Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

Increasingly, citizens prefer active outdoor recreation. No exception, and the inhabitants of Moscow. Every winter in the city there are snow and ice slides for sledding and tubing. Every year, their popularity is only growing, and the number of places for the rolling increases. We offer you the most popular places for skiing at Tübingen in Moscow. And tell that snow tubing is how to choose the right sports equipment for skiing, there are some types of slides and price categories.

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

Snow tubing

This word is called the old Russian fun - riding a roller coaster, often referred to her horse "cheesecakes" (Tübingen). It is an inflatable rubber bladder, resembling eponymous pastry, tubing - from the English tube - tube. Each device provides two handles to hold on to them during descent. "Cheesecake" There are four sizes in diameter: 80, 95, 110 and 125 centimeters. Ice Tübingen - quite extreme entertainment, since the descent rate of up to 100 kilometers per hour. It is not recommended to slow down legs - it can lead to serious injury and also hurt the people around them. The approximate price of the tubing is 1 400 rubles.

Where to drive on the tubing ( "cheesecakes") in Moscow

All snow and ice slides in the capital conditionally divided into three types:

  1. Slides, do not have any restrictions, you can ride on them as you like and what you want for free.
  2. Special slide for tubing, if your inventory skating will be absolutely free. If his "cheesecake" is not present, it can be taken here for hire.
  3. Another category of slides, where the use of its own tubing eliminates the free skating.

At the toll for driving on a rollercoaster tubing in Moscow payment provided for each descent or hourly. Such slides are usually equipped with a lift that makes riding more comfortable.

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

Where can I go for free

Consider such places in Moscow where you can go tubing for free. We suggest to visit the following parks and complexes:

  • VVC;
  • Gorky Park;
  • the city park "Friendship";
  • the park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo;
  • complex Krylatskiye hills;
  • The Catherine Park;
  • reserve Sparrow Hills;
  • Izmailovo Park;
  • Bittsevsky Troparevsky and forest parks.

It should be noted that few of them have rentals and guards.

How to choose the correct tubing

The following provides description of this equipment is already filled with air. Selected diameter "cheesecake" depending on the user's height. With the growth of the child up to 110 cm diameter tubing should be 65-85 centimeters, up to 140 - 90-95 cm, up to 175 -. 100-110 cm For those whose growth exceeds 175 cm, should choose "cheesecake" 120-125 cm diameter. Not recommended for children acquire tubing for growth, for people who are overweight, you should choose the tubing with a large diameter.

Moscow and the Moscow region - at the place of rolling tubing

Consider the most famous hill for skiing "cheesecakes". We find out the pros and cons and make the appropriate conclusions.

"of The Hill" in "Sokolniki"

The length of the slope of the slide is 200 m and the height 13, 5 meters. the following advantages can be identified:

  • This synthetic route is considered to be the highest in Moscow.
  • has a convenient location, in contrast to the other it is a pointer.
  • There are two instructors, one of them is at the top, and the other - at the bottom. On some routes instructors absent.
  • In the box are shown single and double "cheesecake".

The session lasts for 45 minutes, then - a little break.

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

The disadvantages include:

  • at the cash register and the hill is always a long queue.
  • Do not lift works, it's hard to climb especially with the double "cheesecake".
  • is allowed to pass with its tubing, but the entrance fee is taken anyway.

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - price: on weekdays from 11:00 am to 17:45 pm Tickets cost 300 rubles, from 18:00 to 21:45 - 400 rubles. On weekends, the ticket price is 450 rubles. Provides discount tickets for children and pensioners on weekdays - 200 rubles, and at the weekend - 250 rubles..

Location: m "Sokolniki" on the 3rd Radiation clearing, near the ice rink, "Ice".

The route for the tubing park "Fili"

The track has a height - 4, 5 m, slope length - 125 meters.


