Graduated bob: stacking options

Stylish hairstyle

Graduated bob: stacking options

The graded square is one of the varieties of the classic bob hairstyle is very popular for the past few years. This hairstyle is made on a "ladder" and can be done only at the back or on the entire hair. Its main difference from all other types of quads that haircut circuit is obtained by fuzzy, creating the effect of multiple layers. This type of hairstyles and imparts slight eccentricity unusual. In addition, it should be noted that the graduated bob creates fluffiness and volume to any, even the most delicate hair. It is also an excellent option for all chubby of the fair sex, as this haircut softens facial lines and visually elongates the oval.

Graduated bob: it takes styling

In order to put a square beautifully graded, do not need a lot of effort and time, and the cost will be minimal. It is only necessary to have on hand dryer, hair iron, usually circular comb, curling iron or curlers as well as mousse or foam, designed to fix the hair. With all this arsenal, you can safely proceed directly to the laying of hairstyles.

Graduated bob: stacking options

A graded square with comb-over back

One of the most common ways to design a hairstyle as graded square is a comb-over back. In order to make such a stacking need to put on damp, pre-lightly towel-dried hair mousse or foam and distribute it evenly over the entire length. Then you have to take every strand separately and with a standard round brush and hair dryer combed it back. Start with the best with side parts, gradually moving to the occipital region. When all the strands are stacked, it is possible to fix the hairstyle by varnish.

Curly hair

In order to arrange beautiful ringlets, you must first apply to wet hair mousse, and then turn to curl them with a curling iron or curlers. In the latter case, it is very important to choose the correct diameter. It is not necessary to give preference to small-sized rollers, it is best to use large. When all the locks are fully prepared, you can gently comb them with your fingers and fix the paint. It is not recommended to use a comb, because it will spoil the whole hair, giving the hair a ball shape.

Graduated bob: stacking options

The graded square with an additional volume

Volume styling is the perfect solution for all those who have very thin hair and for those girls who have graduated bob with bangs. In order to do this hairstyle, you need to start well comb your hair and apply evenly to them a small amount of mousse. Then you can start to blow-drying, combing all the strands on one side and carefully their prosushivaya. The most important thing here - is to pay special attention to the roots of the hair. Once one side is completely finished, you need to throw all the strands to the opposite side and continue to dry the graduated bob. The end result must be secured with a hair dryer, and then the installation will stay all day.