Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya: photos and reviews

In Europe long been popular extreme sport such as go-karting. Innovation and gradually spread in the Russian cities. However, not always possible to find a decent site for such entertainment. In St. Petersburg, there are many such places. One of the most popular - karting Krasnoputilovskaya. What types of services are provided, the requirements for visitors and customer reviews - all the better to know before visiting.

Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya: photos and reviews

Karting - this is

Not all are that they can offer to the Karting Center. In foreign countries it has long been mastered such an interesting leisure. For visitors and residents of St. Petersburg offers a host of entertainment. One of them - karting Krasnoputilovskaya. In the entertainment industry like a pastime has a leading position. More and more people prefer to visit Karting Center. But what it can offer and why it is so popular?

Many want to experience the drive and adrenaline ride on a racing car. It is in the center of the kart for everyone given the chance. And no matter what sex or age of the rider. No need to have driving skills.

Just a ride on the car, you can feel the excitement and experience the thrill of a short period of time. After a visit to the center of the racing man gets cheerfulness and positive emotions for a long time.

Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya: photos and reviews

Karting Center Description

The track in the center rather extended and is 250 meters. Turns suitable for passage by both novices and connoisseurs of the sport. The trajectory of varying difficulty. There are direct, double, apexes, chicanes and hairpins. The width is also different. At its narrowest point it is 5 meters at its widest - 9 meters. For maneuver there is enough space, you can get away from the opponent as he makes a mistake.

The route is safe. Width allows not collide with another fireball. In addition, each machine is equipped with a hydraulic brake, which is activated immediately in the place where it is needed.

Karting (St. Krasnoputilovskaya) is positioned as a professional, where everything depends on the abilities and skills of the driver. However, is important not only experience, but also the tactics chosen trajectory of movement and, of course, luck.

Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya: photos and reviews

Features fireballs

In karting center carefully follow the technique. All the machines are constantly pass technical inspection. Feedback from visitors, the cars are clean, the brakes are working properly.

The machine has a reduced weight due to the fact that the plastic bump stopper installed. The metal in this case is not needed. Speed ​​of movement is not as high as in professional racing. But it increases the maneuverability of the vehicle, significantly reduced the rate of acceleration. driver safety is not affected.

should take into account the requirements for the driver when visiting karting center on Krasnoputilovskaya:


  1. Human Growth should be from 145 cm to 200 cm.
  2. The weight of the driver - up to 120 kg.
Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya: photos and reviews

Types of races

Karting Center offers a variety of races, designed for different groups of visitors. For visitors with children will approach the family race. At the same time it provides the opportunity to the child's growth was 130 cm. Bought a subscription is for 10 minutes. In this case the number of cards is determined based on rider's growth. An adult can ride with your child. The main thing is that the maximum weight does not exceed the permissible limits. Children can ride on their own. To this end, a special children's rides are provided. Duration and 10 minutes. Among the participants are organized competitions. The winner is the one who will show the best time of passage of a line. It is important that at the time of the arrival adult race cars on the track is not allowed.

Adults can buy a subscription for 10 or 15 minutes. Karting is allowed at a time up to 7 cars. To win, you need to pass the fastest lap. After that issued the printout with the results of time-keeping.

For professional riders arranged mini-tournaments. To begin, you must pass a qualifying race. Its results determine the position at the start in the final. He suggests race 15 laps. The winner is the first to reach the finish.

Children can also take part in this competition. They are united in a group of no more than 4 people.

Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya: photos and reviews

Learning the basics of karting

Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya offers training ride on the car. If a person has absolutely no skills, it will approach 1, 5-hour course "from scratch". In this case, the coach introduces the machine and its capabilities. Further instructs the safety and familiarization with the basic maneuvers.

The learner will pass their first laps, understand the principle of motion. The coach also reveals the secrets of optimal passing route - explain how best to build a motion path.

For advanced riders, lessons are available for correcting common mistakes the pilot. Overtaking studied theory and supported by all in practice. You can take a lesson in learning groups and the preparation for the mini-tournament. The number of persons shall not exceed 4. All classes last 1, 5 hours, and the cost is 3,000 rubles.

Reviews karting visitors

Customers visiting karting, left mostly positive reviews. The track is sufficiently long, having a variety of twists. The cars are in good condition. Many offer a variety of races. Tournaments make leisure more interesting and exciting. In addition to standard races, you can rent a road for birthdays or corporate events. For such events provided cafe.

Karting on Krasnoputilovskaya prices are set quite democratic. Ten-check will cost 550 rubles on weekdays and 650 rubles at the weekend. If you purchase just two subscription, you will receive a discount.

Karting Center (Krasnoputilovskaya street, 69a) running from 15-00 on weekdays and 12-00 on weekends. In this mode of operation allows you to come here in the evening. Center is open until midnight. Near it provided convenient parking, so visitors who arrived by car, will not experience difficulties.

The center provides a good partner, and the safety of visitors is maintained at the proper level