  • this artificial hill is more suitable for younger children; \
  • packed snow trail, sloping, with no ice, is long enough;
  • on it you can go and thaw.
Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations


  • is not interested in older children and adults;
  • gorka quite shallow, so the speed is quite low;
  • stands it on a small hill, so it is inconvenient to go to;
  • Do not come with your equipment.

If we talk about the price, during the week for 30 minutes, you will be charged 200 rubles per hour - 300 rubles. On weekends - 300 rubles (30 minutes), 500 - without time limit.

How to get there:. From metro "Bagrationovskaya" walk 20 minutes on foot, Hill is located near the main avenue of the park.

"Merry Hill" at ENEA

Another route to Moscow for downhill tubing. Its length is 35, the height of 8 meters. Pros: located next to the skating rink, lots of fun looks. Hill has two runs. A shorter, second length, and more speed. You can come with your Tuebingen.

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

Cons. This hill created specialists ski slopes. No frills but it is not detected during the descent. Price per hour is 300 rubles.

Location: m "ENEA", the right side of the rink, between 2 and 3 inputs, near the pavilion "Optics"..

The park "Kolomenskoye"

The length of the slope is approximately 200 meters. Pros: has a lot of slopes (small children and steeper - for extreme). On each side of the track mounted guards. Allowed to come to their tubings and free skate.

Cons: the route is not artificial, it is possible to ride only in the presence of snow. It is not recommended to ride on the slopes unequipped. Price: 150 rubles - 30 minutes. You can get there on foot from m. "Kolomna".

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

Park "Muzeon"

slope length of 17 and 14 meters, height - five meters. Pros: slide for driving on wooden Tübingen in Moscow, but thanks to a special coating on it is possible to ride without snow and ice. It has two descent - for the youngest children and older children. To ride on it is authorized only to "cheesecakes", if its release will be absolutely free. Minuses. Unfortunate location - next to the monument to the soldiers. In theaters require collateral. Price: most "cheesecake" will cost 150 rubles (30 minutes) + bail, small tubing (for children under 12 years old): $ 100 (30 minutes) + bail of one thousand rubles or passport. This is located on the hill for skiing cheesecakes in Moscow, near m. "October" and "Park Kultury".

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

Best tubing park

If you can get out of town, we recommend a visit to one of the best tubing parks near Moscow - "Elagina". Here you can wonderfully spend a weekend with your family or friends. The descent into the park is equipped with lifts, musical accompaniment. Trails are well covered. There is an opportunity to take sports equipment rental. If necessary, you will have the necessary medical care. It employs experienced and qualified instructors who will be able to provide you a comfortable ride and support a festive mood. The park is located just ten minutes drive from the center of Naro-Fominsk, near the village of Elagin.

Specially equipped slopes

Where to go on the inflatable tubing in Moscow? They decided to ride even on European resorts. In Moscow, better yet ride on specially equipped tracks. Currently, there are a number of safe snow slopes in Moscow. Well, when provided lifts and tubing rental items. Consider a ski center in Novo-Peredelkino.

Horse Tübingen in Moscow - especially review sites and recommendations

This function runs of varying difficulty and height. For beginners and children suitable slopes, which are located in the new quarter "Blue Bird". To overcome fears and to hone the technique of skiing on the "cheesecake", suitable slopes for downhill skiing "Northern Butovo". On Sparrow Hills will appear before fans semidesyatimetrovaya downhill track, which is beautifully illuminated in the evenings. Nearby there is a kiosk where you can buy hot coffee, tea and a variety of sweets. It provides skiing in the afternoon and evening. Another unusually beautiful place for skiing - Rostokino, where the hills are the slopes of the river Yauza. Those wishing to go a little farther away from Moscow, should go to the park (sports and entertainment) - "Yakhroma", which is located in the suburbs. Before you appear four ski slopes. It takes special pleasure and will give an incredible feeling airbag jumping. Not far behind this place and park "Volen", the local toboggan run is very pleasant to fans of the brave tubing.