Fishing Reel "Cobra": overview, features and reviews

Chinese fishing tackle today are in high demand because of its affordability. For the novice fisherman like products are good choices as to obtain specific skills would be more correct when using non-professional equipment. In our country, one of the most purchased a coil "Cobra". Professionals prefer the more expensive eminent brands.

With proper choice of Chinese coil is able to serve a long time. The manufacturer is on the market a large selection of gear models. They are suitable for different fishing conditions. What are the Chinese manufacture coils, it will be discussed hereinafter.


Fishing Reel "Cobra" received mixed reviews from various categories of users. Many people prefer this brand because of the low cost of its products. Experienced fishermen note worthy performance of Chinese-made coils with the right approach to their use. If the product is not to be part of the load, it will be enough durable.

Fishing Reel

materials used manufacturer for the manufacture of its coils are classified as low-cost. Most structural elements made of plastic. In some models, the bobbin is made of aluminum. Its handling is inferior to the coils of medium and high-priced segment. This explains the low price submitted by the coils.

According to statistics, the Chinese brand products in our country become 3 times more often than other manufacturers. Coils are not without some drawbacks. However, their popularity is not reduced over a number of years.

Features of operation of

Coil "Cobra" for spinning, feeder, bottom, and other types of gear will exhibit different performance. It should be noted that these products are presented for the most part in the form structures without inertia. These products are designed for bottom fishing. In this case, minimal effect will be provided with plastic structural members.

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However, for fishing spinning reels does not exclude the use of Chinese brand. They are mounted on rods of different lengths, starting with ultralight. For trolling, jig and other active transactions is better to buy a more expensive variety of coils. For a beginner who is just learning the basics of fishing, this option will suit perfectly.

When using small lures for medium-sized predator can also be set to form the coil. With its use can not be installed braid. The coil is designed exclusively for the monofilament.


Without inertia reel "Cobra" has an average smoothness. It is much inferior to this characteristic of the more expensive products of competing companies. It is not enough smooth running due to the small number of bearings. Maximum Chinese coil can be composed of up to 4 of these structural elements.

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The larger the bearing has a coil, and the higher the quality, the more smooth motion will have the product. Also it depends on the duration of use of the product, the sensitivity of the rods. Number of bearings also affects the accuracy of line laying on the spool.

In Chinese products smoothness is poor. However, for the novice fisherman is not a big deal. This is one of the best options for the first coil to the bottom or spinning fishing. Get some experience, users can eventually replace the "Cobra" for a smooth reel.


Very popular in our country are coil "Cobra" 340, 440, 640 and other varieties. They are characterized by certain technical characteristics that must be considered when choosing a product. Almost all models have rear clutch. Their designs set the standard size spool 3000.

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Almost all the "Cobra" have the function Anti-reverse. Their gear ratio is equal to 5, 1: 1. Can comfortably use the coil as a righty and lefty. Spaciousness spool fishing line depends on the thickness. If the diameter of the thread 0 is 4 mm, it is placed on the fishing line 100m. If the cord has a thickness of 0 3 mm, can be wound on the spool to 150 m.

Weight of coils varies from 253 to 256, the price is affordable for almost every buyer. Depending on the number of bearings and material spools it may be from 300 to 800 rubles.

The choice of the model

Reviews of coils "Cobra" talk about their acceptable quality. You can choose the model that best suits the fishing conditions. The marking includes information on the number of bearings. The most simple design has a coil NE 140. It provides for the presence of only one bearing.

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The most smooth-running model has CB 640. The manufacturer claims that it has 6 bearings. Experienced fishermen say that the set of all 4 elements of such a mechanism in this article.

When the marking is present the letter "A", it says on the application for the production of aluminum spool. Complete with such "Cobra" are available similar removable plastic elements. If the letter "A" is absent, the coil has a single spool. It is made of plastic. There is such a model is much cheaper, but the quality of it is poor.

Guidelines for selecting

"Cobra" coil will be long enough if the user picked the right model. Spool, which standardly installed in the presented product is created for mounting on the long forms. They may have more weight. "Cobra", due to the peculiarities of its design, suitable for both long and medium-sized rods.

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To make the most distant throws fit model ST 640. It is characterized by the smooth running. The coil is attached to the sensitivity of tackle. This allows you to respond quickly to bite. Also fish for fish will be much more interesting.

If fishing is carried out bottom in a manner sufficient to be a very simple coil. Even a model with one bearing in this case, would be acceptable. For example, when the near-pelting bottom gear can be used model SW 140.


Reviews of the fishing reel "Cobra" that provide various categories of fishermen, received both negative and positive characteristics. In the present price category most fishermen do not see the competition of Chinese brands. This is one of the best options for the beginner.

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Many fishermen say decent quality models, complete with that supplied replacement spool. This allows you to avoid trouble in the field. Negative statements are also found in the total mass of reviews. Fishermen claim that the coil break when fishing out the fish from the water. Most often suffers handle.

Before the trip to the pond is recommended to have a spare spool. Also, additional handle may be required. In the event of failure can be quickly repaired and continue fishing tackle. It is better to replace the plastic removable elements of metal parts.

Expert opinion

Coil "Cobra" is marked by experts as one of the top products in its price category. They assert that the production of much cheaper through the use of very simple materials.

The very design of the coil, according to experts, is also quite primitive. Plastic parts break down at high loads. Therefore, the Chinese coils are not suitable for all fishing conditions. They are not intended for phishing trophy fish.

Even in models with metallic material processed spools qualitatively insufficient. No special protective spray. Because of this coil goes down much faster than more expensive varieties of designs.

Having considered that a coil is "Cobra", we can conclude its average quality and affordable cost. In its price range it has no equal. Therefore, the budget Chinese-made products are in great demand.