Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

Bodybuilding - sport, by means of which improved body shape. Specially compiled training program allows you to get rid of excess fat, improve the tone and volume of muscle mass, relief of muscle to work. Achieve beautiful forms of the sport the power of any person. Female bodybuilding will allow you to combine an elegant figure with the optimum amount of muscle. If you want to be slim and fit figure with a great muscular relief, is the sport for you.

Bodybuilding: Women approach

bodybuilding classes help achieve sculpted body shape with ideal proportions of muscle mass. Success in this sport can achieve the athletes of either gender. But the principles of the approach to the female bodybuilding training differ from the men's version of the complex. This is due to structural features and biological functions of the girls' bodies, which imposes certain restrictions and require a special approach for drawing lessons program.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

Let us consider in more detail the main differences between the physiological structure of the body of the female from the male:

  • amount of muscle mass on average is 35%, which is 15% less than men;
  • the amount of adipose tissue is up to 28% - 10% less;
  • a common center of mass of the body is lower than that of men;
  • strength of individual muscle groups is less than 1, 5-1, 8 times;
  • lower the functionality of the cardiovascular system;
  • thoracic type of breathing in men - abdominal;
  • dependence muscular performance of the overall hormonal levels due monthly biological cycles.

All these differences need to be taken into consideration, amounting to an exercise program. Female bodybuilding involves improving the forms of girls, taking into account all the nuances of the physiological structure of the body. Only in this case, exercise will help to achieve excellent physical results. Let's talk about how to make a complex exercise to improve efficiency. What you need to consider choosing different types and intensity of loads?

How to make women's training program?

Form a beautiful body, lose weight, tighten and improve muscle tone, increase flexibility, increase strength and endurance will help bodybuilding. Girls, who have decided to engage seriously in sports, must necessarily take into account the physiological features of the body structure in the selection of an exercise program in order to maximize the effectiveness of training.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

The main differences between the female from the male bodybuilding complexes consist of different principles of construction activities. The difference is in the emphasis on other muscle groups, the intensity variations and frequency planning exercise. Consider the basic nuances that should be taken into account when drawing up the women's bodybuilding program.

joints, ligaments, tendons,

Female body has weaker ligaments and tendons, as well as a more narrow joints. Making complex strength training for women, mandatory add elements to their development and strengthening, in order to avoid possible injury or damage while increasing physical activity.

Good results give different sets of stretching, which recommended to perform before the main workout. Such elements will increase the flexibility and mobility of the tendons, withdraw the excess salt deposits from the joints, improve the plasticity of the body.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

To achieve a beautiful body of the relief will help bodybuilding. Weight training for women is recommended to perform at lower weights, but with a greater amplitude. This will reduce the strain on connective tissues, avoiding possible damage. With this approach, not only activated the natural flexibility of the female joints and reduces the likelihood of injury, but also to preserve the effectiveness of study muscle relief.


A smaller amount of muscle in the body of the woman necessitates increasing the total number of repetitions in a set 2 times. Compared with male program, it makes increase the duration of the women's training in order to achieve similar efficiency of employment. For example, the same result for women is after repeating the exercise 15-20 times, and for men - 8-10 times. Performing power complexes girls recommended to work with smaller weights, but increase the number of repetitions in one set and the total number of approaches.

A balanced load

The muscles of the lower part of the female body are developed to a greater extent than the muscles of the torso. This feature in the physiological structure gives the girls a great advantage in achieving beautiful legs relief in the short term. Great development of muscle mass thighs and buttocks can be achieved by performing a variety of exercises for these parts of the body using lightweight shells with a larger number of repetitions. For example, in the program is sufficient to add a few sets of 20-30 times with different variations of squats and lunges, which are well develop leg muscles.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

Bodybuilding involves a balanced development of the entire body. Due to the nature of the female body structure is necessary to pay special attention to the muscles of the torso. To achieve good results, it is recommended to add to the set of strength exercises to develop muscle mass back, chest, shoulders and arms. The good result of chest press, push-ups and pull-up on the bar. Do not forget to training in sufficient quantities to load these body parts, to get a clear relief of muscle and get the proportions of the figures, as close as possible to the type of "hourglass".

Fat deposits

Form a beautiful shape of the body without excess fat will help bodybuilding. Girls who want to achieve good results, should be aware that the female body is less intensively responds to exercise with weight training than men. Firstly, this is due to differences in hormonal background. For example, due to a low testosterone that is responsible for increasing muscle mass, excellent ladies difficult to increase the amount of muscle.

