Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

Eric Abidal - the famous French footballer. Speaks at left-back. During his career he played for French, Spanish and Greek clubs. The highest achievements in the national team has achieved in 2006, when he became vice-champion of the world.

Biography footballer

Eric Abidal was born in Lyon in 1979. He played for the youth team of the city, "Lyon-Dyusher".

Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

The highest French league championship was in '21 in the "Monaco". The team at that time took place in mid-table, and in 2002, and at all became the 15th, being only six points off the relegation zone. According to the results of the season promising defender was in the "Lille". Here he spent another two years, finishing in 10th place in the championship.

Champion title

The first serious team, which came to play Eric Abidal, has become a "Lion" of the city where he was born. In his first year in the new team, he won the first of his career in France title. His club is very confident spent the entire season. In 38 matches, he won 22 victories. Closest pursuer, which began the previous team Abidal - "Lille", "Lion" walked for 12 points. This success has allowed the following year, the band performed in the European Cup, and Abidal - debut in the Champions League. The team was confident the group stage. The French defeated at home in Madrid "Real" with the score 3: 0, and draw in the second leg was their only loss of points. In the 1/8 finals of the way he was swept away by the Dutch "PSV" with the score 1: 0 away and 4: 0 - at home. The road to success the team stopped in 1/4 final. Houses with "Milan" managed to play a draw, but at the "San Siro" the hosts were stronger (3: 1).

Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

Meanwhile, in the domestic league things evolved not worse than last season. Change only the persecutors, and the final point gap actually increased. "Lion" again became a champion. Second this time was "Bordeaux", is behind by 15 points. Another trip for the European competition, which was attended by Eric Abidal, was less successful. In the group stage once again had to fight with the "Real", and again successfully. Again there was a victory at home (2: 0) and draw - away. However, on 1/8 failed to pass the final. Again stood in the way of the Italian team. At this time the "Roma".

In the season 2006/07 became a three-time champion of France Eric Abidal. Footballer was one of the main pillars of the defense. Largely due to his "Lion" missed the least in the league - 27 goals in 38 matches. I finished second, "Marcel." Gold medals "liontsy" once again issued long before the last round. The advantage was 18 points.

In the Liga

In mid-2007, Eric Abidal has signed a contract with one of the best known and most successful teams of the planet - the Spanish "Barcelona". His transfer cost of 15 million euros. "Barcelona" in the 2007/08 season led the fight for a place on the podium, finishing in third place in the end. Champion was in Madrid "Real", and the second place was won by "Villarreal". Abidal to the end of the season settled into the team, becoming one of the players from the main structure.

Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

The following year came the first success in the Spanish championship. "Barcelona" won 27 matches out of 38, ahead of Madrid "Real" by 9 points. And Basques have achieved major accomplishments, scoring 105 goals. All in the "Barcelona" Eric Abidal, whose biography is largely associated with the club, he has won four Spanish championships.

The successes in European competition

In the 2008/09 season the team played brilliantly in the Champions League. At the same time the beginning of the team with a third qualifying round. Houses Spaniards defeated the Polish "Vistula" with a score of 4: 0 and allowed themselves to play at a party with a minimum score. Group Basques have won the tournament quite confidently, losing only in the final match of the Donetsk "Shakhtar" with the score 2: 3.

In 1/8 final, "Barcelona" has met with former team Abidal - "Lion". Score was 1: 1 in France and 5: 2 - at home. The most intense confrontation became reciprocal semifinal meeting with the English "Chelsea". Playing the "Camp Nou" ended in a goalless draw. House of the British opened the scoring on nine minutes and almost brought things to win. Iniesta scored the ball back in the third minute added to the main time.

Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

In the final, the Catalans defeated another English team - "Manchester United" with a score of 2: 0. Eric Abidal Silva in the "Barcelona" won the Champions League once again - in the season 2011/12. In the final, the Spaniards again confronted the English "Manchester United". At this time, Abidal team won with a score of 2: 0.

Diseases Frenchman

During performances of "Barcelona," Abidal have revealed serious health problems. In 2009, he identified the swine flu, and two years later - a liver tumor. Despite the long-term treatment, the Catalans did not break the contract with the French defender, and he eventually returned to action. In 2012, he was voted the most valuable player of the club. At the same time at the end of the season Abidal was forced to interrupt a career. He was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. When he returned to the ranks, he was unable to win a place at the heart of the club. Coaches have lost faith in him. And soon Abidal became a free agent.

World Cup in Germany

The French team Abidal made his debut in 2004. He was with the team selection for the world championship. Under the French not suffered a single defeat, but the same figures showed the Swiss and Israelis. Abidal team won the first place thanks to five victories, while the opponents have won only 4 times. France national football team qualified for the World Cup in Germany. French group tournament began with a goalless draw in Switzerland. Then in the end we missed the victory over South Korea. The final meeting was necessary to win, and the French have coped with this task. Goals from Vieira and Henry. France national football team out of the group with the second place.

Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

The first opponent in the playoffs began Spaniards. In the middle of the first half with a penalty they opened the account. However, before the break Partners Abidal equalized. In the end goals from Vieira and Zidane. Thanks to a goal from Henry at the beginning of the second half of the tournament managed to knock the Brazilians. In the semi-final win helped the Portuguese goal from Zidane's penalty. In the final match France met with Italy. Abidal came on the field in the starting lineup. Account at the beginning of the game from the penalty spot opened Zinedine Zidane. However, rivals soon recouped. Materazzi scored. More goals were not in regular and extra time. fate of the title was decided in a penalty shootout. Abidal approached to the ball when the score was 3: 1 in favor of Italians (slip allowed David Trezege). Abidal kick was perfect, but even the score in the series did not succeed. As a result, they only got the silver medal.

Free agent

After parting with "Barcelona," Abidal became a free agent. He signed a contract with the French "Monaco", which once started his professional career. With "Monegasques" he played the whole season, getting the captain's armband. In 2014, Eric moved to the Greek championship. His new club was the "Olympiakos" (Piraeus), for which he spent 9 matches, although no goals scored marked. At the end of the 2014 football officially announced the end to his sports career.

Awards and titles

During his career, Abidal 3 times became the champion of France, won the Super Bowl three times. In the "Barcelona", in addition to 4 championships, twice won the Cup, the Super Bowl three times, twice Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

Eric Abidal: biography player, personal life, sports career

Also, Abidal had become the champion of Greece in the "Olympiakos". In clubs held matches 320 in which scoring 6 goals. All to his credit 22 trophy. In 2007, he was voted player of the year by the UEFA version. 68 matches held in the French national team. Goals scored.

Currently, Eric Abidal is married and has three daughters. It is known that the footballer had converted to Islam.