Makeup for brunettes: its rules and features

Estheticians are not tired to repeat: to choose make-up is necessary, taking into account individual circumstances. Therefore makeup for brunettes can radically differ from the make-up blonde. It is important to know your own tsvetotip to choose the optimum color gamut, capable emphasize the dignity of the person.

Makeup for brunettes: its rules and features

Of course, the hair color - is not the only factor that should be guided. Recently, a very popular belief that blondes is better to use natural hues, but the girl with dark hair, you can choose a richer color gamut. But do not go to extremes. Makeup for brunettes should first emphasize the harmony and complement the eye color and skin tone and texture.

Face: face powder and rouge

Catchy, pronounced the brunette, then there are girls with almost black hair, dark gray or brown eyes, and dark skin, choose the appropriate tone and powder in the tobacco or dark shades of yellow. This is the optimal solution for such tsvetotipa. Blush should be the same peach and coral tones - they perfectly accentuate cheeks. Such an impressive makeup can afford not all, but a brunette - exception. But the green-eyed girl with dark brown hair more appropriate blush in shades of brown. Very soft, beige-pink shades will be optimal for light brown hair combined with dark eyes. Makeup for brunettes: its rules and features

Step by step eye makeup: Mascara and shadows

Brunettes better to choose a shade of shadow, which will harmoniously framing the eyes without focusing on them too much attention. That is kareglazkam best suited brown or bronze shade, and to dark gray, blue, black eyes are recommended shade in silver, purple, dark blue shades. However, being too "cold" makeup for brunettes did not have to. Green and brown eyes perfectly set off the mascara brown, as well as two types of eye shadow: green is better to put on the inner corner of the eyes, and brown - on the middle and outer part of the century.

A special emphasis - on the lips

Basics brunettes makeup simple: these girls better to allocate in their way is not the eyes and lips. Therefore, a planimetric pencil - a mandatory attribute in the beautician brunette. That he will underline the seductive lips and complete the entire image. The tone of the pencil should be slightly darker than your lipstick or lip gloss. As for the color of the lipstick, it also depends on eye color: darker than they are, the more intense must be the lips. Dark pink and coral gamma - choice brunettes with green and smoky gray eyes. And for the evening or solemn publication can be supplemented with makeup lipstick ruby ​​or brown-red shades. Makeup for brunettes: its rules and features

And more ...

Let us give a few tips. Makeup for brunette, unlike gentle blonde image may be bright and catchy. Especially his evening variant. So that your assistants will be black and dark brown Liners, captivating Arrow, and of course, spectacular style smokey eyes. Do not be afraid to emphasize the expressiveness of the face and highlight its main advantages!