How to remove paint from the hair without harm

How often do women face, hair coloring, with a nightmare, as the color discrepancy packaging solutions. The final result depends on many factors, but it is unlikely to comfort the woman, instead of resulting in a brown - black with a greenish tinge, or instead of pearl - purple.

How to remove paint from the hair without harm

But how to wash off the paint from the hair, not to spoil them completely?

Folk remedies in step

The most ideal and fastest option - is to turn to the hairdresser with the problem. He will bring special tools unnecessary color. But after chemistry chemistry - it is something that may well spoil curls health. How to remove paint from the hair without the use of chemicals? Do not panic! Means there - folk. They are less effective and fast, that is, in one sitting, you do not get instant results, but they will not only help to phase out the color, but also strengthen damaged hair.

Kefir helps lighten

Everyone knows yogurt property lighten hair. Not so that of the black-haired brunette skip the crystal blonde, but you can gradually achieve results. Wash off the paint with yogurt hair in several ways. The first and most simple - put a lot of kefir on your hair and look like as a polyethylene and a towel-eight hours. Second method: the fifty grams of yogurt taken vodka or brandy (2 tbsp..), Teaspoon shampoo, egg, lemon juice from half. All this is mixed and applied to the hair. Wearing the same as the first embodiment - 8 hours under the package and towel. The third way: two glasses of buttermilk with a maximum fat content of two or three of Art. l. vodka and two Art. l. soda mix, warm to 40 degrees, we cause, insulate and washed off after two hours.

How to remove paint from the hair without harm

All of these recipes are not only clarified but perfectly nourish hair. Because if you panic and have no idea how to remove paint from hair, try out this method. Harm from it will certainly not, but good - the whole car with the truck!

Oils to help

If everything is clear with yogurt, here are other ways can cause many doubts. And for good reason. The use of oils to remove unwanted pigment from the hair very effectively. Think of castor oil. It is perfectly strengthens the hair, nails and eyelashes, and in combination with egg yolks does dekolorirovanie effective and useful.

How to remove paint from the hair without harm

to do so: three egg yolks for three spoons of oil. Mix, put on your hair and rub into the scalp, to warm and wash off after two hours. Only one piece of advice - do not use a hairdryer after such a mask as yolk dries and wash it will already be very difficult. By the way, except for castor oil can be used more and vegetable oils, but, as a rule, in a large complex. How to remove paint from the hair through them - the whole science. This requires olive, almond, linseed, burdock, beer (you can cognac). Mix, apply, four hours later washed off. Although conventional oil can drain most horrible color. The remains - sweet

Can be used and such natural clarifiers as lemon, honey, chamomile (more precisely, its broth), but if you are concerned about the problem of how to quickly remove paint from hair, consult your stylist or buy a professional tool for specialized hairdressing shop.