Tabata Protocol: exercise for weight loss

Tabata Protocol - a high-intensity 4-minute workout that combines both aerobic and anaerobic load. This fundamentally new approach to the exercise appeared thanks to Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata back in the 90's of last century.

Tabata Protocol: exercise for weight loss

From the history of

The aim of the 6-week study, Tabata was the most effective combination of intensive phase and a phase of rest during intermittent cycling. The subjects of the training were university students, all male, all of which are also involved in a wide range of other sporting activities. Tabata protocol was originally defined as a "protocol IE1". As a result, the most effective was the power consumption is by using intermittent exercises - all should be 8 intervals of 20 seconds, between which it was necessary to do a short 10-second pause.

A revolution in the world of fitness

In recent years, many in the field of fitness professionals use Tabata protocol in their practice. 4-minute workout has the potential to become one of the most popular is due to the fact that the best result is achieved in such a short time. In recent years, a host of modifications based on this method. Various combinations of exercise to prevent the onset of fatigue.

There is no doubt that the Tabata protocol, or its modified version, is a difficult task. It is extremely important that any professional who uses this approach should make a full assessment of health from a medical point of view. The aim is to find out whether the participants are suitable for training exercises at this rate. At risk are smokers and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Tabata Protocol: exercise for weight loss

is better than cardio

What part of the Tabata protocol exercise? And what they are better than the usual cardio on the track? As it turned out, the principle of interval proved twice as effective as conventional running or walking. More notable was the weight loss, ie a reduction of body fat. method really works.

The basic types and modifications of

  • One exercise a certain muscle group. It can be lunges, squats, and so on. Execution should be as intense and carried out for 20 seconds, followed by rest 10 seconds, then the active phase again. And so you need to hold out for 8 rounds. What means the most intense? For example, it is necessary to have time to do at least 22 sit-ups in the allotted time of 20 seconds.
  • The complex of several groups of muscles takes time 16 minutes and 4 minutes for each group. Examples may include the following protocol Tabata exercise for weight loss - lunges, squats, push-ups, curl (abdominal muscles). vacation time after every single exercise is one minute. Total 20 minutes.
Tabata Protocol: exercise for weight loss


Despite the fact that by the time training does not take much time, it still has a certain amount of stress on the muscles, so perform it every day is not recommended, three times a week would be sufficient. In any case, if there is a goal to increase strength and endurance, lose weight, increase flexibility and build muscle, you should see a specialist and professionals. That coach develops individual training program according to the so-called source material, physical, and medical records. For many sports fans one of the main objectives is precisely the weight loss. Tabata Protocol, as studies have shown, helps to burn up to 13, 5 calories per minute, and can also potentially double the metabolism after a workout, even if it lasts only 4 minutes. Absolute beginners, who have never had to deal with physical activity, good advice would be to begin his acquaintance with the sport with a more simple and easy exercise, as the Tabata protocol implies a modicum of fitness.

Tabata Protocol: exercise for weight loss

The main advantages of

  • Weight Loss.
  • Increased stamina.
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Reducing the level of anxiety and depression symptoms.
Tabata Protocol: exercise for weight loss

Super engine for burning fat

Just 20 minutes 3 times a week, you can turn your body into a super-engine for burning fat. When creating conditions for the oxygen deficiency (and during intense exercise is consumed 170% ksloroda) nachinet body to burn the whole level of blood sugar (glycogen). Whence, then, to take power? That's right, from the fat, which, due to the accelerated metabolism, will be burned for several days after training directly.

The body has two fuel systems: aerobic and anaerobic. The Tabata protocol, they work together to stimulate the metabolism. During exercise it is important to maintain the proper heart rate. Maximum heart rate is usually calculated as 220 minus your age. For example, if you are 30 years old, your maximum will be 190 beats per minute.

Tabata Protocol: reviews

Almost everyone who wants to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of time, achieve their goals with the help of interval exercise. A lot of positive feedback in the address Tabata protocol can be heard from the athletes and professional coaches. The good news is that you can practice in a specialized place where there is, for example, an elliptical trainer, stationary bikes, and so on, as well as at home, doing a lot of different exercises that do not require specific equipment (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping rope and etc).

In particular, this type of exercise is great to the people for whom an hour in the gym is something unreal. The main thing - to endure, to do everything clearly and correctly, for 4 minutes - it's not much, so the implementation should be as qualitative. Training even activate mitochondrial biogenesis, or the formation of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle contraction that usually leads to premature aging. Therefore, if you want to be beautiful, young and hardy, Exercise, experiment, try something new and look for his own!