Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

Dress-vest can be found in the closet any fashionista. Fashion designers managed to combine two opposite things in the wardrobe. One feminine - a dress, and the other - vest, garment sailors men. Now the band has become a popular trend. But it is necessary to be careful: it is not for everyone, so you need to objectively assess the figure before purchase dress-vest. But how does this combination has become fashionable, and appeared in the wardrobe of the fair sex? As a male item of clothing can emphasize femininity?

The history of the

This print appeared in the locker room for the first time, when the striped shirt officially became a garment of French sailors. The Navy in Russia, they were put into use since 1874 Colors stripes, white and blue correspond to St. Andrew's flag. In 1912, the width of the strips was the same.

And in the 30-ies. Coco Chanel became the first woman, examples vest. It is not surprising that soon-vest dress appeared on the catwalks. But the real blue-white stripe became feminine thanks to the well-known fashion designer Galliano. He is known for his provocative and erotic elements in clothing. Vest made under sketches of Galliano, different feminine and romantic styles.

Dresses for girls replenished beautiful print vest, which looks feminine. And if you combine it properly, it can accentuate the dignity of the figure. It is therefore important to choose the optimal length of the dress and the width of the strips together with the right accessories.

Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

Styles dresses vest

This print is quite capricious, so you need to carefully choose the right style. Two-color striped dress may suit any girl with a correctly chosen width and size of the strips.

  1. The narrow strip of slim and wide, on the contrary, give extra volume figure.
  2. The fitted model is suitable slender girls.
  3. Dress free cut perfectly conceal figure flaws and accentuate the line of hand. It will be interesting to look asymmetrical bottom striped clothes.
  4. sporty vest with a collar polo and button closure emphasizes the waist and chest area. Buttons and collar can be white or contrasting color prints. If the dress will be a little patch on the chest or other marine image, it will beautify the outfit.
  5. If a girl has a curvy shape, then it is worth paying attention to the cut "case" or choose a dress with a high waist. If the girl curvy hips, you need to purchase outfit, which will be the top with ruffles. Wide strips should be avoided because it adds volume.
  6. To choose a long dress-vest stands tall girls, and a miniature have to wear it with high heels. It looks best on this shaped prints relating to marine issues.
  7. The dress, made in the style of "retro", is very popular among romantic girls. Particularly elegant look pleated skirt with lace at the hem, matched in tone strip. Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

Nuances long dress

Features a striped dress on the floor lies in the fact that it:

  • universally - with proper selection of accessories it can be worn on any occasion;
  • suitable for everyday wear;
  • can be visually correct figure flaws.

It may be of the following styles:

  • form-fitting;
  • monochrome striped top and bottom;
  • knit with long sleeves;
  • as a tunic without a belt;
  • Case;
  • A-line.

From accessories to the long dress suit (especially when the strips of two colors)

  • Bracelet;
  • belt;
  • beads;
  • chain;
  • clutch.

From the shoe will look perfect shoes or boots with heels. Shoes or other sports shoes would be appropriate only if the dress sport style.

Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

Dress horizontal strip

This view allows you to visually increase the volume, add width. So if you want to draw attention to certain parts of the body, select the horizontal stripes. Such print looks good on slender girls. Strongly such strips are not suitable full women because visually add further to the figure.

Dresses with vertical strip

This species, on the contrary, visually slim figure, making her already. Thus vertical bar "pulls" the silhouette, making it longer. Therefore, the girls who want to hide some figure flaws, should choose a print. It considered a classic combination of black and white colors, because this makes the contrast even slimmer silhouette.

The combination of colors in the dress

Equally important is the selected gamma. It will help both to emphasize the advantages of your appearance, and vice versa. Most often, women are choosing alternation of the two colors, but some are hesitant to experiment and give preference along with three or more colors.

The combination of blue, black and white suitable for everyday option for urban trips or for beach holidays. Blue, red and white stripe suitable dresses with a short length, long models such combination is rare.

the combination of more than three colors, especially pink shades suitable for creating a romantic image. To your style looked summer-fresh, should give preference to the blue-green-beige color alternation. Beautifully will look black, red and yellow stripes.

Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

With what it can be worn

Dress-vest itself looks bright and attracts attention. But strip must be carefully combined with other wardrobe items. It is important that jewelry or other clothing Do not overtighten the attention and do not overload the image. They should emphasize the outfit and make him a single ensemble. There are recommendations, what to wear striped dress vest:

  • If sporty, it can be combined with sneakers and other athletic shoes. On top you can wear denim jacket. Accessories fit the following: bright watch, bracelet, a leather backpack.
  • If the dress fits the shape of the shoes are perfect court shoes or sandals. Leather jacket, black leather jackets help to create an image in the style of rock. Suitable for a walk (if you're not willing to try on a brash style) denim jacket, vest, one-colored knee-length coat. Accessories can choose a variety. Good will look clutch Handbags.
  • Attire free cut looks good with boots or shoes with a broad heel, guideshoe. From outerwear is suitable for almost all. And if it is short length, it can be combined with leggings.
  • Striped dress in the style of "retro" looks great with slippers on heels or ankle boots. Do not overload the image of jewelery - it is itself a bright and stylish. Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

Do girls dress suits with print "vest"

If the girls it looks very feminine, then a little princess outfit will look as charming. Dress-vest for girls usually chosen with a plain bottom or top and some bright pattern. The dress for little princesses better to choose bright colors to accentuate the children's spontaneity.

Dress-vest: styles, what to wear, whom accept

Vest has ceased to be the subject of a man's wardrobe and firmly took the leading position in the women's dresses. This dress can look boldly and very romantic. And with its accessories can be easily done from the everyday holiday. The main thing is to dress vest stressed dignity of the figure.