Sergey Tetyukhin - volleyball player: biography, family, sports achievements

Sergey Tetyukhin - Russian professional volleyball player who performs regularly for the national team. In his career he has repeatedly won prestigious awards. Sergey Tetyukhin, whose height is 197 centimeters, was born for volleyball.

sports path Start

Sergey Tetyukhin was born September 23, 1975 on Marginal station. There has passed all his childhood. Sergey's father was a coach in volleyball. It was he who prepared him for the children's school volleyball "Wings of the East." Then, in the country has changed the political situation, due to which it is very hurt the sport. Parents Sergei really wanted to become a professional volleyball player, and so we decided to move to Belgorod. In this city, volleyball is a major sport. The core team for many years has shown good results. There are many children's school pupils, who play at a high level. Sergey Tetyukhin successfully passed the review and was accepted into the team "Lokomotiv - Belogorye".

Sergey Tetyukhin - volleyball player: biography, family, sports achievements

Speeches of Belgorod command

Head coach of "Lokomotiv - Belogorye" command initially could not determine the position for a talented newcomer. Sergey Tetyukhin first played as a striker, and after bonding. As a result, Gennady Shipulin decided that Sergey coordination with the physique and can successfully perform at doigrovschika position. In this position, he played his entire career.

In 1995, Sergey Tetyukhin, volleyball for which is a matter of life, achieved his first success. He, along with the team he won the Cup of Russia. And in the next year, the team "Lokomotiv - Belogorye" won the national championship. Tetyuhin after this victory became known throughout Russia. In 1998, Belogorsk team for the second time in a row won the Russian championship. In 1999, this team could not win the championship as a result of the season, but the game Sergeyev league leadership by awarding him the prize Andrey Kuznetsov.

Sergey Tetyukhin - volleyball player: biography, family, sports achievements

appearances for the Italian team "Parma"

In the 1999/2000 season Tetyuhin with several talented volleyball players moved to Italy and began to play for the team, "Parma". She experienced players needed to adequately address the local championship. Russian players immediately became the team leaders. It is thanks to their brilliant game club "Parma" took the 5th place in the championship. Sergei performances were highly appreciated by experts.

Sergey Tetyukhin - volleyball player: biography, family, sports achievements

the accident and recovery of heavy

In 2000, Sergey Tetyukhin with Roman Yakovlev, who is also a professional volleyball player, traveling by car to Parma. Sergey, while driving, he decided to overtake and lost control. The collision volleyball miraculously survived. Tetyuhin due to the accident missed the entire season. He underwent several operations and waited, finally, be able to play again. Recovery took a long time.

Tetyuhin Sergey, volleyball for which has been the main passion, could not reach the previous level of the game on his return in 2001. But then he went into the season and began to show a high level of play. Yakovlev with his friend he met on the court in the Italian championship quarterfinal series. Club "Modena" beat "Parma" with a score of 3: 1 in the series. Sergey Tetyukhin - volleyball player: biography, family, sports achievements

The Return of the Belgorod team

Season 2001 / 2002Cergey Tetyuhin started in the team "Lokomotiv - Belogorsk." In his first season after returning to the club he won the national championship and helped the club to reach the final in the Cup CEV. After that, he has three times won the championship in the composition of the team and double Belogorsky country Cup. In 2003, the team of Russia for the first time won the "Final Four" of the Champions League. After that, he was once again awarded the prize Andrey Kuznetsov. The third time, the best volleyball of the country, he received the prize in 2006. In the super final of the Russian championship Belogorsky club was defeated by the "Dynamo". Despite this, the leader Tetyuhin team showed brilliant game. Before the second match, the player broke his finger. The coaching staff decided that it would be better to remain in the reserve. But "Locomotive - Belogorsk" lost the meeting, and the coach decided to release the injured leader. Tetyuhin, coming on the field, broke the game. As a result, Belogorsk team won the meet, and then the whole series.

Sergey Tetyukhin - volleyball player: biography, family, sports achievements

International career

Sergey Tetyukhin out in the national team 320 times. For the first time he was summoned to the youth team to participate at the European Championship in Turkey. There, our team won the gold medal. In 1996, the volleyball player went to his first Olympic Games in Atlanta. Tetyuhin together with its partners for the national team has twice won the World Cup. The collection of this renowned Russian player has all the medals Olympiad. Gold he won with the team in London. After this significant victory for the whole country, Sergei said he ends his playing for the international team. However, in 2015, he came out again in the national team, and even took part in the sixth Olympiad, which was held in Brazil. At this time the Russian volleyball team performed poorly, losing in the semi-finals. In the match for third place, our team once again lost to the American athletes and left without medals.

Life volleyball

Sergei parents are honored coach of Russia on volleyball and work in one of the Belgorod schools. His younger brother also played professional volleyball, and then was the arbiter in volleyball. Sergey is married and has three sons. Rarely come across such a caring father, Sergei Tetyuhin. Family for it is the meaning of all life. John and Paul continued volleyball dynasty. Now they gain experience in the lower professional leagues. March 26, 2017 his father played with Paul for Belogorsky team. After the completion of his career, Sergey Tetyukhin began his political career. In 2013 he was elected to the Board of Deputies of Belgorod from the party "United Russia", in 2015 - deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma. Sergey Tetyukhin (volleyball player, whose biography has developed successfully) completed their professional performances. This player will forever remain in the memory of fans Belogorsk. For his achievements in the sport, he was awarded numerous individual awards.