in English Questoria

8 smart urban games for adults

Each of the participants for 2-3 hours transforms into another person - depending on the role you can become a ship's priest, an English diplomat, a former dancer, Indian or roguish Interpol agent. Each role has its own legend and purpose - for example, open or commit murder, to prevent the wicked to commit a crime, or to let the police on a false trail. Its goals and objectives players will learn from special brochures that are distributed before together with a common legend of the game. All games are being held in the discussion of different versions of the legend, in which the participants are immersed - the discussion can be shared, and private - between the players trust each other. This practice allows you to learn a lot of friends and family members, as well as refresh the skills of English speech.

Now Questoria offers 5 scenarios for the story quests in English - investigating the murder of the captain on board the cruise liner the Atlantic in 1914; Hollywood party, during which investigates the mysterious death of a famous film director; a small town in western end of the XIX century; Charity Ball at the casino, which brought together celebrities, models and the police, who are searching for a Mr. X's and the classic plot to save the world - someone Bernard knew the code off a terrible mechanism that is able to plunge the world into darkness, but Bernard was killed last night, so participants should independently ascertain code and prevent a catastrophe.

The company was founded Petersburger Alexei Korsun in 2009. Questoria now clubs operate in 55 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Price: from 12 to 62 000 rubles. Over 62 thousand rubles, you can order the game at home - with the departure of the leader, attributes, prizes and photographs. For companies from 8 to 12 people.

Duration: 3:00

Venue: Center "Crane" (Moscow, street Brothers Fonchenko, 10, p. 1)

The indoor adventure "Sherlock"

8 smart urban games for adults

The newest of the Moscow indoor quests, "Sherlock" was opened in November 2014 Producer Alexander Groisman and Maxim Lebedev. The first series of games "Sherlock" is called "From Siberia with love", it consists of eight rooms, but it is operating only two of them. In the story of the series, the vaccine has been developed in a secret anthrax lab that can save the lives of millions and destroy all life. The vaccine has been stolen, all laboratory scientists have completely disappeared, and the main task of game participants - to find traces of it, "traveling" from one room to another.

Price: from 2500 to 4000 rubles per team (2-4 people)

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Grand Afanasyevskiy Lane, 15, p.1

The performance-quest "The Collector"

8 smart urban games for adults

The first of the series of games of the new format of the creators of "Claustrophobia" Bogdan Kravtsov (former programmer "Yandex"), Sergei Kunetsova and Timur Kadyrov (company owners and creators of Stupid Casual game "Imadzhinarium").

Performance-quests - a combination of games and interactive theatrical action with the participation of professional actors and well-designed ambience (in this case - the lair of a maniac with appropriate sounds and smells). During the time spent in the dark labyrinth, a total area of ​​200 square meters, the participants experience a wide range of emotions in this thriller. This is the real fear (eg, guided only by their voices, you wanders unknown reason on the foul-smelling hallway, and suddenly realize that someone nearby breathes) and disgust (one of the keys must be removed from the bucket slightly rotten fish entrails) and little with what incomparable joy of what is happening will soon be over. Organizers warn that people suffering from neurosis, psychosis and phobias, such games it is better not to play. While the "Claustrophobia" holds only one performance-quest - "The Collector", and start another 5 scenario has been planned for this spring: "Dream," "The Mummy", "Mysticism", "bank robbery" and "Valkyrie." Price: 8000 -12 000 rubles per team (2-4 people)

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Moscow, ul. Cook, 31/29

The indoor adventure HintHunt

8 smart urban games for adults

The first branch of the quest HintHunt room was opened in 2012 in North London. One year later, in May 2013 London HintHunt won first place in the list of the most interesting urban activities in London according to TripAdvisor (and now ranks up there 21 out of 1,029). In 2013 HintHunt rooms were opened in Paris and Cape Town, in 2014 - in Dubai and Moscow. The area of ​​each room is about 10 square meters, and the interior is designed in the style of a detective's office of the 1970s. Now in Moscow there are three identical rooms, perfectly suited for team competitions (for example, during a team building or corporate party). The time that is given for the execution of all tasks - 60 minutes, the number of participants in a team - 3-5 people. The minimum age for children - 9 years in the presence of parents and 15 years - for independent game.

Price: 3000 rubles per team

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Moscow, ul. The Popular 20


8 smart urban games for adults

According to one version, "Mafia" was invented by MSU students from the faculties of CMC (Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics) and every party in the late '80s, on the other - a game developed by the KGB to train employees lies and ability to distinguish her. In the early 1990's "Mafia" has become a favorite student pastime, and the members of the legendary KVN team of the Yerevan Medical Institute YSMI even finished Institute, play is not stopped, and vice versa - was transferred to this entertainment to a new level - and in 1997 organized in Moscow on the first Armenian "Maf club" now has branches in Yerevan, Kiev and Los Angeles. Many of the organizers at that time already in positions of leadership and used "mafia" skills in the work and in the selection of personnel - one of them was the current chairman of the Board of SKOLKOVO graduates - Gore Nakhapetyan. Now in Moscow at the "Mafia" is played in a dozen specialized clubs, where you can come and try their hand at strangers. Price: on average - 250 rubles per game per person and 500 per night per person

Time: from 20:00 to 6:00

Venues: mafklub "Theater of Shadows" (daily), mafia community "Speech-ki" (every Friday), the club "Empire of Liber" (daily), the club "Bunker Mafia" (Monday through Thursday), the club "PR Mafia Club "(every Saturday).

Quest tour abroad

8 smart urban games for adults

The creator of "Quest Tour" Petersburger Eugene Raskatov organizes adventure trips since 2006. Besides expensive (up to £ 2500 per person) overseas quests organizes local history of the game in St. Petersburg (from 200 to 500 rubles), in which the participants, for example, proposed to follow in the footsteps of Rodion Raskolnikov. Now the quest tours are conducted in the United Kingdom, Egypt, the USA, Finland and Greece. The most popular scenario: "London under the hood" (the band went to London for three days immersed in the atmosphere of spyware detective, with the need to keep an eye on competitors, break away from the pursuit and surveillance, as well as to recruit agents and to lay caches); "Egyptian Nights" (4 nights in a row, participants searching for clues on the deserted beach in Bedouin villages, and in the streets of Dahab) and Suomi-quest (300-kilometer journey through Finland, visits to museums and castles). The game can participate from 2 to 50 people, the price of each quest individually designed. For example, when traveling "pilgrims Racing", which takes place in Egypt, should be involved one hundred teams of 2-3 people.

Price on request

Duration: from 1 to 4 days

Venue: on request

Quests in the museum

8 smart urban games for adults

The company KvestLab organizes quests for children and vzrslyh in museums, parks and other historical places of Moscow. But this is not just a tour, a fascinating game: the study of butterflies in the Darwin Museum and the Pushkin sculpture turns into a search for the secret signs and secret codes. The game begins with the receipt of the letter from the scientist team with the funny name, which first reported tips. The rest appear in the search, and it's a great reason to go back to the museum or to instill in children a love of art. Price: 1800 rubles per team (from 1 to 5 people)

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Darwin Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum named after Pushkin.