How to get a loan if you have bad credit history

Bad credit history or lack thereof difficult, but do not make it impossible to obtain a loan. If previously you had delays in payments and the bank refuses to you in the registration of the credit, we know how to help you. Together with specialists from the service CheckMoney, we'll show you how in this case freely get credit and at the same time improve the credit rating.

Who is considered problematic borrowers

How to get a loan if you have bad credit history

Credit history - this is your personal card, which shows all operations with loans: Which bank gave out whether there is debt and how payments are made on time. Collected records are then used to determine the creditworthiness of creditors and the decision to grant the next loan. Credit history is referred to as bad, if the loan is not paid on time, there are failures in the provision of loans or overdue receipts for fines, taxes and utility bills.

Find out your credit rating can be turned in any major bank in the city or the credit bureau. So you'll understand the reasons why you were denied credit, or you can challenge the false information regarding the payments.

Where and how to get a loan with bad credit history

Before approving the loan, the bank will examine your financial status and credit history, and worse than its content, the lower the probability of obtaining a new loan. Microfinance organizations greatly simplify and accelerate the process, thanks to the design of the remote contract basis, eliminating the need for proof of income and credit history into account. Online lenders can approve your loan even with no credit history or the presence of bad rating.

How to get a loan if you have bad credit history

to seek help from online lenders, you immediately get the money to a bank card, QIWI-purse Yandex. Money payment system Contact or cash. To do this, you need to determine the size and maturity of the loan, fill out an online form indicating your name, mobile phone number, passport details and bank cards. At the same worth to remember that microfinance institutions send information on discharged microloans to the credit bureau. Therefore, the timely return of the loan will help restore your credit rating, so that later it was easier to issue or a large loan, or a mortgage. Find a suitable microfinance organization can use CheckMoney service. No matter what your credit history and whether the current delay - just prepare a passport, fill in the form on the service website. After 15 minutes, you will call the manager of the credit institution and propose the most advantageous options for you to make money.

Processing and activation profiles will cost you from 49 to 299 rubles. In this case, the service allows you to send one application to multiple microfinance companies, so you do not need to spend time filling in similar forms at different sites.

You can issue the micro loan in the amount of from 1 000 to 80 000 rubles for a period of 10 to 52 weeks. On the main page of the site works CheckMoney calculator, which, depending on the amount and term of the loan automatically calculates the date of his return and the money overpaid interest rate.

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