Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

Destroy cellulite, to tone muscle tissue of legs and improve their form - this can be achieved by performing leg exercises at home. Forms and amounts of the legs are heavily dependent on the hip bone. Genetics and human anthropometry, of course, also play an important role, but the exercises on your feet and the ass can make their own adjustments and create a beautiful body shape.

Before you start training, you should understand the structure of the muscle. This will help create the right workout plan and will allow to achieve results in a short period of time.

The anatomical structure of the leg muscles

One of the components of muscle groups of human systems are muscles of the limbs. leg muscles - is one of the groups of muscle fibers.


  • quadriceps femoris muscle (quadriceps);
  • gluteal muscles;
  • group adductors on the inner side of the thigh;
  • biceps femoris;
  • tailoring;
  • Long fibula;
  • anterior tibial;
  • triceps leg;
  • muscle of the foot.

The functioning of muscles of the legs is provided controlled by the nervous system. With significant physical exertion comes their fatigue. It is associated with the processes occurring in the nervous system, and accumulation of muscle metabolites. on leg exercises will be more effective if, during the training to engage in the work of different groups of muscle fibers feet.

Systematic power loads contribute to increased muscle mass and volume of the lower extremities, increase their strength, endurance and performance.

Exercises on foot at home: how to achieve the desired result

One of the most problematic areas of the muscle groups are the muscles of the legs. Using the basic accessories and a minimum number of sports equipment, you can pump up the lower limbs of the house. The main rule - to choose the appropriate mode of training and exercises suitable for pumping all the leg muscles.

Properly drawn up a workout plan will work out all the muscle bundles of the lower limbs and buttocks. Exercises for cellulite on the legs and the pope are not made in isolation.

Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

To increase the effectiveness of the training process can be achieved by proper diet. It is recommended to eat low-calorie food in a fractional mode - every two hours. It is also necessary to increase the amount of consumed water to 2 liters per day. This will speed up the process of metabolism in the body, which, in turn, positively affect the shape and state of health in general.

Recommended exercises on alternate legs, changing the order in which they perform for every single workout. Such a system would allow the implementation to use every time a new leg muscle fibers.

At the end of a workout it is recommended that stretching exercises and take a hot shower to relax the muscles.

for the implementation of recommendations

What exercises should perform on his feet, that was the result of training in the home? So the question is raised by many people who start to train at home.

In the first place at the beginning of training should be carried out workout. Performing exercises that help stretch the leg muscles, allow to warm up and prepare the body for physical exercise power and protect against the possibility of injury.

Exercises on the muscles of the legs are made smoothly and slowly. The effectiveness of such a pace much more.

Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

It is to point at the top exercises to do stop. It was during the static delays burned the bulk of the calories.

Exercises for cellulite on the legs are executed with the extra weight. This will not only give more relief, but also contribute to early burning fat.

Training should be very intense and consisting of a large number of repetitions. Frequency of the training process - 3 times a week.

on leg exercises at home must be formulated so as to be included in the work all the muscle groups and achieve the desired results, in spite of anthropometry and the genetics of the female body.

The increase in leg volume

To increase thigh muscle should perform squats various modifications.

Squats with weights. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, the additional weight in the form of a dumbbell in hands. We carry out slow lowering of the buttocks down below the maximum. Back at the same time keep smooth. Perform 3 sets of 25 squats.

Squatting on one leg. Starting position - standing on one leg, the other is flat, perpendicular body. Slight squat down the leg while trying to hold as in the initial position.

It is also recommended twice a week to carry out cardio. You can ride a bike or practice run. These classes are very well will pump the lower part of the thigh, and running, everything else perfectly tighten the gluteal muscles. Performing such exercises helps to reduce the active overweight.

In order to develop muscular thigh tissue from the inside of

A large area of ​​the inner thigh adductor covers. Consequently, for its increase in the amount necessary to carry out the exercise, cycling is the muscle fiber group.

Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

"Butterfly". Starting position - lying on the floor. Legs bent at the knees. Expander located therebetween. Due to the efforts of the adductor muscle maximum compressive strengths feet. Embodiments of the exercise: with the ball, at the expense of the hands of the resistance. Performed 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

Squatting "plie". Starting position: feet a little wider than shoulder width, toes facing the side. For greater efficiency, you can use a dumbbell, placing it in the hands of the front of the body. We carry crouch down parallel to the floor. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 times.

