Hair dryer "Phillips" ionization: description, specifications, reviews

For many familiar accessory is a hair dryer. With it you can quickly dry the hair to build a complicated hairstyle and even straighten unruly curls. However, the device may significantly harm the hairline. Hairdressers often use the hair dryer "Phillips" with ionization. However, not all girls understand what it is and what aspects to look for when choosing a home accessory.

Hair dryer

Why ionization

In the description of individual models of hair dryers can be found ionization function. Such instruments are initially more expensive, but the manufacturer assures that the damage to the hair is much smaller. Fully protect against the harmful effects of dry and hot air, such an option could not but reduce the likelihood of damage and have a beneficial effect on the hair follicles accurately capable.

The essence of the ionization device is distributing during the negatively charged ions. For fragile, weak or oily hair is a very useful impact.

As operates ionization

For many girls is a problem of hair electrification and excessive fluffiness. Hair dryer "Phillips" ionization during operation releases negative ions, under the influence of which the hair scales close. As a result, hair becomes less brittle and more brilliant.

A similar effect provides a hair dryer special generator. He enriches the air, which is blown hairdryer, negative ions. It is known that under the influence of positive flow of hot particles formed in the hair that is neutralized by negative.

Hair dryer

Selection Criteria

How to choose a hair dryer "Phillips" ionization, and on what parameters to look for? There are models where this function is only optional. So the device will always distribute negative ions. But it is better to choose a model which includes separate ionization mode on and off when needed. For the rest, the choice of a hair dryer with ionization are guided by the same features as the standard model with the purchase:

  1. The stated capacity. The higher it is, the faster and more efficiently, you can dry the hair.
  2. modes of operation and the number of speeds. Conveniently, the dryer can be configured as desired and needs.
  3. View PETN heating. It can be a standard - metal. More advanced models have ceramic heater.
  4. function of protection against overheating is important, if the hair dryer is used frequently and repeatedly.
Hair dryer

a publicity stunt?

Many consumers have doubts about the validity of the purchase of more expensive dryer, where the ionization function is present. To protect the hair, they prefer to use a gentle treatment and exhibited a lower temperature. However, the blown air is still dry the hair, and they are strongly electrified and pushatsya.

Those who use the hair dryer "Phillips" ionization, argue that the harmful effect of the device is practically reduced to nothing. Of course, the function is not curative, and it is not appropriate to restore the damaged bulb. However ionization protects hair and prevents further damage.

According to reviews, hair-brush "Phillips" and a standard hair dryer make the process easier styling. Hair is not electrified, even lie down and at the same time beautiful shine. Girls say that the difference with the conventional device felt immediately.

Features Model: Philips is a well-known and popular brand of household appliances and appliances for skin care and hair care. Despite the relatively high prices, all products are in demand due to the high quality and perfect performance. Many professional hairdressers use in their work product of the brand and recommend them for home use. The manufacturer produces many products for hairdressing. Can choose:

  1. Professional hair dryers that are characterized by high capacity and a variety of baits.
  2. Appliances that have detachable nozzles and easy switch buttons.
  3. Compact options, suitable for traveling.

Reviews Philips HP8280

First of all, attract the consumer appliance design and its color scheme. The housing may be purple or white. In this case, the nozzle is clear and removable. Dryer is able to protect the hair from excessive drying due to the built-in sensor with ionization.

Dryer "Phillips" (2300 W) from the ionization has a number of useful features. Its high capacity makes it possible to obtain powerful airflow that ensures fast drying hair. Feedback from consumers, the device does not dry the skin, because it does not require long-term exposure to the hair.

Stylish hairdryer with ionization system "Philips HP8280" has unique parameters. Built-in sensor not only ionizes the air flow, but also automatically sets the optimum temperature required for installation. According to reviews, this approach allows not damage the hair and avoid dryness.

Hair dryer

Scope and modes of

Standard kit includes two removable nozzles: diffuser and concentrator. Last tip provides a focused airflow and the diffuser gives your hair volume. The customer noted that the diffuser allows the heater to maximum speed and to stand the heat. Nozzle prevents hair contact with direct flow and reduces the risk of harmful effects of hot air to a minimum.

