Goalkeeper Diego Lopez football career

Diego Lopez - Soccer player from Spain, the goalkeeper of the club "Espanol" (from the Spanish "La Liga"). 2006/2007 Champion of Spain, the Spanish Cup winner 2013/2014, the holder of the Champions League Cup 2013/2014. In 2009, he represented his national team at the Confederations Cup.

Style of play

Diego Lopez - this impressive and well thought-out the goalkeeper. Its parameters are inspired because his height is 196 centimeters, which allows you to get the ball out of the most difficult corners. Also, football is endowed with strong leadership skills, which is also important in terms of team play. Many athletic trainers distinguish its positive side - it's lightning fast response, excellent concentration in a positional sense, superhuman physical strength (high impact and long-range shot) works well at the outputs.

Goalkeeper Diego Lopez football career

biography and chronology sports career

Born November 3, 1981 in the province of Lugo, Spain. Football career began in the youth team, "Lugo" team in 1994. In 1999 he made his debut for the first team. He played here for only one season, after which went to try his luck in "Real Madrid C". After playing 3 seasons, he was shipped out to the club "Alkoron" (2001-2002).

When he returned, he began to defend the gate, "the Real Madrid B", and after a few seasons began playing for the main club (2005 to 2007).

His career did in the club, "Villarreal" (2007-2012), where for 5 seasons has played 230 matches for the team. Next, he played one season in the "Seville" (2012-2013), and then returned to the familiar "Real".

Knocked Iker Kasilesa

In January 2013, Diego Lopez back into the "Real" after Iker Casillas is seriously injured hands and knocked at 12 weeks. In the first matches defended the gate "cream" against "Barcelona" in the semi-final stage of the Spanish Cup (1-1) and then against the club "Manchester Yunaydet" in the Champions League (the victory of the "cream" 2-1). After these matches, head coach of the Royal Club Jose Mourinho has called Lopez the best player in the composition and promised to give him a place at the base, in spite of the recovery Casillas (later this was the care Iker Kasilsa in the "Port").

Goalkeeper Diego Lopez football career

Lost compete with 16-year-old goalkeeper

At the end of the contract in the "Real", together with the departure of Jose Mourinho royal club did not renew the contract with the talented goalkeeper. In 2014 on a free player Diego Lopez moved to the Italian "Milan" and debuted in Serie A. However, the tune in the "Rossoneri" failed to properly. In 2015, after a series of match 3 defeats main coaching staff opted for the 16-year-old goalkeeper Gianluigi Gianluigi Donnarumma.

In May 2017 Diego Lopez has signed a three-year contract with the club, "Espanyol".