Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

For many women shoes - an object of worship and adoration. In this respect there is really a piece of madness, but who does not agree that the perfect pair of shoes can work wonders no less stunning than the properly chosen clothes or makeup? Fashion capricious, changeable, but the really interesting things will never be forgotten by her. It is wise keeper, fraught with a lot of original ideas and timely submit them to the world. Court shoes on average heel - now the secret weapon, which appeared on the podium after years of absence and immediately captivated designers and women all over the world.

Fashionable heritage

Collection of most fashion houses more than one season consisted of models of shoes with heels dizzying heights. They complement stunning platform wedgies and other elements that make a pair of shoes can be both elegant and very shocking appearance.

But recently the situation has changed - the designers have found a new source of inspiration in already seemed forgotten trend. A hit from the past Steel Ladies court shoes on average heel. They have transformed the catwalks around the world, giving the audience jaded frankness and sexuality, comfortable shoes is not inferior in beauty and luxury.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

Such models have appeared in the very bright, stylish times - by the end of the 50s. Heel they do not exceed a height of 5 cm. In general, they were worn by teenage girls for whom it was indecent to wear more revealing shoes.

Fashions largely become popular thanks to celebrities. This case was no exception. Actress Audrey Hepburn contributed to the fact that the fashionable shoes boat perebresti dreamed of every woman. Her refined sense of style contributed to the expansion age audience of fans of such shoes. Now, not only teenagers, but also women, as well as middle-aged women were able to assess the merits of boats. Audrey strongly from complexes about its growth. The actress believed that the 172 cm - it's too much, because the high heel was her banned.

But it is not only the star addicted to such a model has made it popular. Court shoes on average heel perfectly in harmony with the trapeze dresses and pants-pipes, things that have become symbols of the era.

Modern designers never tire refer to the old days, affecting its splendor and glamor, but because the 60 captivated them so much that certain elements of the style of those years and then appear in their collections.

Heel as the basis of style

Experts say that a true woman can always be seen on her walk. Pawn graceful and beautiful gait - right kind shoes. Before you give preference to one or another model should be clearly redistribute for yourself - what direction for the image you want to ask?

If this outfit to work, meeting with colleagues in the daytime, walk, assuming foot travel around the city, the highest ever and a stunning heel - is not only painful, but simply misplaced item. In such shoes is not possible to move quickly, without straining the feet then that will certainly affect your health.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

The classic court shoes - choice of wise women. A small heel make the leg of elegant charm to give way, but will not deliver as much discomfort. In such shoes is easy to run a couple of steps to catch a taxi or take a long walk with a young man. In this case, the girl will move smoothly, easily and naturally.

High heel - sort of a necessary sacrifice. It is appropriate at the ceremony where the ladies are coming by car and leave them little move and do it slowly. Small heel - elegant alternative not only for tall girls, but also for those who want to look feminine, appreciate comfort and not like restrictions.

Leather model

The most traditional material from which made court shoes - leather. It can be both natural and artificial. In any case, these boats - the basis of everything and a real sample of ageless classics. They not only look great, but also combined with many styles of clothes.

Leather shoes are practical, since this material is characterized by durability, and the model itself is more solid and does not require additional decorations. Artificial substitute is much cheaper, is durable and hygienic.

A glossy shiny

Leather often make patent leather court shoes. Color can be anything: from the classic black and white to bright neon models.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

Their main advantage - a deeper look footwear, glossy shine. These shoes are in themselves an interesting image element, and therefore patent bag or a small belt of the dress - everything you need for a chic outfit.

The restrained style of

No less popular material is suede. It can also be naturally occurring or artificial. Suede court shoes on average heel is the best fit with the clothing business style, and therefore often are part of office wear.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

They can perfectly complement the more solemn manner, exquisite evening dress, especially if it contains decorative suede inserts. The main condition under which these shoes will last you a long time, - the preservation of the excess moisture. The material does not tolerate it, and therefore before the shoe suede pumps, you should look at the weather forecast and make sure it does not portend rain.

The refinement of textiles

Often photos of famous people with social events and other celebrations can be seen court shoes on average heel, trim which is made from textile materials. Satin, silk-printed or translucent lace - the imagination of designers is unlimited. However, it is worth remembering that such footwear is fragile and it is not necessary to use every day. In addition, its finishing is not entered in a strict business attire or an easy and relaxed way to walk with friends.


The palette of colors in which such shoes, diverse and not restricted only for this pair may be performed. But if in the wardrobe of the boat for the first time and will need to combine them with different styles, you should start with the classic tones.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

Black color - practical, versatile. If desired, its base can be created as a strict and romantic image.

A gentle tone

Beige boat shoes look elegant, gentle, but at the same time stylish and uncluttered.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

Despite the fact that they are almost neutral, they, like the black color model, you can beat differently. A pair of bright accents add to the image of the individual, and the combination with pastel colors will make the dress elegant, but not faded.

Bright model

If your wardrobe girl wants to be not only the traditional beige court shoes, but also a model of bold hues, you should not limit yourself to boring frames.

Court shoes on average heel: a review of the best styles and models

Shoes can be adjusted to match to the addition or create a vivid contrast, combined with ornaments, belts, gloves or bag. The main thing - to consider the compatibility of the colors used. Otherwise, the image will turn out absurd and pretentious, but if you observe all the rules, then the woman will catch yourself a lot of admiring glances.

From what to wear

It all depends on the overall direction of the image. Business style will be sustained by using a pencil skirt, office dress or classic trouser suit.

For everyday attire are perfect skinny jeans, of costume fabric shorts, skirts and dresses.

If you wish to lengthen the legs is better to prefer beige models.

Choosing shoes to a celebration, should start from the dress. It is necessary to take into account the compatibility of their colors and finishes dress. If the dress is embroidered with stones, has a bright print, or pattern, the shoes should be more restrained.

Boats breathe new life into an already familiar and seemingly boring images. They can look feminine but comfortable, and high heel leave for special occasions.