Also tighten the inner thigh may performing these exercises on your feet at home, as attacks aside, bringing his feet with a rubber band, kick their feet.

Exercises to train the muscles of the lower leg

Carrying out exercises to increase leg muscles, you need to use a heavy load, but to do a smaller number of repetitions. If you want to reduce the shin, it is necessary to facilitate the operating weight by increasing the number of repetitions.

Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

Raising on tiptoe with the weighting agent. Leaning hands on the handle, sending socks right, inside or outside (depending on the need for pumping a certain portion of caviar), we carry out lifting and lowering of the body. Exhale while lifting do. Knee joints are not fully unbent, and delay is performed at the top. Inhale while returning to the starting position. Making the 4 sets of 10-15 times.

Jumping rope. A great exercise to pump the shin. Perform 3 sets of 3 minutes of continuous jumping.

Exercises for muscles of the ankle has a very light, but at the same time effective. It can be run on the sand, dance classes, cycling.

for the buttocks Exercises

Exercises for cellulite on the legs are good, as long as you do leg muscles, the load is arbitrarily and on the buttocks. Therefore, the gluteal muscles are not only come in tone, they also burned the layer of subcutaneous fat.

"Keel". Starting position - lying on the floor belly down. Upper limbs straight and extended forward. Alternately, lift legs up to the maximum height, caving in the lumbar spine. Perform 30 repetitions on each leg.

Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

Jumping from a seated position. Starting position - on prisyadkah. Jumping up, try as much as possible up, pushing off the toes off the floor. Perform 4 sets of 25 times. You should not worry so much about their buttocks, if you are actively shaking your legs. In all the exercises for the legs are almost always included in the work of the gluteal muscles.

Exercises for cellulite on the legs and the pope

Physical exercise, the main purpose of which is to eliminate cellulite are simple and well known to all.

"Caterpillar". The starting position - sitting on the floor, back straight, hands behind his head in a castle. We carry the movement forward, cycling exclusively buttock muscles. The exercise is performed slowly, with a gradual acceleration. We carry on 50 accounts.

Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

Mahi feet. The starting position - standing, feet close to each other. Rubber band fixed at the ankle joint. On the strength of resistance carry foot moves backward and upward. The exercise is performed alternately on each leg. Perform 4 sets of 20-25 times.

Get rid of cellulite help enough hard jumping rope, lunges, squats with weights and plies. Of course, not to win an excess amount of body fat without cardio. Such exercises of cellulite on the legs and the pope will help as soon as possible to overcome the "orange peel" on the problem areas of the body.

Weight loss without muscle force action on the

The use of heavy physical loads at home, not only difficult due to the search of technical capabilities, but also useless. exercise program for weight loss should be a relaxing, fast and efficient. In addition, without a proper and balanced diet to achieve the desired result will be much more difficult, and in some cases impossible.

This complex contributes to a slim and fit of the lower extremities. Special effects on muscle fibers hip, calf and gluteal muscles accelerates the circulation process. Increases the supply of blood problematic places, which in turn helps to burn fat in those areas of the body.

An exemplary set of exercises:

  1. Lying on the floor, legs straight lift and keep on weight. Reduce them and breed. 4 sets of 25 times.
  2. Kneeling, carry out squats, leaning slightly to one side. Returning to the original position, squat in the opposite direction. 3 sets of 30 repetitions.
  3. Squats "plie". The slow descent down to the maximum depth. The extreme point do hold for 5-8 seconds. Perform 4 sets of 25 times.
  4. The lateral foot moves. Lying on her side, one leg bent at the knee. In this case, the lower leg swings up carry, not allowing her flexion in the knee joint. 3 sets of 25 repetitions on each leg.
  5. And, of course, can not do without jumping rope (at least 100 times a day) and running (at least 3 km per day).
Exercises on your feet at home. Exercises for buttocks

If you regularly carry out exercises on your feet, and pumped glutes. And this does not necessarily go to the gym. Well-written training program will achieve positive results at home. The main thing - the desire and personal discipline in relation to employment.

Positive aspects of employment at home

Leg exercises at home has many advantages:

  • cost savings;
  • can be organized to hold classes at a convenient time for you;
  • home exercises allow maximum focus on training and develop in their discipline;
  • presence of ability to perform interval training, the effectiveness of which can not be overstated;
  • may be engaged in a comfortable atmosphere with your favorite music.

In addition, the exercises at home, you develop creativity through the use of sports equipment as scrap materials.