How to talk with the leadership about personal problems

How to talk with the leadership about personal problems

We live one life, and a significant part of it is the work. You can not disconnect from personal experience when you walk into the office, and if something happens at home - whether it be health problems or family troubles. But to compensate for this situation and to cope with the bulk on your stress, you can discuss with the head of the changes in his schedule for a short period. We've put together five important things to consider when talking about personal troubles.

Think about what you need to

Instead of saying something that might appeal to your head, try to be honest and say directly that the situation would change radically for you and could help deal with the problem. Your boss will respect you much more if you're honest about their desires and be yourself, manifesting itself as a part of the team. You need another holiday, although you know that this is not accepted? Report that you have a good reason to receive it.

Come to the decision

How to talk with the leadership about personal problems

The fact that you have a problem, does not mean that your head is easy to find a solution. Be ready to offer a few ideas that will help alleviate the situation and to make concessions. If you need a few days off - tell us about how your workload can be distributed. If you need to reduce the amount of problems because of lower concentrations to determine the most priority ones over which you will be able to continue to work, as well as otodvin towards those that seem less significant. Find out how much work at your colleagues to see if they could take some of your tasks.

Do not leave the

Your colleagues will substitute your shoulder at the right time, but at some point you should retaliate. Each of us from time to time faced with personal problems, and that your company has been effective - you should be able to help each other. Be attentive to their surroundings and do not forget to take an interest in the tasks performed by each of you. This will allow you to quickly get down to work in the case of the duties will be forwarded to you for a while.

Do not be afraid to show their weakness

How to talk with the leadership about personal problems

If you are working in a team, to be united and whole, then you have to share both good and bad. If you do not talk about the problems that you have emerged - people may get the impression that everything is perfect you. Let colleagues to become a little closer, and explain the reason for your bad mood is not in them, and the problems outside the office.

Remember the boundaries of

How much worth telling - it depends on the adopted in the company's culture. On the one hand, to be closer to each other - then quickly find a common language, on the other - the details of your personal life can distract from the work. Talking to your supervisor about the problem and at the same time lowering the frivolous details, you allow him to concentrate on finding solutions for load balancing, rather than the most of your problem.

Do you have to tell management about personal problems?