Eyeliner "Diamond", "Avon" - reviews, and palette features

Cosmetics "Avon" can be attributed to the budget, but the quality of many products and perfumes will handicap the most popular brand.


How did AVON?

Hard to believe, but the idea of ​​creating a perfume business started with the books. Founder of the California Perfume Company before selling books. In order to motivate their clients better to buy the book, he came up with a cunning move: Join request spirits. To his surprise, they were interested in much more readers.

At the beginning of the perfume launch was only five floral fragrances trivial. At the end of the first cosmetic laboratory was established XIX century. It was located in Suffern. It was there, in the state of New York, are the main laboratory of the brand.

David McConnell - the name of the company founder. He decided to develop his creation, attracting women to work. They, according to the businessman, might know of other women's needs.

How did the name?

There are two versions of why David McConnell called his company "Avon", and both are associated with the UK and the River Avon.

Cosmetic and perfume business grew, and with it grew the need for a brief, clear and memorable name. Rumor has it that David visited his friend in Stratford. His enchanted landscapes of the River Avon. They were so captivating and unmatched that McConnell decided to borrow her name for the name of their company.

According to the second version, David was a big fan of William Shakespeare's birthplace which is known to be again a Stratford-upon-Avon. Landscapes near the laboratory in Suffern at McConnell associated with the terrain of Shakespeare country.

The range of products

At the moment, once a perfume company has in its arsenal and the means of body care, face and hair, a wide range of color cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and clothing.

On the official website and in the catalog are:

  • set of tools for makeup: lipsticks in stick, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, tonal foundations, powders, rouge, eye shadow, eyeliners and eyebrows, mascaras, etc. Different.. scrubs, masks, peels, skin care around the eyes, skin care, lip, face creams for different ages and skin types.
  • A separate line of products and accessories for hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, colors, brushes and combs.
  • Scarves, handbags, wallets, cosmetic bags, dresses, slippers, various jewelry - all this can be found in the catalog.

Eyeliner "Diamond"

The undoubted leader of the line of color cosmetics for eyes may be called eyeliner Glimmerstick Diamonds by Avon, which conquered many of the brand of cosmetics users.

Which usually demands we make of eyeliner? That was easy to apply, does not scratch the eyelid, non-irritating, long held, not floated and not imprinted. All the above advantages, this product has.

What is the highlight?

Reviews of eyeliner AVON "Diamant" full of joy, because of the very affordable price you can buy a truly valuable product.

A distinctive feature of this pen is a brilliant shine. Yes, stick contains shining particles, which create a festive sparkle to your look. On the eyelids, this effect looks fascinating, but at the end of the day, you can catch the glitter all over his face, which is not very pleasant for some girls. But he and the diamond.


Who does not fit?

If you are zealous opponent of sequins and Shimmer and enjoy strict form and structure, it is better to opt for another product. On the other hand, the glow pencil provides a very low-key.


  • Sparkling plum.
  • The starry sky.
  • Emerald shine.
  • Brown sugar.
  • Smoky diamond.
  • Silver shine.
  • The blue flash.
  • The shimmering gulf.


This quality of a cosmetic product depends not only from the manufacturer, but also on the type of your skin, as well as the basis on which is applied a pencil.

Based on the reviews of eyeliner "Diamond" from Avon, we can say that the product is quite stable, and many forced to give up liquid and gel podvodok.

Color eats into the skin and lasts a long time, and the number of layers applied can adjust the brightness and saturation. After 5-8 hours of a pencil can print, if you are the owner of oily skin face and caused the product without basis.



Brightness and intensity can be adjusted by pressing force and the number of layers. Looking pencils reviews for the eyes from AVON, this product can be called the favorite of the CIS women as to use it a lot easier podvodok and inaccurate application easier to fix.

Do not irritating

Even though Shimmer, which is part of the pencil "Diamond" from the "Avon", Glimmer pencil does not scratch the upper and lower eyelids and does not cause irritation.

Some girls even use it for staining the thickness of the century and the inner corner of the eye. Often after this manipulation eyes water and make-up can leak, but the product is very carefully refers to the mucosa.



Buy this product, you can at a very lofty price: from 120 to 280 rubles apiece. On the eve of New Year holidays the price of official sites and directories are usually minimal.


Reviews of eyeliner AVON "Diamant" elevated him to the top of the best cosmetic products of this company. This list supplements the gel eyeliner "Suite" gel pencil "color accuracy", liquid eyeliner "super-long. The emphasis," True Colour pencil and eyeliner "Color Game".



The product is decorated in a restrained black. All holographic labels to further emphasize the essence of the diamond product. But, based on the reviews on eyeliner "Diamond" from the "Avon", they wear out over time.

Pencil makeup century in the form of a thin sliding rod - is undoubtedly another advantage of this product.

The disadvantages of

After reviewing a lot of feedback about the eyeliner from the "Avon", "Diamond" (or Glimmerstick Diamonds), only found two drawbacks. The first - the lack of sharpeners. Yes, after the second use it is very difficult to draw a thin arrow. If you are supporter of refined lines, you have to carry a purse in addition sharpener, blade or knife stationery.

Many girls do not see this as a disadvantage, since the core itself is rather thin and drawn line creates the effect of haze that many taste.

The second disadvantage is the sequins that sparkle so nicely on the eyelids at the beginning of the day, and so foully fall off the face in the end.


In a review of the eyeliner "Diamond" from the "Avon" it says that the cosmetic product is very economical. With daily use, one unit may be sufficient even for 1 year, and a collection of pencils, which was acquired by users in year yield has already served five years with no loss of quality.

Interesting solutions

Leafing through the reviews of eyeliner "Diamond" from the "Avon", you can see a lot of different makeup, created only pencils, because palette allows.

Dark colors better to paint mezhresnichnuyu zone and remove the arrow, and on top, repeating the line, held lighter shades.

It blends nicely with the black gold, green and blue, with a silver pencil looks great all.

An incredible evening image can be created with a single stroke: the upper eyelid paint as usual dark pencil, and lower stress emerald or other lighter shade. Shimmer give more mystery.


Other eyeliners from AVON

Unfortunately, the company's range of products changes frequently, and was chosen by means of often removed from production. Fortunately, the pencil "Diamond" is still in the trend in sales, but the palette has become.

One of the most popular products is the eyeliner "play of color", which is currently represented in five colors: chocolate, black, dark blue, turquoise and white.

Pencil "accuracy", which is suitable for lovers of fine lines. Included in it is a pencil sharpener, which is located in the cap. This product is available in three colors: black, smoky lavender and blue night.


Any pencil, even the most resistant, and any shadows, even the highest quality, at the end of the day can swim and make your face less accurate.

Of course, ideally you must first align the tone of the face and eyelids, then apply a primer (base under the shade), and only then do the eye makeup.

Girls who prefer cosmetics "Avon", are unlikely to bother with expensive make-up foundation and other luxury cosmetics.

Before applying makeup it is necessary to clean the face, and before that, ideally, apply a nourishing mask. If there is no basis for make-up, you can use foundation or concealer, then apply a thick layer of powder and wait five minutes until it "zapechetsya". After that, shake off the remains, and continue eye makeup.