Dress with sneakers: how to wear

Sneakers were popular in Soviet times, but wore them exclusively for a hike in the gym or out with jeans. Today, fashion trend has been the combination of sports of sneakers and feminine dresses. For someone such a tandem - a manifestation of bad taste, and someone originality of this set, on the contrary, will appeal. Celebrity is proud and happy to wear evening dresses with comfortable shoes, feeling at the same time at the height of a camera flash.

Who can wear a

When a blind imitation of the fashion trends is likely to pick up a ridiculous and tasteless outfit. To put on a dress with sneakers, requires determination, courage and self-criticism is necessary. Even a young person does not always go this combination. And adult women need even more carefully to the choice of the dress. Wear shoes under the dress, you can, if fashionista does not older than 35 years. It is necessary to draw attention to her figure.

Dress with sneakers: how to wear

It is best tandem will look at the tall, slender girl with a sports figure and long legs. Owners of small stature and lush figures need to be careful about a new way, because the flat sole visually shortens the lower limbs. Out of this situation find designers, transforms ordinary sports shoes in the fashionable and stylish shoes with wedge heels or with a hidden heel.

What are the shoes you select

Girls who prefer sporty clothes, can choose high shoes on a flat course. In this case it is better to buy a short knitted fabric straight silhouette. Also with the conversion looks good short form-fitting dress with a narrow skirt. This image will describe how his mistress collected and purposeful. Wearing high kedov suggests that a woman has a slender and long legs.

Dress with sneakers: how to wear

Dresses laconic cut will be organically combined with the sneakers in white or black, who wore short socks or directly on bare feet. Girls who want to visually add yourself a few centimeters in height, you need to buy shoes wedges. Expressive image will be made when choosing a shoe to narrow denim dress length to mid-thigh.

Styles of dress shoes at

The best embodiments for the combination are sneakers with dresses such silhouettes and styles:

  • Direct short free dress tailoring knitted or cotton.
  • The dress-case of flax or cotton.
  • tunic dress from jersey, chiffon or lace.
  • Dress-shirt of cotton or denim.
  • Raskloshenny sundress from muslin or chiffon.

Choice of color and texture of

Choosing shoes under the dress, you need to pay attention not only to shaped products, but also to the color scheme. Contrasts in the choice of clothing and footwear is recommended colors to avoid, because the combination of "+ sneakers dress" bold enough already. It is not necessary to give way to excessive shocking, and even absurd. The ideal color harmonization will monogamma where, for example, appears milky dress sneakers with white. In tandem should be no more than two colors that blend well with each other.

Dress with sneakers: how to wear

When choosing a dress and kedov need to pay attention to the materials from which they are made. For the fall sets the most suitable woolen dress, outfit of thick knitted or crocheted thing. Sneakers in this case, you need to wear leather. And do not forget about tight pantyhose to complement the image. For years the image suitable ample dress made of light materials and low beige shoes made of canvas. This bow is harmonious, simple and easy, and the skin color of shoes to visually increase the length of the legs.

The basic principles of creating images for each day

Today is considered a fashionable mix of styles and playing on contrasts to create their own individual way.

It goes well original everyday dress with sneakers. The highlight of the clothes can become an interesting cut, or color nuances. To emphasize the need to use slimming leg dresses A-line, with a flared skirt or tutu.

Dress with sneakers: how to wear

Sneakers with a floral pattern will add the girl fragility and femininity.

And an image composed of bright and short dresses and shoes with high shafted or wedges, sparkle notes glamor.

When choosing the brightest of sneakers, you will need to add accessories such as flowers. It is possible in this case to use a bag, belt, decoration in her hair, a bracelet.

Examples of good everyday bows

  • For girls who prefer a sporty style, you can combine fabric Converse pink, blue, black or white sneakers with a dress close fitting knitted or direct style, which has a neutral hue.
  • For the romantic persons we recommend the union of air chiffon dresses and pastel kedov maximum open style. It is also well will look clothes with floral prints, lace and satin elastics. The color of sneakers in this case must be neutral, white or chosen to match the dress. Dress with sneakers: how to wear
  • Fashionistas, preferring jeans wear, can replace stylish dress pants made of denim. Style can be used varied: trapezoid, flared, A-line, long sleeves and absolutely without them. For denim dress shoes are ideal from the skin of almost any color. Requires the use of an accessory in the form of bags, belts and hats of the same color as the shoes.
  • Elegant girl will approach the image, consisting of concise dress-case or a long dress the most simple cut and leather kedov white, beige or black. When combined long dress with sneakers, they shall not contain any decor. Dress with sneakers: how to wear
  • A universal option for beginners in the world of fashion will serve tandem dresses, tunics and high kedov. This image will allow even a modest feel comfortable and convenient. For greater effect, the kit can add leggings.
  • For lovers of classical bow is suitable, in which the foundation stands little black dress. From sneakers to form a casual outfit would be possible, if you change the classic boats on a white sports shoes.

Create an evening image of

Evening dress with sneakers - how to wear? Onions on the basis of such a combination - is a bold experiment. While Hollywood stars have successfully practiced the use of such an image. If the girl is young, bold and original, she can afford to experiment so.

Dress with sneakers: how to wear

For an evening hike to the club or party shoes can be combined with a smart dress (fitting, decorated with sequins and floral prints). The image must be supplemented by another element of similar subjects.

The combination of sneakers and dress gives the image of lightness and activity. To reconcile the irreconcilable - is an art, which can hold only a girl with the perfect taste. The winner of this image resembles a schoolgirl-dreamer. This will allow the bow to walk like a cat on soft paws, and infect passers light and carefree mood.