Remover "Estelle": how to get rid of annoying hair color

Few of the fair sex have done without experiments with her hair. Unfortunately, this is not always produce the desired result. Therefore, today I want to talk about how to fix the bad consequences of staining. If you would like to become a blonde, but the results are not satisfied, you can dye her hair a darker color. But scorching brunettes who want to return to your former way or just slightly lighten, there is only one thing: to take advantage of long-proven remedy - a remover for hair "Estel".

How does remover

Remover "Estelle" is intended to lighten dyed hair. This acidic detergent composition which neutralises alkali. Its action is to destroy the dye molecules, resulting in a darker tone washed reaction. Particularly resistant black paint can be removed with a few times of hair. Compared with lightening, remover "Estelle" is a gentle process, it does not destroy melanin - the natural pigment of hair - without damaging its structure. Therefore, if properly use this tool, you can get rid of boring colors, without sacrificing the health of their curls. However, a small downside to using this facility still exists - remover "Estelle" can disrupt the water balance of the hair structure. Therefore, be sure to use moisturizing balms and masks after using this tool.


return the old hair color - the instruction


For details on how to use this tool, you can read in the summary or ask a consultant at the store, which sells remover "Estelle". Instructions should be in the package. washing procedure consists of several stages. 1. In a non-metallic bowl, combine the contents of two vials - reducing agent and a catalyst. Remember that cooked mass activity remains less than half an hour, so you need to use makeup at once.

2. Apply the mixture to the hair and survive no more than 20 minutes. If use-heat, it is possible to shorten the time to 5-10 minutes.

3. Wash the hair with the composition of the hot water with the shampoo for deep cleaning. Thoroughly rinse hair for a few minutes.

A few tips


In the first place, the procedure should be carried out in gloves, so as not to dry up the skin. Secondly, make sure that the surface of the head there is no irritation or scratching. After reaching the most suitable result, hair can be dyed in the desired color. This should be done after about an hour after the procedure. Remover "Estelle" can ruin your hair, if you hold it longer allotted time. Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, and you do not have experience with such means, it is better to consult a specialist. Professional hairdresser at salon competently perform the procedure and determine the required number of washes, as well as pick up a means for subsequent dyeing. Trust your beauty only master of his craft!