Dryer has a ionization system. Reviews indicate that the hair is smooth, improving their appearance, and they are not electrified. Thanks to the six operating modes can choose the best based on the needs, desires and condition of the hair. For convenience, there is a separate button that includes a hair dryer in the cold air mode. Girls say that in this way you can secure the created hairstyle. On the positive side also notes the loop provided for hanging the dryer. It is stated that the cord is long enough (2, 5 m), and thus it is not twisted.

Among the shortcomings identified only fairly high price of the device.

Description of the model Philips HP8233

Suffice it to look stylish and modern hair dryer Philips HP8233. Professional hairdressers value model for ease of use. It has rounded shapes, soft lines and an elongated handle. Particularly attracted to its color. The device is made of a durable resistant plastic aubergine shade with addition of black elements. Hairdryer Philips powerful enough (2200). This reduces the exposure time on the hair and the hair does not suffer. The device is equipped with a temperature setting. The sensor regulates the air flow and does not overdry hair.

This hair dryer "Phillips" - professional, ionization, equipped with six heating mode. It comes with a narrow nozzle, which ensures a focused stream to a specific portion of the head to create curls and curls. Hairdressers are also used to gently massage the diffuser head, and add volume to hair.

Consumer reviews indicate the strength and reliability of the device. This is facilitated by a heat-resistant plastic, which does not heat up during operation, and a ceramic heater heating element.

Hair dryer

Reviews Philips HP8233

Among the positive reviews the most frequent references to the presence of the ionization function. It contributes to a more gentle drying of hair and giving hair smoothness and shine. Also notes the inclusion of the cold blowing. This feature fixes the hair and down the hair cuticles. For storage convenience provided eyelet.

Among the shortcomings is allocated insufficient length cord (1, 8 m). For professional hairdressers its length is not enough. However, at home use problems usually arise. Also indicated on the weight of the device. Hairdryer quite heavy and voluminous. If you use it for a long time, then your hands get tired.

Reviews of the model, "Phillips" BHD176

The model is powerful enough, but gently dries the hair. Hair dryer "Phillips" ionization BHD176 creates a thread that protects the skin from drying scalp and promotes healthy hair. ThermoProtect Technology regulates the temperature and protects the unit from overheating.

Product reviews are mainly positive. It pleases the presence of the cold flow which fixes the resulting hairstyle. The heating temperature and the rate of air blown independent of each other. At the same time, there are three heat settings, but only two speeds, which, in the opinion, is not enough.

Included are traditionally two nozzles. With their help, you can do different hairstyles and hair to dry efficiently. However, the length of the cord is not big enough. Some users 1, 8 meters is not enough, if it is necessary to dry the long hair or removed from the socket.

Hair dryer

Fen-brush from the "Philips"

The manufacturer offers a sufficient number of hair dryers, brushes. Among the many models more feedback from PHILIPS HP8664. The device operates without breakdowns, efficiently dries and straightens hair. ionization feature allows you to pull the hair without damage.

Fen-brush "Phillips" comfortably fits in your hand, when working with the device user does not get tired. There are opinions that after repeated use of the hair dryer hair condition improves.

The device has a relatively low cost. Thus the buyer receives a powerful hair dryer (1000), the coated ceramic nozzle and brush. It is the latter deserves the most reviews. Not all of the samples that are in this price range, have a brush with natural bristles, which is also equipped with a function of self-rotation.

Among the disadvantages highlighted the lack of independent power adjustment of blown air temperature.


Hair dryer

Clock "Phillips" with ionization feedback has mainly recommendation. Thus, each model may have disadvantages. To select the optimum, it is necessary to determine the important criteria.

So, if you want a professional and powerful device, then the best choice would be a hair dryer "Phillips" ionization (Power 2300) HP 8280. When the priority of high technology and the necessary instrument with a temperature sensor, the clear leader is also the model.

If the girl has curly hair that require a permanent straightening, it is necessary to consider a hair dryer-brush. The company "Philips" prudently releases nozzle of ceramic, which provides additional protection for the hair.

For those who like to have a variety of speeds, you should pay attention to sample Philips HPS910. Each girl will be able to adjust the dryer to fit your personal needs.