What should be done as soon as you are released

In the near future, and sleepless nights worrying about the protection of the diploma thesis or stop, and you will attain the coveted freedom in their actions. But some solutions can give you harder than usual, and this is absolutely normal. Heroine was guide to those who want to spend the first few weeks after graduation, right - a good rest, to decide on plans for the future and resolve the problems with the documents.

Take care of your mental state

What should be done as soon as you are released

Life in the next couple of weeks may seem to you too chaotic. You'll be more likely to meet with friends, enjoy the summer dream of how you move to another city or to get a dream job. But you have lost an element of stability - in September, you will not need to go to school, but it can cause anxiety.

If you feel as anxiety prevents you focus, you can turn to a therapist to cope with the new stress. Bear in mind that it will increase, if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are in an unfamiliar city.

Pass a medical examination

Immediately as soon as you determine the future place of residence, do not forget "attached" to a clinic nearby. Most often, the universities provide their own services to physicians, and after graduation will not appeal to them.

Make a copy of all their medical tests and statements and find the nearest health facility, to find out what else may be required for the translation. Also, do not miss the opportunity to undergo medical examination in order not to miss any health problems. You can also consider buying a voluntary health insurance, which would be able to reduce costs for paid survey and improve service quality.

Make a CV

What should be done as soon as you are released

You may have already filled out a questionnaire on the HH, through the list of vacancies or even took a job that does not require high skills.

Now - the best time to update your profile.

Indicate that you have graduated from university, add a theme of his thesis, the average score, any ratification or meritorious awards. Do not forget to regularly update your profile, and view job offers.

Do not be ashamed to start from scratch

The fact that you graduated does not mean that you can only claim the highest office. Their way up the career ladder - hard work, but all have to start somewhere. If you do offer a company in which you would like to develop - to agree to an interview and try to immediately specify that you plan to grow as soon as possible.

Start attentive to the documents

The older you get, the more shares you will have to study and sign. When applying for a job pay attention to the employment contract and not consent to put a signature under a contract that does not suit you. Pay special attention to the size of the salary, interest allowance, bonuses and penalties - they often become a stumbling block at the end of the month. Remember that even if you are extremely important to get the first job - does not mean that you have to work for free.

start saving

What should be done as soon as you are released

As soon as you will work, the head of the habit to postpone 10% of each paycheck into a separate untouchable account. Use it only when absolutely necessary - for treatment or payment of rent on an apartment. Install the ultimate goal and strive to achieve it. Start with small amounts, for example, five thousand, and then gradually increase their savings.


Now - the best time for a bit of a risk and do something that will not work again as an adult. Look country, go abroad, write a song, take off the video, do all that he can not even make sense for his career. Do not wait for a better time - use the moment to realize their dreams, and perhaps figure out where you should direct their energies.

Remember that social networks demonstrate the illusion of

Your tape in Instagrame may create the impression that everyone around you can easily earn money, travel constantly and most of the rest of the week. This does not mean that their life better and easier than yours, so always remember that social network mask the real problems of people. Try to ignore the successes of others, or even to take time off from the use of social networks.

Do you have any plans for the next summer after graduation?