Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

Modern women have long refused to perm, which has a lot of disadvantages. In addition, the long-observed tendency of girls to naturalness. In place of chemistry came new tools to more gentle composition for coloring and perm curls. One of the new ways to create a counter carving began laying, but what is its essence and benefits, it is necessary to understand in more detail.

What is carving

Perm hair for a long time (carving) is performed using special means of sparing and curlers of various sizes. Curling has become popular due to its lasting effect and the use of "lightweight" gentle composition.

Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

Tools for carving as opposed to the classic perm acts only on the hair surface. The indications for this procedure may be:

  • unruly, thin hair, which after the treatment will acquire additional volume, fluffiness and natural undulations;
  • rigid strands, which are difficult to stow;
  • oily hair - a procedure will make them a little land;
  • desire to update their appearance without the use of strong chemical compounds;
  • lack of time for daily hair styling.

Differences from perm

This procedure can be called a type of perm, however, is a different concept. Perm hair for a long time (photo hair after this procedure can be seen in the article) is significantly different not only from the perm, but also on bio- and easy chemistry.

Due to the carving can be obtained strands absolutely any size and shape. This procedure has its own characteristics:

  1. wave of hair for a long time, is applicable to any type of hair. The purpose of this procedure is to create a natural effect of curly hair. Carving is considered the most gentle method of modeling curls.
  2. In the original composition applied to the hair, which is rich in natural oils and natural extracts. Upon completion of procedure, the hair will shine, as before, is not damaged scalp, as it can be when a chemical wave.
  3. In time, after the hair starts to straighten carving. A significant shift from direct to curled tresses is not in sight, as it can be with chemicals. Perm hair for a long time can be performed again when the hair is completely straightened.
  4. After carving can do any packing at its own discretion: to straighten or curl your hair slightly.
Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

Advantages of the procedure

For owners of medium length hair open more room for creativity, because the long-term stacking can be performed both from root to tip, and from mid-length hair, moreover, can be curled, only those strands that frame the face.

Perm hair for a long time for medium hair - it is the best option. This length of strands will make the curls of different shapes, hair is not too heavy and perfectly suited for horizontal and vertical wrapping.

Long-wave into short hair curls may be formed in various ways, thus it is possible to obtain any result:

  • maximum volume at the roots and large curls;
  • small curls in the African style;
  • a negligent effect randomly distributed curls;
  • tight spiral curls;
  • separately curled strands on top (perhaps with cropped back of the head).
Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

With the help of the long irons to long hair, you can achieve this effect:

  • naturally curly wavy hair;
  • large curved tendrils;
  • wave with smooth hair at the roots and curly at the ends;
  • luxuriant hair, which resembles a lion's mane.


In some cases, the master may deny his client in the performance of carving.

Perm for a long time is not recommended for those who have already damaged hair discoloration or staining. In this case, it is impossible to predict how to behave on the hair fixative composition.

Of the procedure is to give pregnant and lactating women.

Any chemical composition can not be applied to the scalp, if there are sores, ulcers, or other damage.

It is necessary to abandon the long-term placement, if before tresses were colored with henna or basma.

Experts advise not to perform the carving during hormonal drugs or antibiotics.

Types of hair curler for a long time

Professional of the business will always be able to choose the most appropriate for the client's view of carving, given the structure, length of hair and the desired result.

In an effort to achieve beautiful curls, use smaller rollers. Large perm hair for a long time is achieved through the use of larger rollers. Such stacking would look excellent on any length of hair, but in the short to medium curls effect will stay much longer.

Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

How is carving

Before starting the procedure you need to make sure that the client has no contraindications. Dry or damaged hair under the influence carving will look at least presentable. To curls formed correctly and beautifully, tips posechennye better cut.

It should be remembered also that perm hair for a long time at home - it is not the best transformation. Only a specialist will be able to choose the right makeup, hair curlers desired value and means of hair care products.

The Wizard will perform the following procedure to read:

  1. First, you need to assess the condition of the hair and split ends cut.
  2. Curls need to wash and dry a little bit. Slightly wet strand is wound on curlers (they are selected based on the desired result).
  3. Next, on the hair applied gentle composition, which causes the hair to take the necessary form. The contact time is determined considering the structure and the hair thickness. What they are softer and thinner, the need to rinse agent faster.
  4. Without removing curlers on hair, apply a special locking lotion to be washed off almost immediately after application.
  5. In the end it is necessary to remove the curlers and wash your hair using shampoo caring. At the end make the installation.
Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

Repairing care

While perming hair for a long time considered the most gentle of all kinds, locks still damaged. To locks have not lost their strength and shine them requires special care:

  • after the procedure, the hair can not be washed within 2-3 days, otherwise the whole effect will be lost;
  • care curls need to use Shampoo, masks and balms;
  • after shampooing hair should be wet towel and dry naturally, if the drying time is not, then you can use the dryer if there is a function of cold air;
  • it is better not to comb wet hair, for these purposes wise to buy a comb with wide and a few teeth;
  • must be as little as possible to use the funds for hair styling (gels, mousses, lacquers, foams and so on).

Hair styling after carving

It is extremely important to remember the basic rule: the first couple of days after the procedure is prohibited to use curlers or hair dryers, curling irons, you can use only a week.

Experts recommend to buy shampoos for textured hair. The strands need to wet a towel, dry without using hair dryer, and then - a matter of taste. Varnish will put hair, using the gel can be made "wet effect" and a lush volume will be done with the use of foam.

Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

wave of hair for a long time: reviews

To date, the carving is of great interest and great demand among young girls and women of all ages. Among those who have already tried the procedure on himself, I am both happy and upset the ladies. All reviews indicate only that you must comply with certain conditions, only in this case, the procedure will not be disappointed.

We need healthy hair. For procedure often complain about the girls who overestimated the state of her hair and got dry beams instead of beautiful curly locks. Crucial proper care. Many girls do not consider it necessary to treat hair after the procedure. It is best to abandon the use of curling irons, ironing or a hair dryer. If you follow this advice, the chance to get dry and lifeless hair will be reduced to a minimum.

It is very important the quality of the composition. Often in conventional hairdressing used instead of a special tool designed for permanent chemistry. To get a real long-term laying, it is necessary to use a part of the German or Italian production. If carving is made by using the correct means of a real specialist, he will receive only positive feedback.

Perm hair for a long time: popular treatments and original methods

wave of hair for a long time - a salon treatment, which has many advantages. And if it is performed by an experienced master, it is unlikely that there will be disadvantages carving. Thanks to this procedure, the hair will always look neat and stylish and fashionable hairstyles can be performed easily and at home. If your dream - luxurious curls, be sure to try carving.