Second, the female body is much slower part with body fat, so be sure to add to the program a variety of cardio, which help reduce excess weight. Good slimming effect is achieved by the inclusion of the complex on a regular basis of intense aerobic exercise for at least 1 time per week. For example, jogging, swimming, jumping rope, cycling. Trainings are held both outdoors and indoors, using a variety of cardiovascular equipment.

The biological cycle of

To lose weight and achieve excellent figures will help bodybuilding. Female menstrual cycle imposes certain restrictions on the weight training girls. A program must take into account that the most effective resistance training can be done in the first two weeks after the end of the month. High productivity in this period will provide active power loads, to develop leg muscles (thighs, buttocks) and press.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

In the remaining period, about two weeks after ovulation, it is recommended to reduce the intensity resistance training for the lower body, giving more time exploring cardio or muscle of the back, chest and arms. Taking into account their individual biological cycle in the preparation of the training program in bodybuilding, you several times increase the efficiency of exercise. Best mate to form a beautiful body - sport. Bodybuilding relieve you of extra kilos, tone up muscle mass, improve the figure. To classes gave the desired result, it is necessary not only to draw up a training program, but also regularly perform the planned level, gradually increasing the load.

How do I do that?

Form a beautiful body bodybuilding will help you. For beginners, the recommended duration of training - 1-1, 5:00 (at least 3 times a week). Make a training schedule tailored to your individual cycles and the current physical form and clearly follow the routine. To assess your progress Keep a journal, to compare the plan-fact, recording the results and feelings after intense weight training and cardio. Be sure to keep track of their condition during and after class to quickly make the necessary changes to the program if necessary.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

Women's Bodybuilding involves training without the use of a split, that is, when the load for 1 time is given to only one group of muscles that, on the contrary, is popular in the men's programs. Girls are recommended to engage in the complex pumping all the body muscles during each session. To improve the effectiveness of training and study relief advised to increase the elaboration of any one group of muscles, and the remainder loaded in the moderate mode. Eg Monday - 60% of exercises to work out the muscles of legs, and 40% for the press, back, arms, shoulders, chest; Wednesday - 60% waist and abdomen, 40% - the remaining parts of the body, etc...

The three stages of motivation

If you want to have a beautiful figure with a clear relief of muscle, you need bodybuilding. Training on a regular basis will help to lose weight, tone up muscles, increase strength and endurance of your body. Started bodybuilding, you are guaranteed to encounter the three periods when it will be necessary to review its program and mental attitude. Consider in more detail each step.

Bodybuilding for Beginners: resistance

The first 6-12 weeks of the bodybuilding you will encounter internal resistance, which will be much on the psychological level to inhibit your physical development. The best helper in this period is a training diary, which enables you to accurately track the performance of cardiac and strength training, overcoming the psychological barrier. At this stage, keep track of how you feel and adjust the intensity of training, if necessary.

The transitional phase of

The next 3-6 months you will have a noticeable progress in the physical layer, which will motivate to increase the intensity and frequency of training. At this stage it is important not reborrow. Clearly follow their targets, without forcing, but also without compromising the load. After analyzing your recordings made at the previous stage of training, to highlight the most effective strength exercises. Balance training program so as to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

Intrinsic Motivation

This phase occurs when exercise becomes a full-fledged part of your everyday life. To interest in bodybuilding did not die, and you can easily overcome the plateau period, maintaining the physical form at the right level, it is recommended every few months to modify the program. Based on its experience, try different variants of the basic exercises, or new types of activity. If you find it difficult on their own to find effective solutions, consult with experienced coaches. They help to solve difficulties, the most complex of adapting to your individual circumstances.

An example of the program of strength training for women

If you are just starting bodybuilding, this set of exercises will help you to quickly lose weight, improve physical fitness and prepare the muscle to more intense loads. The program is designed for women with excess fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs. Classes are recommended in the gym, having the necessary equipment. The optimal frequency of training - 3 times a week.

Female bodybuilding. The complex power of exercises for women

At the initial stage, you can indulge in the usual top form, made of natural materials. In the future, you can purchase rashgard - a specialized men's and women's clothing for bodybuilding. Due to the compression properties of the material, it is well supported heat warm up the muscles without letting them cool down between sets. This will help avoid possible injury or damage during intense exercise.