How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

As is known, in order to catch the really big and dangerous fish (perch, pike, catfish), you need a special device, or as it is called, tackle - spinning. But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly equip the spinning. Therefore, in today's article in detail dwell on this point.

What is spinning?

The main feature of this gear from the standard rod with a float is a special element - rod. Generally, it can be telescopic or constructed (at least 2 parts). In addition, each rod has another constituent element - test. Expressed in grams and it is necessary to determine the maximum possible amount of cargo that can withstand the rod during the cast. Therefore it is very important to know before spinning equip its maximum value and minimum. For example, if the rod contains the value 6-16, it means that during casting the bait can be used with a minimum weight of 6 grams and a maximum '16 If the severity of the bait will be greater than the maximum rate, there is a very high probability, that the test is simply unusable, thereby violating all of your plans for a good catch.

How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

It is also worth noting that the rod for spinning are characterized by high flexibility and elasticity that allows you to make casts several times more than if used common float rod. Dean spinning, usually ranges from 1, 5 to 2, 5 m. The shorter version is most often used for fishing from the boat, and as long it is best suited for fishing on the coast. That's why experienced spinnings developed a habit of taking along a few spinning because they do not always know where the bite is best.

Putting spinning

As practice shows, the use of fishing line and reel does not bring the expected result. That is why, to fishing completed successfully, you need to know how to equip spinning. The first step is to determine the order on what kind of fish you plan to fishing and the conditions under which it will pass. This condition is fundamental, as a predator size will depend bait (wobblers, spoon). Therefore, you need to select the appropriate snap. Still, there are some common nuances, on which stop. So, in order to continue to not ask more questions about how to properly equip spinning, you will need:

  1. Rods.
  2. The leakage ring
  3. coil
  4. The line, or if it is not available, the cord.
  5. carabiner and swivel. How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

And now look at each of them separately. And given the fact that about Rods mentioned above, we start with the rings.


To begin with, that the function of the rings in a spinning is to prevent the entanglement of the fishing line and ensure its excellent winding reel when posting. Furthermore, as practice shows, without rings perfectly fine casting to be quite problematic. Also, there is a little trick that allows you to extend the period of operation of the Rings. It lies in the fact that before purchasing the ring you need to carefully examine its ceramic insert for the absence of even the smallest chips. hold your finger on it even possible for a full license.


Spinning reel is one of the most massive elements. That is why the coil has to be very easy. Its weight is determined by using the bobbin capacity. As a rule, the volume of the coil bobbin 1000 is quite enough for the average budget option. If your choice is stopped spinning middle or higher price category, then it is best to choose a reel spool with a volume of 2000-2500.

How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

The line cord and

By choosing the line, we must remember that it has to be strong and thin, as if it turns thick, it significantly complicates the procedure of casting. That is why it is recommended by experienced fishermen to use as an alternative to cable. But since the cost is much higher than the cost of line, in most cases you need to think about how to equip spinning fishing line, or use the combined option. All you need to do - to take about 30 m cord and tie it to the line, which in this embodiment would function as a filler spool. Further to its end can snap swivel with a carbine, which later we catch the bait. Also worth noting is that when fishing for predatory fish there is a high possibility that the fishing line can be rubbed their teeth. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations recommended purchase leash titanium or tungsten.

How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos


Before you begin to catch a big fish, you need to decide on a lure. This may be a metal lure, soft bait or lures, that in recent years in high demand among the hunters of a very large catch. Wobblers is called the product, which in its shape reminiscent of both fish and various amphibians. In addition, each species has its own working depth. Use them just enough so it is not necessary to search through a lot of literature to learn how to equip the spinning crank.

How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

We catch pike

Probably not in vain pike is considered the most aggressive and dangerous predator. As a rule, tend to attack her without thinking of his brother, or a small fish. Therefore, its fishing should be approached only when taken into account all the nuances. To no longer think about how to equip spinning for pike, it is recommended to listen to sleduemsleduyuschim recommendations. The first step is to acquire a spinning rod, the length of which should vary from 2, 5 to 3 m, and a test of 5 to 30 g. Lesko choose the best weave, and Radiant coil (3,000-3,500 m).

How to equip spinning: photos and instructions

As practice shows, in order to greatly simplify the entire process of spinning equipment, it is necessary to adhere to the following sequence. First of all attach the ring to the rod. To do so we recommend using the glue. Since the collection consists of rings with different diameter, and the labeling procedure starting from the largest and connect it with the butt part, and at the very least, respectively, from the end of a whip. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that all the rings are arranged in a line. Otherwise there is a high probability that when you post the bait game is severely impaired during the pelting.

How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

After that, the coil is attached to the rod. As practice shows, the majority of rods in advance special attachment provided. Further, the fishing line is threaded through the rings and, starting with the smallest, attach it on the bobbin. In the future, all that remains is to wind the fishing line on the spool, leaving about 2 mm rim, swivel and snap. Now, in order to definitively answer the question of how to equip the spinning, it remains to consider the coil assembly process.

Putting coil

Usually they are sold already fully assembled. But as practice shows, in order to save a little of your finances, you can make the coil assembly alone. In most cases, these are part of the so-called modernization, the essence of which is to replace the spool and bearings. But it is worth noting that such improvements should not engage newcomers of forces is only experienced spinnings.

The best spinners

Today, there are many companies that offer a wide range of gear for fishing. But in today's article we will focus on a few companies that have been recognized as leaders.

How to equip the spinning? Reel spinning. Most spinners - reviews, prices, photos

Let's start with a spinning rod for that offered by Adams. As shown by numerous studies, their products are ideal for jig have fast action and good power. In addition, the rod has an excellent handle of cork and an affordable price.

It keeps a list of companies that produce only the best spinners, the Korean firm Maximus. A distinctive feature of the product is to equip a new generation of rings, superior build quality and manufacture of high modulus graphite blanks that are not only very light but durable. Spinning this company are ideal for our climatic conditions and can be used for twitching, jig or ultralight. In our country, products of this brand are available now "Environmental technology", located in the city of St. Petersburg.